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[eBay Plus] $0 Variable Final Value Fee on 1 New Listing (December 2023, No Discount Cap) @ eBay Australia


eBay seller fee promo for December 2023 for eBay Plus members. Same as November with no cap and only for 1 sale, so make it worthwhile!

Thanks to cheapfab for the heads up! Enjoy :)

ISP Notes

$0 Variable Final Value Fees on 1 New Listing

$0 Variable Final Value Fees - December 2023 (Terms and Conditions)

Activation link: TBA

Promotion details:

  • The Promotion runs from 00:01 (AEDT) on 1 December 2023 to 23:59 (AEDT) on 31 December 2023 (“Promotion Period”).

  • “Eligible Sellers” means registered sellers who:

    • do not have a current eBay Store subscription;
    • have Australia or New Zealand as their registered address on eBay; and
    • have an active eBay Plus membership. The eBay Plus Terms and Conditions will apply in respect of your membership;
    • have received an invitation from eBay to participate in this promotion;
    • have activated the promotion by accepting these Terms and Conditions by either clicking “Accept offer” on this Terms and Conditions page or clicking “Get offer” under the “promotional offers” section of their My eBay account; and
    • have received confirmation from eBay that “you’ve accepted the offer”.

  • The Promotion entitles Eligible Sellers, who have activated this promotion in accordance with these terms, to 0% variable fees (which is a component of Final Value Fees as defined on eBay.com.au) on the sale of one Eligible Listing sold during the Promotion Period.

  • “Eligible Listings” means item listings that are:

    • newly listed on eBay.com.au during the Promotion Period (i.e. it cannot be a relisted item through ‘Good ‘til Cancelled (GTC) or auto-renewal);
    • listed in multi-quantity or single quantity fixed price or auction format only; and
    • not listed in one of the Excluded Categories (as defined below).

  • This promotion only applies to the variable fees on the Eligible Listing that is sold prior to the listing renewal, whether by auto-renewal or because the listing is GTC. After this, standard eBay fees will apply.


  • Items listed in the following categories are excluded from the Promotion (“Excluded Categories”): Websites & Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircraft (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans, Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks, Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252), Gift Cards (172009). These Excluded Categories are in addition to any listings or categories restricted by eBay's prohibited and restricted items policies.
  • This Promotion does not apply to:
    • listings created before the Promotion Period even if they are scheduled to start during the Promotion Period;
    • listings scheduled to start after the Promotion Period ends;
    • listings that are relisted during the Promotion Period, either manually, through the automatic relist function, or the GTC function;
    • listings that are listed during the Promotion Period but do not sell and are relisted outside of the Promotion Period;
    • any item sold before the Promotion Period or before the Registration Date; and
    • listings in Classified Ad format.

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  • +7

    I am disappoint!

    • +3

      Hey, it's better than nothing.

      • +7

        I know, but I'm crying from 6 listings from last month

    • Hard to sell anything anyway.
      So zero fees at all if list something expensive?

      • Yes, if it sells within 30 days of listing, after accepting promotion first

        • Oh didn't realise that they expired.

          • @G-rig: Yep can't use relist function either.
            Sell similar option will work tho, and there is a total of $0.30 fee after it sells. Close enough to free

            • @bobs burgers: Yes but still similar wouldn't have a selling promo I assume if you only get one.

              So the item i've still got listed for free from Nov promo that it unsold isn't free anymore?

              • +2

                @G-rig: If you have one listed for November. It will work until the 30 days is up from listed time. Even if that happens to be 20th December for example. You can then accept the December promo and list next item for 2 items at same time.

                You can actually list multiple items at same time, but only the first sold under promo will be free.
                So best to not list a $5 item and a $1500 item at the same time…

    • Hi disappoint! I'm dad 🙃

      • Have you got the milk yet? When are you coming home?

        • Hi, dad is not here right now but if you leave a message he'll get back to you.

        • he never came back…

  • +4

    Yeah miss the days of 3 listings. 1 listing sux the wang.

    Last year they even had unlimited listings with $0 FVF that was meant to go for like a month but they pulled the plug on the promo early and rugged everyone.

    • +6

      I miss the days of 10 free fvf listings and regular $1 unlimited weekends.

  • +3

    Ebay will push me back to Facebook marketplace (shudder)

    • +6

      Is this still available?

      • +2

        Is this still available?

        Christ, your going to give the poor guy PtSd 😵‍💫


      • +2

        Seriously tho - it's crazy how 80% of "interested" people just completely ghost you

        • +2

          Remaining 80% want to scam you

          • +1

            @DrScavenger: … I just give it 24 hours, then delete and archive… moving on…

          • @DrScavenger: Last time I put something on FB, some guy text me saying
            " free giveaway can i be involved? "
            and texted twice more on different day and acted like i am ghosting him, (profanity) troll.

      • Accidentally negged ya, sorry lol

      • FK wits hey.. not worth replying to those messages, never hear back almost all the time..

  • +7

    The fees are so high @13.4%

    For each item you sell - eBay is likely to be making more from the margin than you do!

    • +1

      Which is why things cost more on eBay. Private sellers need to be upping their price to cover this.

      If you want free. There's marketplace or Gumtree. But only the people who can be bothered driving to you will be interested in buying. There's little to no people willing to risk posting with no guarantees like eBay

      eBay has given buyers the confidence to buy interstate and international, so sellers have items available to sell to a much wider audience and therefore can increase the price to match the demand.

      • +1

        "Private sellers need to be upping their price to cover this"

        It's a fine line. Yes, private sellers try to up their price to cover the expensive eBay fees. However, you risk waiting a long time to sell your item, or not sell at all if the price is too high.

        Let's say your "margin" is 20% to ensure that the item gets sold within a period that you are prepared to wait - you will make a little bit of profit after eBay takes their cut, but less than eBay's cut considering how high their fees are, especially if you offer "free postage" to ensure your listing is more attractive to buyers (it's required if you want the eBay Plus badge on your listing).

        As I said above, eBay has the highest chance of making more from the margin than you do!

    • I thought it was 14.3% (depending on the payment method used by the buyer).

      • +1

        It's 13.4% I believe - unless the buyer is using a non Australia account.


        It pisses me off when a buyer buys your item and then you find out the FVF is higher than normal - the buyer may have registered on the US site and then using the AU site as they are living in Australia. You have no way to know this until you see the fees.

        You can specify in your listings that you only send to Australia - but in this case it doesn't help since the buyer is living/located in Australia. It's just that he/she has registered their account via the US site (or another country)

        • I believe you, it's just that I went through my last 5 sales (to 5 different individuals) where I paid the full fee. On three of them the fee worked out to be 14.1% and on 2 of them it was 13.7%

          When I queried similar differences with their CS chat in the past they told me it was due to different payment methods.

          • +2

            @cryptowiz: Often (from my experience and experience of other ozbargainers), CS reps will just make stuff up to finish up with you and move on to the the next customer - KPI's is what they are concerned about, so I wouldn't believe a word they say.

            I have never experienced any variation due to different payment methods. Granted, I have no idea what payment method the buyer uses - but I have sold a lot of full fee items and all have been 13.4% + 30c.

            In the table in this link it shows 13.4%:

            It also says:

            Fees when you sell your item
            You pay one final value fee for items you sell on eBay, with no third-party payment processing fees.

            • @proudwanderer: Thanks for the detail and I do think you're right about the CS reps. It appears the 13.7% ones of mine (they were both the same value) are due to the $0.30 charge on top of the 13.4%

  • God damn it I just sold something yesterday.

    • Then you could have used last months free listing.

      • -1

        Nah I used up all of last month's listings.

  • +1


  • +2

    If you're on the buyer side, sending offers to private sellers might just net you a better deal on the last day of the month because of this.

    I know I send out offers on the last day of the month to get it to sell.

    Probably part of eBay's strategy.

    Also just to confirm, no cap means if I sell something's that's like $1500, no fees?

    • +2

      $0.30 fee (not sure why they charge that… admin?)

      • +2

        Maybe it's a flat fee that they need to pay to Adyen to process each transaction - which they pass on to you.

        • Yep, that makes sense.

    • Messaging sellers may work, but you have to be lucky to find an item that's listed under the one new listing rule, and that the person has activated the offer on it.

    • Does sending offers void this promo? Previously I think it did

      • +1

        I send out offers as a seller, and I can confirm it counted as the 1 variable fee free listing.

  • +2

    573 months to sell all my items.

  • I have just activated November offer and listed an item, what happens if it sells in next few days? (December) will I still get charged the 13.4% final fee? Thanks

    • +2

      I can only recount my experience and that was that I sold an item listed at the end of the month and when it sold around middle of the next month I was only charged $0.30 fee. I would therefore assume that as long as it sells in the period before it needs to be relisted then it will only be subject to the $0.30 fee (but we know what happens when you assume).

      • Thanks… I really hope it'll sell tonight haha

        • Why? I'm confused.

      • +3

        That has been my experience too. The strategy I usually use is to end anything that hasn't sold by the last day of the month, and list it again (using sell similar and not relist) - that way I can maximise the promo period ….. effectively getting 2 months to sell it, rather than wasting the promo if the item hasn't sold by the last day.

        However, it seems some ozbargainers have had the FVF charged on them using the same strategy - and then when they follow it up with eBay CS, they are told that the item must be listed AND sold within the promo period.

        As I said earlier, CS reps just make stuff up - so take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

    • +7

      As per my chat with eBay..

      As long as you activate the offer and create the ad to sell your item within the promotion timeframe you are good. Doesn't matter when it ends (even if its outside of promo timeframe)

      • This was my experience also.

      • thank you for clarification, i almost cancelled my auction with few bids because it end next week. btw i activated the offer on first week of November, I listed the item 2 days ago but ebay still say i got 1 remaining for offer,is my auction item not using offer?

        • +2

          The offer only gets used once your item sells and not when item is listed.

          • @proudwanderer: oh so i should not worry. right?

            • +1

              @V003: No, it should be fine in most cases.

              Although a few members have reported where they have listed within promo period and sold outside promo period and was charged full fee.

              Majority of members (including myself) have received the promo for listings that were "started" within the promo period and "sold" the month after.

              • @proudwanderer: lets hope so, but thank you for ur help. now i can go to bed without thinking about it.

              • @proudwanderer: I actually got charged the final value fee when my item sold outside of the promo period. This was late last year I think. I complained on live chat to no avail. In the end I just gave up.

          • @proudwanderer: so what if it's not sold in the 30 day promo period?
            people are saying it's no good then.
            i also thought as long as listed during the free period it didn't matter.

  • Anyone else accept the 0% variable FVF for 5 new listings for new/return sellers and getting hit with fees still? First item I sold had no fees but second item did. On the phone with them now but they have no idea about it.

    • That one is only for new and returning seller though

      • I know, I accepted the offer prior to listing items.

        • Have you sold any items in the 12 months prior to accepting the offer? If you have, then you are not a "new or returning seller"

          “Eligible Sellers” means sellers who:
          * do not have a current eBay store subscription;
          * have Australia or New Zealand as their registered address on eBay.com.au; and
          * have been invited to participate in the Promotion by eBay via email or an on-site banner; and
          register to participate in the Promotion by clicking “Accept offer” within this Terms & Conditions page.
          * have not sold any items on eBay in the last 12 months

          • @proudwanderer: No items sold previously.

            • @MiscOzB: Sounds like a screw up on eBay's part. The one item that you received no fees for is probably coming off the ONE 0% monthly item and not the 5 for new/returning sellers.

              Which means the 5 for new/returning sellers promo may not even have applied at all.

              You'll prob need to get a CS rep to manually refund the FVF for each of the 5 you sell - which means a lot of frustration ahead for you.

              • @proudwanderer: They're basically saying I needed to be invited to the promo, i.e. receive a message (which I didn't), even though I was able to accept the offer…

                Also if I click to accept the offer again, it says You've already accepted the offer "Start selling on eBay today with 0% Variable fees*" but has the start date as 23 November even though I accepted it last month.

                • +1

                  @MiscOzB: Another example of eBay CS reps just making stuff up —— whatever it takes to get you off their back.

                  It's KPI's that count …. not happy customers

    • +1

      Yes this exact same thing happened to my partner's account. Complained on live chat over a week ago and only just saw today that they have credited the FVF (no email response advising the outcome like they promised). So now we have 3 more sales with 0% FVF but not sure if we should list high value items because the same thing might happen again.

  • +2

    That why i got 4 accounts

    • +1

      same 😳😳

      • They kept banning me when I tried new accounts lol - dunno what im doing wrong

      • +2

        I got 3 all on eBay plus, I was hoping they'd do something better for December :(

        Bring back some good old $1 weekends.

        I still actually wonder why can't they just charge reasonably.
        They'd rake it in even more, from all the people that will not use eBay to sell currently due to massive fees.

        They really don't need $42 in fees from my $320 item.
        It sucks hard, but they don't have any competition at all.

        • Yeah for real bro. 100% agreed.

        • "They really don't need $42 in fees from my $320 item."

          Need? - No. Want? - Yes.

    • Only problem with that is you have to pay 4 lots of eBay Plus fees

      • 10$ per year which is good to set up more acc. But need to verify + 1 or 2 months fund holding which make me annoying

    • rookie numbers

    • Do you have four different bank accounts for payments? I’m wondering if I have to open new bank accounts so eBay don’t catch on to my multiple accounts.

  • Can you confirm if this is for the fees of the final selling price?

    • +2

      Of course it is…

  • +1

    Nice, thanks for the deal.
    Anyone here have selling tips for high value items eg iphone, macbook, camera?
    I have read some posts about buyers return the items after purchasing and ebay money back guarantee is stupid.
    I am planning to sell my macbook and I just dont want to get tricked by buyers. Never really use ebay to sell things before.

  • I don't know about macbooks - but could be lesser risk in general for computers.

    But definitely - phones and cameras (especially iPhones) are high risk items that will attract scammers.

    I'm speaking from experience here - many years ago I sold my phone, only for the buyer to file a "significantly not as described" claim and sent me back a "dummy" (like those you see in a shop).

    eBay sides with the buyer of course.

    As for tips - no idea, sorry. It's going to attract scammers regardless if it is eBay or gumtree or FB marketplace.

    Maybe you can consider these guys: https://mobilemonster.com.au/

    Probably not as high a price you can get selling privately, but at least it is no risk.

  • +1

    Please note that this does not apply to relisted items. I was charged the normal variable fee this month even though I haven’t used the 1x November $0 fee yet. I spoke to them over live chat and was told that it was relisted but offered to still honour the 1x Nov $0 variable fee that I have left.

    Maybe a work around is relist it like a new item instead of just simply pressing the ‘relist’ button.

    • +3

      Yes - create a brand new listing, or use "Sell Similar". Do not use "Relist".

      • I was charged a fvf and the rep said it is because I relisted but I told him that I used "sell similar" and he told me it's the same as relist so I didn't meet the requirements. I know it's bull as I have used "sell similar" all the time when there is a no fvf promo. That goes to show how clueless the reps are.

    • Relisting hasn't been an option for years now to use the promo.
      Use sell similar or lost new from scratch will work.

    • I should have read this comment! I relisted and I got charged the full listing fee. I called up Ebay CS and managed to get 50% off the fee. He said I will have to cancel the sale and relist it which inconveniences me and the buyer.
      Ended up taking the 50% fee offer.

      Sellers, watch out when selling. Do not relist the item. Instead create a new listing.

  • -1

    Pro tip. If you haven't used your listing from November yet, make sure you refresh your listing/s (cancel/delete listing, and then "sell similar") and you'll get 30 days to sell it at 0% FVF using November's promo, while still being able to list one or more items in December to take advantage of December's FVF offer.

    • FYI I heeded advice on here to cancel my listing and use "Sell Similar" and got hit with the full variable fee on my sold item. They agreed to refund me the variable fee as an exception and cited that it was not a new listing if it was created via "Sell Similar" and they could tell on their end (vs one created as a proper new listing). Didn't argue as they still kept the 1 x Nov $0 variable fee on my account so I could list another item properly per their instructions. Basically… YMMV using "Sell Similar".

      • sell similar does not equal sell exact same…. tell them to look up the definition of "Similar"

  • +1

    No more 50% Postage Labels? 👎
    I find it funny around this time last year they gave out 3-5 Free Postage Labels, then eventually it went to 5x 50% Off Postage Labels, then 3x 50% Off Postage Labels and now NOTHING.

  • +2

    oh, how generous.

    the 'we will not rob you blind on your listing deal'

    so ecstatic!

  • Does this "$0 Variable FVF on 1 New Listing"
    work with 'Buy It Now' listings ?

    I'm always confused with this type of listing,
    so I have always listed as auctions, with a 'Make An Offer' option.

    • +1

      Yes, For future ref, Buy It Now listings are always the #1 safest option.

      • Problem is buy it now gives impression how much you want for it. People might not bid

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