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Bose Smart Soundbar 900 $699 + Shipping ($0 C&C / in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Bose smart soundbar 900 on clearance at JB. $699.

Can bundle with sub 700 for 15% off both. I bought both for $1443. Great prices as far as I can tell.

No gift cards needed for the prices listed, obviously can pay less if you have discounted cards.

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    At first i was like, that's a pretty good price for a BOSE soundbar with 7 inbuilt speakers

    Then i saw that they want to charge $1000 for a subwoofer.

    That's up there with Apple selling you a desktop display and charging extra for a stand…

    Off with

    • +2

      yeah, like Samsung's Q line up


      • Do they play friendly with non-Samsung TVs?

        • Yeah, audio over ARC

          Probably one or two samsung exclusive features like symphony q which will use the TV speakers but not necessary

          • @impoze: Have had issues with Samsung bars being funny on LG c1 and on Hisense tv (spare room tv)

        • Mine works fine with my Sony tv. Only issue being that I have to turn off the tv separately to the speakers and console. Turning all 3 on only takes one button though.

      • Would not recommend or compare Samsung to this, would take the lg line over Samsung also

      • Agreed
        I have an atmos sammy and it goes hard

    • Bose and Sony are up high there to compete with Sonos

    • +1

      Boring Overpriced Sound Experience.

    • ahaha you legend!!!

  • -1

    rip off still

  • +7

    Got it on the price Bose Error Frenzy for $225 and love it. Already had a 700 sub. And got the surround speakers to complete the set up. Happy with it.

    • lucky

    • Ol' Amar is probably turning in his grave because you paid fair market value for his merchandise

  • +4

    Surely for $1443 some high quality bookshelf speakers would be a decent alternative?

    • +1

      You could get active bookshelves even, with change left over for a sub too

      • What would you recommend for a not so big space

        • +3

          I'd recommend the Kef Q150 + Yamaha WXA-50. It's my current audio setup and it's a killer combo at $1k.

  • purchased white one.
    (missed at $225, so sad)

  • Get a Q930 or 990. Great quality soundbars

  • +2

    Looks like many people have issues with Bose 900. Not sure if the same issue happens to Australian stock nowadays.


    • +1

      I think that's universal issue with Bose soundbars as I face similar issue with my Soundbar 300.

    • +3

      I have the same issue too. Only way to recover (that I know) is to unplug the soundbar from power supply and plug it back. I have a wifi smart plug connected so I can restart the TV and soundbar. It’s intermittent, don’t bother me much….

    • Thanks for that. Changed my mind on getting this

    • +1

      I have this issue with the Bose 600, but only every few months. It’s shit for sure, but I got it quite cheap so I can live with it. If I’d paid this kind of money, I’d be pissed.

    • We moved to Sonos because of the constant disconnects and disruption the terrible Bose software. Well worth it so far.

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    I have the same issue with Bose 700 and was hoping it would have been fixed in Bose 900 :(

  • Wonder if Sonos Arc will ever come down to this price?

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    If you’re spending this sort of money, save a further $300 dollars by signing up to JB HIFI mobile for the $1200 gift card. Max cancellation fee is $800. First month charged in store. Cancel within the first month, pay the $800 termination fee and your total cost is $800 + $99 + (1443-1200) = $1142.

    • Thats nifty! Some work involved but will come in handy Thanks

    • On JB Hi-Fi's ad, it says minimum plan cost is $2376. Any place I can find the information about $800 cancellation cost?

      • That’s the minimum you will pay if you stay on the plan - $99 x 24.

        However, the gift card amount tied to your plan is only $800, which is the standard base amount before any offers, so theoretically you can cancel tomorrow for $800 plus your first month’s payment.

        That termination fee of $800 goes down every single month and the termination fee is pro rata’d depending on when in your plan you cancel. The maximum cancellation fee on this plan is always $800, or $450 for the lower $69 plan, irrespective of how much of a gift card you actually walk away with in store.

        • Thank you for the explanation. Maybe this deserves a separate post as deal to get JB Hi-Fi gift cards.

        • I was looking into this. I was told that the minimum $800 figure has change. I checked, now the giftcard value is recovered pro-rata. So for one month it would be $1200/(23/24). I ended up buying discounted giftcards to pay instead.

    • I don’t think the max $800 cancellation fee is valid anymore. Section 6.3a of the T&C states you will pay 23/24 of the voucher when cancelling on the first month.

      • No it doesn’t. It clearly states you repay the base voucher, which is the amount on your contract and is $800. It is still valid.

        Nowhere on your contract does it state you received more than $800.

  • +5

    lot of negs above, but recent bought just the sound bar through Black Friday and cant recommend it enough. Didnt get the sub as im in an apartment but just the sound bar has made a huge difference to other sound bars ive had in the past.

  • +1

    I have the 600 in a different room, sound quality and atmos effects are surprisingly good. I’ve had the locking up bug strike one time only in about 6 months of ownership. Holding the music button for 15secs and waiting for the reboot fixed it, annoying but no big deal.

  • +2

    Coincidentally had a sound demo in Jb hi-fi yesterday & sound was truly amazing compared to samsung & other ones around. Ordered black one. Thanks OP!

    • I can only find a demo of Bose Smart Ultra, cannot find 900 to demo.

      • Jb Hifi at Springvale Homemaker Centre had 900 on display on boxing day with 700 bass module. You could try it with or without the bass module.

  • +2

    Amazon is currently selling the Bose 900 (white colour only) for $699 delivered

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