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$16.80 a Week for Yearly Gym Membership, $0 Joining Fee @ Select Anytime Fitness Gyms


Seems to be a generic corporate coupon that is getting passed around at the moment.

A few people in the comments on the last page are being asked for proof of employment at the businesses that are associated with this deal. In the link below, scroll up and you can see all those businesses. If you can figure out how to convince AF you work at one of those businesses, you should be able to start a discounted membership.

  • Go to https://www.anytimefitness.com.au/corporate-membership/#part…
  • Select your local gym; if listed
  • If you are actually going to sign up, enter your real contact info. If you are just checking prices, enter bogus contact information otherwise they will start the marketing calls/emails. Continue.
  • Enter the GOLD22 CORP202024 code and whatever the weekly fee is for that gym will be reduced to $15.16 $16.80 per week for a year long contract.

Not the greatest price in the world, but cheaper than if you were going to just sign up normally.

$0 joining fee but keep in mind the $79 fob you need to buy is non-refundable. I've been told you can use it again and avoid the charge if you stop your membership and then sign up again later.

Obligatory ozb link to how gym memberships work: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/108400

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    Anytime tried to force me to go to the gym I signed up at to cancel.
    It was over 11 hours drive away from where I'd moved to.

    I'll never sign up with them again.

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      • this sounds like pretty standard big chain bs - so how did you get around it?

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          GPS spoof

        • +24

          I had explained it wasn't possible multiple times as I moved 12+ hours away from the gym I signed up at.
          After they kept insisting I HAD to go to that specific gym to cancel, I said I'd seek legal advice as it was not possible for me.
          That same day I was advised my membership was cancelled.

          Pretty sure regardless of the contract, it wasn't exactly legal.

          I'm sure things have changed since then, as this was 5+ years ago. Probably more around 7-8.

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            @[Deactivated]: I cancelled my Anytime membership via email. I highly recommend this method over a phone call, as everything is in writing.

            I went through the 'can't cancel over phone' runaround you experienced, but with Fitness First, back in the day. Not knowing any better, I ended up going in, where some female staff member with skimpy workout gear was deployed to convince me to stay. They were seriously pushy about it, which made me even happier with my decision to cancel.

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              female staff member with skimpy workout gear was deployed to convince me to stay

              Too bad she didnt do enough to convince you.

            • @andresampras: @andresampras - Identical thing happened to me at Plus Fitness Drummoyne a few years ago. I ended up caving and just going in there and the lady was so rude.

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              @andresampras: Not sure the skimpy female trick would work anymore.. Would just look like any other female gym goer

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            @[Deactivated]: Yes much has changed. Need to cancel via Home Gym and it was a long drive for me too but I had no problem cancelling via email. The one thing I wish I knew earlier is they need 30 days notice to cancel.

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              @firestint: I believe 30 days is pretty standard these days for non-contract membership.

    • What did your contract say? I'm sure something along the lines of written notice which means you do not need to go to the gym

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        This was like 5+ years ago.
        They said "all our contracts state you have to go in person to the gym you signed up at to cancel your membership".
        I just told them that I'll seek legal advice as I can not go down to the gym. That made them cancel my membership. So they COULD do it all along.

        • +4

          That doesn’t seem like it would hold up in court. What if you were injured and could not attend in person to cancel membership? I would think a signed letter sent registered post would be hard to argue with (assuming you abide by notice period, etc)

        • Good stuff

    • It's probably because they're all franchises? I signed up near my office and then happened to train at my local AF a number of times in a row and they automatically transferred the membership. So actually this could be a solution for you (still annoying but better than driving 11 hours). Don't even need to train, go there a number of times and swipe in.

      • That sounds like a lot of hassle to cancel something which you are no longer using.

        • Totally agree. But as I said if the only alternative is 11 hours of driving then it’s not so bad.

    • I cancelled mine by email!

    • I signed up with fitness first years ago and had the exact same issue

    • +2

      Revo tried this and I just said I can't get there as I work long hours, so they sent me a form. Still pissed me off, just send me the form to start with if there's a form, especially for a company that boast in their marketing about no contracts, cancel any time blah blah blah.

    • +1

      Whenever I see the gym membership deal, I run so further away so fast that I no longer need a gym for next 2 years :)

      Been bitten by a contract I signed (due to my lack of maturity), proved them a legit medical reasons twice but they won't budge.

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      WA changed the law to explicitly allow online cancellations for this reason lol.

    • They try to use debt collectors after I couldn't go the gym for medical reasons.

      Worst gym ever.

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    Any way to benefit from this if you're a current member? I expect not until current contract runs out

    • +1

      Would like to know this too but suspect I know the answer.

  • Not bad (assuming you get access to 1 of the more recently opened/ renovated locations) considering cost-of-living crisis for many atm.

  • Does not seem to be working for me using the instructions / code?
    Anyone else had any luck ?

    Also just noticed the two gyms closest to me have quite a different weekly cost + one of them $0 sign up the other $90!!

    • Might not be valid for all locations.

      • +3

        No probs I will try the code with a few more near me to see if any luck!

        I Checked a third a minute ago and that had no discount + $100 sign up + $80 Fob Key, Criminals lol

        • Must be a supply/demand/volume thing. Why would you discount if you are getting a dozen sign ups a day!

  • is there a minimum term? I should've used this when i went to Japan lol

    • +1

      I haven't used it so not sure if it is an open contract or yearly contract. Will update the deal if someone confirms there is a minimum term. The email I got did not specify one.

      • This is what came up for a club near me

        $0.00 joining fee, $79.00 for your 24/7 access key (non-refundable) then $15.16/week
        (12 Month Total Cost = $867.32)

  • Paying 70+$ monthly at Wolli Creek AF. I wish we can use this.

    • You're paying about $1 a week more than this deal.

  • Local also had really cheap price before xmas as Derrimut just opened, so cheeky.
    Still doesnt compare to 15 months for $200

    • 15 months for $200?

  • +2

    Works at punchbowl, burwood and chullora AF

    • how do you get it working?

  • +7

    $80 for a fob, they're a dime a dozen, no joining fee but 80 bucks for a fob lol

    • -1

      Buy one from marketplace and they can program it

      • +1

        exactly I bought the rfid writer that programs these fobs for $16 from ebay and it came 10 fobs

        • +1

          This wont work they use very specific rfid protocol. I doubt you will even be able to read an actually Anytime fitness tag.

      • +1

        Have you actually had success doing this ? Would think they would only use their own keys

      • +4

        I bought one from market place. The manager said they are not allowed to use 2nd hand tags unless it's yours (ex member) or transfer membership. But made a exemption because I already bought it

    • +4

      I suspect the reason they do this is because gym memberships usually have a cooling off period; if you cancel within the cooling off period, the joining fee is refundable but not the key fob fee.

    • +7

      First time replying on here but you don't need the fob. You can download AF App and use your phone's NFC to tap in. I'm not sure if all the branches have that feature yet. Cheers!

  • Can you sign up for any location and then after 1 month - visit your local?

    • Yes

    • Last time I was training at AF regularly they asked me to switch gyms when I moved house and starting being a regular at another location.
      Your "base" gym gets the lion share of your membership $ so it's technically not fair on the other gym you regularly use.

      • +4

        they automatilaly switch you over to the new gym, and then the new gym starts charge you new rates (usually maximum).

        • Yes think its been updated, i seem to be flagged as a member of the sign up and my regular.
          I actually disliked the culture of the original one, noone was friendly. Other I made like 10 friends in a few months and one is a goof fb friend.

        • if it's usually maximum ain't that bad…

          though if u get anytime fitness one of the perks is go to any gym

  • Get an AIA membership and thats another $100 back per 3 months

    Edit: Anytime fitness isnt a partner anymore

  • -2

    This is not a deal. Very expensive.

  • +1

    $35 for fitness first a fortnight

    • Platinum?

      • Yes

        • Im paying $52 a fortnight. How you get $35?

          • @Hi33: WTF?! $52
            I signed up almos 5 years ago maybe thats why. When did you join?

  • +1

    One of the terms of the corporate offer is “you will also need to give us proof that you are eligible for this offer”. Does anyone know if they will actually ask for proof?

    • considering how many ozbargainers are going for this, I guess they might!

    • +3

      If they ask, say you remotely work from home as a contractor for one of these places: https://www.anytimefitness.com.au/corporate-membership/

    • i just signed up online at the nearest location that accepts the coupon code. They didn't ask where i work and usually the signups at the one i signed up for, usually do it in person. I don't work at any of the companies listed.

    • Just by the by I signed up today, called them up to arrange to collect the access key, walked in after work and they gave it to me without even asking for ID, they just asked my name.

  • +6

    My local anytime fitness just jacked my price to 99 a month when ive been a long standing member(8 years+) with no email communication at all. Might be time to look around.

    • I was paying even more, $112 a month. I started a new membership with this code. Went to my usual gym the next day and told the staff what id done. They had no problem canceling my current membership (have to give 30 days notice though) and giving me this deals price after the "cooldown".

      Give it a go

  • +3

    Anyone else just getting a contact form? I don't get an option to actually sign up online in the two Melbourne locations I tried

    • yeah same. No input for a coupon

    • +1

      Fill in the contact form and you will get to the coupon page.
      They get your contact information up front so they can start pestering you if you don't complete the signup.

      • I am not getting any coupon page I have entered details on form page for two gyms. It just shows that someone will contact you shortly.

  • +5

    Plus fitness is $10/week and planet is $5

    • Website shown $14.95?

      • +1

        yeah thats their normal price but you can haggle when signing up the lowest my local will go is $10
        they also do new year resolution deals, valentines deals ($10 if two people sign up together) and some others

        • How did u do it. What if they said that's the fee shown on the website.😅

    • Wow $10, how do you get that offer?

  • +1

    Saw Crunch fitness at my local area around $12 and possible to pause membership.

    • I'm told you can pause membership at Anytime for a period, but you still pay a minimal amount

      • How much?

        • I don't remember, like $6 weekly or something maybe

    • crunch is terrible, there's a reason why its cheap

      • -1

        Mortdale, rockdale and alexandria are really good.
        Bankstown is trash

  • Is there a direct debit fee onto of this?

    • nah

  • this is a good deal if you're not going to haggle, but i managed to get $14 a week at my local anytime just for asking.

  • I have fitness passport through my wifes work & my local anytime want to charge me $200 for a fob key for access. Any OB tricks for getting around this.

    • Tell them you are happy to use the app to enter

    • +2

      Doesn't the fitness passport site usually say how much the access fee is? Would be hard for them to argue that it's higher than what it's saying.

      • yes it does.
        When checking eligible gyms on the map, each location displays its access key $

  • +1

    $0 joining fee but keep in mind the $79 fob you need to buy is non-refundable. I've been told you can use it again and avoid the charge if you stop your membership and then sign up again later.

    Can confirm, I re-joined after a year off and they just re-enabled my existing fob. I've since cancelled again but holding onto the fob in case I ever feel the need to re-rejoin

  • Anyone knows if I subscribe to a different gym that the one I am going to go after one month, will I loose that price?

    • Membership $$ varies on club locations. so YES.

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