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Free $15-$50 Rewards Credit for Rewards Members @ David Jones


Freebie in my inbox for several accounts, created between March this year and now.
Some accounts got $15, some got $20.

These act just the same as eGift cards and have no minimum spend. Reward expires 1/1/24.


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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Got $20

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    Wife got $50, I got a big fat zero.

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      $50? Ooooft

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    Nothing for me :(

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      • You both got the job

  • Got $15 awesome.

  • Got a $20 voucher right this minute. Give it few hours as they're still sending them out.

  • Target missed target again :(

  • -3

    Just got another email with a $15 voucher. Same account and email. Lucky me.

  • $20

  • Nothing

  • $20 too.

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    What is the subject line of the email?

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      [NAME], $XX For You This Christmas

    • Managing to put them onto a single account?

      • No. They are ties to the account.

        Will buy socks , underwear and other cheap items

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          What cheap stuff? Almost impossible to find anything cheap on DJs site

          • @Yabadabadoo: Congratulations, you get $15 at DJ.

            The bad news? You have to shop at DJ.

            • @dbmitch: "The bad news? You have to shop at DJ."

              yeah was gonna say so many users here seem to have gotten the email but I never shop there. hardly anything cheap is priced good to begin with so feels like even when using coupons on something you will be paying normal price for what you get. unless you just use $15 on something that's $15. what can you get for that much? christmas trinket? keyring?

              I think I searched recently to see what powerbanks and headphones they had. the cheaper end tends to be random brand stuff at high prices.

        • They aren't if you use it in store, just need to convince staff to scan as a gift card.

          Maybe that means repackaging the code in Stocard or otherwise :)

      • Unsure about these Rewards.
        Used 3 x $10 DJs "birthday" vouchers in 1 shop in store last month. Also combined gift cards in same purchase. Have done that for years.

        Usually check the 50+% clearance items.
        Bought $80 shirt for $15.80 2 weeks ago.

    • Did you make those accounts just now and if not for what purpose do you need those 10 accounts for lol

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        They are farming the 10 dollar welcome rewards + the 10 dollar birthday.

        • Can you stack $10 birthday vouchers in one transaction?

          • @Shesmyute: Used 3 x $10 birthday vouchers in 1 shop instore last month.

            • +1

              @Rather be Travelling: Didn’t the staff question you why you have 3 birthday rewards?

              • @Rushbrooker: They offered to combine them. Explained I had $10 vouchers but wanted to buy $30. Never been refused by DJs or Myers.
                As was buying clearance stock, they were pleased to get rid of it!

                • @Rather be Travelling: I can tell your bullshitting because the system does not allow more than 2 reward codes to be used at once

                  • +2

                    @easternculture: Thats online, in store they are treated as normal giftcards.

                    • @annarchon: No. They know its a rewards card.

                      • @easternculture: Use multiple BIRTHDAY VOUCHERs?
                        No. They know its a rewards card.

                        So a BIRTHDAY VOUCHER (discussed here) is a Reward card - given our in this Deal according to you.

                        Think you're very confused!

                      • -1

                        @easternculture: Instore it's processed as a Gift Card, as shown in receipts.

                        (Thats why uploading receipts as you demanded - would be useless as only shows Gift Cards used as payment. No sign of Rewards use!)

                        If you knew anything about the DJs system (as you claim), you would know that is how it is processed - differently instore!!

                        So presenting multiple Rewards barcodes in 1 purchase does work.
                        Allows multiple Rewards to be processed (from different accounts).

                        I inform the staff after first email is scanned, I have another. They just scan the next barcode…
                        Just make sure not to show it's a Christmas Reward in the email.

                        But ASKING staff to process multiple Christmas Rewards is unlikely to work (as reported), as staff have been told not to do that.

                        As I have suggested for years in David Jones Deals - it's all about how you approach staff, to get what you want - in store😉

                    • -1

                      @annarchon: Correct. easternculture doesn't know what they've talking about!!

                      For in-store purchases, the redeemed Rewards are shown as Gift Cards in the receipt of purchase!

                      Like ordinary Gift Cards, that means multiple Rewards can be redeemed across multiple accounts in a single transaction.

                      A different process to redeeming online, logged into 1 account!!

                  • +1

                    @easternculture: Obnoxious & misunderstanding what is being discussed - as usual😜

                    You obviously don't know what YOU are talking about as I've done this so many times a year for years!

                    The question was

                    Can you stack $10 birthday vouchers in one transaction?

                    As I've said - done with birthday vouchers & gift cards… INSTORE. If you had bothered to read!

                    Said above not sure about combining these Rewards, but will try at quiet time with friendly staff.

                    Staff have frequently overriden prices of clearance stock - reducing the price of purchase to voucher amount.

                    (Tried at DJs interstate & they said staff couldn't possibly do that! So depends who you talk to. Best for them to offer! Local staff know my frugal ways😉)

                    Have been a staff trainer, which helps. Staff I've got to know, have excitedly run up to me offering reduced price items they know are my size ($180 shoes for $20+, $50 DJs polo free with $10 voucher). They see I am effectively doing DJs a favour by clearing unwanted stock😉

                    Easy if you are polite to staff & treat them with respect!! They're always pleased to see me, despite almost never paying for anything😉

                    Otherwise they will tell you it can't be done😜
                    It's the easiest way to get rid of a troublesome customer!

              • +1

                @Rushbrooker: Staff don't ask for an explanation in my experience.

                They ask for my DJs account.
                Then tell me there's a $10 credit when they scan the email, that's all.
                They accept the next email to scan the barcode, even though it's on a different account & email address. That doesn't seem to show & is accepted by the system.
                Never been a problem with the many I receive each year.

                Birthday vouchers were in names of family members. As was for tins of biscuits & chocolates - could easily say was buying to share with family. It's that time of the year🎄

                • +1

                  @Rather be Travelling: This is exactly what I do too.

                • @Rather be Travelling: Just tried this in store, cannot stack rewards in the same transaction. Staff refused and said it was against store policy. They know it's a rewards linked to the account as their computer systems show it.

                  • @brainactive: You tried combining multiple Birthday Vouchers?? NO!

                    My comment was in response to discussion about using multiple Birthday Vouchers, NOT these Rewards!

                    Best to read discussion, rather than wasting your time - jumping to wrong conclusion as EC frequently does!!

                  • -3

                    @brainactive: Told you so. He is trolling. DJ Rewards cannot be combined. System only allows max of 2 if employee is willing to do so

                    • @easternculture: If you can't bother to read or understand…
                      But take comments out of context & jump to wrong conclusions…

                      Never wrote what you falsely claim I did about combining REWARDS😜
                      Only that I am unsure if that's possible

                      I responded to a question about using multiple Birthday Vouchers - NOT multiple Rewards.
                      Something I have been doing for years! So am knowledgeable.

                      I already responded with that explanation, that you ignored.

                      First you claimed I am bullshitting!!
                      Now you claim I'm a TROLL!

                      Rather, I am correct about about my years of experience combining multiple Birthday Vouchers!

                      Another false allegation by you with no basis except your incorrect thinking.

                      Mods took down your earlier false allegation against me in another Deal.
                      Seems you never learn

                      You should not be believed😜
                      There is NO BASIS for your false allegations.

                      Reported for another of your many false accusations against me - this time of being a TROLL.

                      (Once joked a member was a troll, they understood & upvoted my comment… But later was unpublished & was told I could be sinbinned for accusing a member of that!)

                      You make mistakes… BUT claim it's someone else's fault!

                      • @Rather be Travelling: Post reciept to prove you are right.

                        Bday rewards are not gift cards. They are treated as DJ rewards.

                        Anything locked to an account in terms of voucher/pin are DJ rewards because you cant use it online unless its entered in the DJ rewards section of checkout.

                        The user above just proved you are trolling and spreading misinformation.

                        Please do not waste anyones time so you can look like a hero because you are just embarrassing yourself

                          • -1

                            @Rather be Travelling: Proof birthday vouchers are just reward vouchers.

                            Read print


                            Please stop spreading misinformation

                            Post proof of your claim you used 3 bday rewards in one transactions because im still calling out your BS.

                            • @easternculture: Please stop spreading misinformation!

                              I throw out old receipts with birthday vouchers used as payment. Such as $30 purchase last month using 3 birthday vouchers.

                              • -1

                                @Rather be Travelling: Haha classic excuse

                                • @easternculture: And again true!
                                  Your faulty advice is simply not worth posting!

                                  Why would anyone keep an old receipt for already eaten chocolates & biscuits - completely paid by multiple Birthday Vouchers?? I already know it works!

                                  Just try it in store - has worked for me & others for years!

                                  • -1

                                    @Rather be Travelling: As i said. The loophole has been closed and limited to 2 rewards per transaction if employee is willing, most of them wont.

                                    They closed the loophole when a few people claimed hundreds of dollars of merchandise from multiple accounts.

                                    • @easternculture: You are VERY CONFUSED!!

                                      limited to 2 rewards per transaction

                                      Once again you confused REWARDS redemption with paying with Birthday Vouchers😜😜
                                      I was discussing that above, in response to question about using multiple DJs Birthday Vouchers.

                                      As I've suggested to you before…
                                      Treat staff with respect!
                                      Staff know my name, assist me, & process it for me. They know the systems & how to get around any issues😄
                                      Try it!

                                      But going by how you make up repeated false allegations here - can see why staff may not help you! Why would they waste their time??

                                      If your "knowledge" you post, comes from being refused to use multiple Birthday Vouchers… Maybe it's not reliable info😂

                                      As you've demonstrated, you try to destroy the reputation of those who have a different experience or opinion to you.
                                      …to get your way!

                                      Indicates you might be the one with the problem & not to be believed😜

                                      Worked without a problem last month with multiple Birthday Vouchers. And the month before…

                        • -1

                          @easternculture: Your misunderstandings shows you likely have no experience or understanding of the different system instore!!

                          Hence your misguided claims & false accusations!!

                          I have been using the in-store system for years, knowing it very well - including in my recent multiple Rewards redemption comment.

                          Bday rewards are not gift cards.

                          If you had redeemed a Reward barcode in-store, you would have seen on the receipt it is shown as a Gift Card!

                          And like normal Gift Cards, can be combined in a purchase. I did that.

                          Post reciept to prove you are right.

                          Because receipt shows Rewards redeemed instore as Gift Card payment, there would be no point.
                          You just don't believe Rewards are processed as Gift Cards, so my receipt showing 3 Gift Cards for 3 Rewards used - would not convince you.

                          That would be a waste of time & lead to further unwarranted abuse by you😉

                          Anything locked to an account in terms of voucher/pin are DJ rewards because you cant use it online unless its entered in the DJ rewards section of checkout.

                          If you understood DJs systems, you would know that only applies online!
                          Another person had already told you that!!

                          You are confusing 2 different systems!
                          I have done this in-store, combining Rewards from different accounts. Staff only ask for details of 1 account & add additional Reward barcode as Gift Card payment on that transaction under that 1 account!

                          The user above just proved you are trolling and spreading misinformation.

                          There is no proof of that! Except in your misguided imagination!

                          I posted factual information that you wrongly claimed was "bullshitting" and then falsely claimed I was "trolling".
                          Just more false accusations by you!
                          Mods have taken down earlier false accusation by you against me.

                          If they asked to combine multiple Christmas Rewards in 1 transaction, the staff member was instructed to refuse!!

                          That doesn't mean Rewards can't be combined. Just don't ask a staff member to do what they have been told not to do! There are other ways!

                          Please do not waste anyones time so you can look like a hero because you are just embarrassing yourself

                          So many mistakes & false accusations (again), but you accuse me of wasting people's time.

                          I'm no hero, just correct.
                          Tired of all your mistakes, abuse, fabrications, misinformation, and even illegal comment promoting fraudulent activity under the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/823497 (29/12/2023 - 18:07) 😜

                          Such a sad person!
                          Thinking you know so much, and yet so ignorant & distasteful.

                    • -1

                      @easternculture: Online! That does not apply in-store!

                  • -1

                    @brainactive: Talked with DJs staff I've got to know.
                    They say they have been instructed not to redeem multiple $15-50 Christmas Rewards on a single purchase.

                    Understandable as many families / households would receive multiple Christmas Rewards. Like easternculture's $150 or more of Christmas Rewards

                    Rewards are a marketing tool to attract customers to spend their own funds at DJs. Not spend hundred in 1 purchase using DJs Rewards.

                    Whereas $10 Birthday Rewards arrive once a year, at various dates (unless rorting like ec!). So unlikely to be redeemed more than 1 at a time.
                    (3 family members have birthdays within a month, so I could redeem multiple for them to purchase dearer Clearance stock.)

                    But they agreed multiple Birthday Rewards (that I was specifically referring to), should be able to be redeemed towards a single purchase.

  • 20 for me

  • Getting an error when trying to check out: Your Gift Card details could not be verified. Please confirm your Gift Card and pin number to proceed.

    • +4

      Enter as DJ reward option while logged in , NOT gift card option

      • +1

        Ah that worked, thanks!

  • What to buy? Socks?

  • +2

    Thank you DJs!

    Much better than evil CBA’s mostly tiny cashback deals (with their $10B profit).

  • What do they mean when they say they are celebrating their 185th Christmas?

    If it means what I think it means, I had no idea David Jones has been around for 185 years!

    Just searched and yeah, 185 years!

  • +1

    I accidently had 2 accounts when I put in another email address one time. They said they couldnt merge the accounts when I asked. So I got a $20 and a $15 email today.
    I usually get some JellyBelly or Candles with the $10 birthday vouchers. Not sure what to buy this time…

    • +1

      JellyBelly or essential oils for me

  • 20 for meeee

  • $20 here

  • To celebrate our 185th Christmas, we're gifting you a $20 reward so you can spoil yourself or a loved one this festive season.

  • Any suggestions for how to spend the $20?

    • double it and give it next person who comments below?

  • And this is probably why David Jones is heading broke 🤣

  • Ugh nothing on my two

  • Hmm nothing and I'm a regular shopper there, lul

  • Got $20 email, but can't find the gift card detail.
    Where is the $20?

    • You mean where is the barcode?

  • +1

    Got $20 for both accounts.

  • Thank you, I thought it was spam and already deleted it…
    Got it back from the trash.

  • $20 for me, winner

  • Nothing for me too, was hoping to use at their Eastland closing down sale!

  • no gift

  • Gotta remember to auto-divert the emails to spam instead of unsubscribing from marketing/offers :(

    • I unsubscribed from the junk mail too.

      My promos folder is full, and sometimes important emails get in there too.

      I'd rather less junk.

  • Received $20. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • $20 and I'll use it when the sales start just before xmas day

  • Got $15 and the wifey got $20

  • where do i signup?

    • Not sure if it's note late to sign up now

  • Thanks! Managed to find a goodie ☺️!

  • He'll everyone, Can anybody help me with this offer I am new hear I have just create an account on David Jones what I have to next?

    • +1

      It always amazes me how desperate people are for like $15 :/

      • Bro even made an account for this

    • Wait.

    • You will get a $10 welcome voucher in a few hours.

  • nothing for me

  • not for me

  • Got $15

  • +1

    got $20 from Myer

  • 3 accounts 15,15, 20

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