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Orion Turtle Chips 160g Certain Varieties 1/2 Price $3.00 @ Woolworths


Previous deal was 40% off so 1/2 off is even better. I've tried the wasabi and they're pretty good. Bought the truffle to try this time

It's been pointed out that only Truffle, vanilla and wasabi are half price. The other flavours are 40% off

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  • i quite like the steak, and the truffle

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    chips are over $4 a pack now days. whats best way to save?

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      stop eating chips

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        +1 save you from getting fatty liver like me too :((

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          My gp told me to exercise more but who has time to exercise these days so I just switched from eating chips to eating muesli bars.

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      change to aldi microwave popcorn

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      Open the bag, eat one piece per day.

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        smash the bag, open the bag, eat one broken piece per day

    • Make your own, microwave crisp/chip maker. Mix your own seasonings. Costs less than a potato & some power.

    • go to NQR

    • At $37.5 per kg, you're probably better off making your own.

    • Make them at home. Costs about a 10th the price of buying them from the shops.

    • Coles/woolies home brand are still $2.30 a packet.

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    ugh I stocked up at 40% off

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    The chilli one is great, Szechuan style spicy, but not over the top.

    • As good as the Kettle Chilli chips?

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        Better, I think, but different - more like Szechuan than Mexican chilli.

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    Thanks OP.

    Yes, the Wasabi Steak is incredibly good, and the Truffle is not bad as well. If you like it spicy then should try the Mala flavour, it tasted sweet in the beginning then comes the hotness aftertaste. Very addictive.

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    Tried 4 flavours so far my fav is steak & wasabi, 2nd truffle and pleasantly surprised with the sweet vanilla flavor not a fan of the mala. Definitely stock up at 1/2 price!

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    Love the mala

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    Previous deal was 40% off so 1/2 off is even better.

    bold claim

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      It really isn't

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        This is a bold claim.

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      40% is 1/2.5, but 1/2 has a smaller number in it, so 40% discount must be better! :P

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    Made with real Turtles ?

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      Yes just like Red Bull made from real bulls that are red

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        Red Meat ,
        Makes sense ..

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    Thought the truffle one was a bit too full on, and that's coming from a truffle guy. Will have to try the chili, sounds awesome

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      I feel like anyone who calls themselves a truffle guy would have an utter disdain for most commercially available truffle products, which tend to contain "2,4-Dithiapentane" and not any actual truffle, and so taste like someone stuck their foot in your mouth. (fake truffle flavouring is literally derived from the aromatic associated with foot odour)

      Don't get me started on restaurants that advertise "maple syrup" that's really just fenugreek and sugar.

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    No one sells seaweed ver in oz. :(

    • Costco sells it.. and in the big pack

      • Danggit not a member here. Grrrr

        • *there

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            @casho: Come again?

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              @Yummy: You are a member here. You aren't a member there (Costco)

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    Great price, costs more in Seoul.

  • Wasabi steak, Mala (spicy) and truffle are my go-to flavours in order of preference.

    It's a shame my local woolies stockpiles the choc churro flavour. I could only find x1 box of the wasabi steak and some stragglers of the truffle. Literally all the shelf stock and remaining floor stock was choc churro :'(

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      The choc churro one is clearly the best one - despite not having any cream or gel in it when you visually inspect it, the texture somehow tricks you into thinking there's a soft chocolate filling in there - just delightful!

      Haven't tried the wasabi yet - the mala is pretty good and the truffle is weird for me since it's sweet.

    • Another vote for choc!

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    Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Truffle Salt Seasoning, Sugar, Salt, Fermented Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder

    No turtles were harmed in the marking of these non potato chips.

  • These are great. Pretty much all the varieties are.
    The new Vanilla flavour is amazing!

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      I tried the vanilla ones the other night, my wife asked how they were…Best I could describe were incredible morish, but also sickening. I couldn't stop eating them but the sweetness was too much.

    • The vanilla flavour somehow smells and tastes to me like a glazed donut, but in chip form. A bit too sweet for me unfortunately

  • Big Costco pack is awesome and cheap but finishing the whole pack in 3 sittings isn't great for my overweight frame.

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      That isn't even your final form. Time to get more.

  • If only they were pizza flavoured!

  • Need to stock up on the Mala flavour.

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    Turtles are not much use to anyone so turning them into chips is a good move.

    • Could say the same for some ozbargainers

  • These SK snacks are very tasty and satisfying. The perfect combination of crunchiness and flavour makes them irresistible. Highly recommend trying them out if you never had them before.

  • I just went in to my local Woolies (Rundle Mall, SA) to buy the Mala flavour. They scanned at $3.60, so the discount is not the full range…

  • It should be noted that the Choc Churro, Sweet Corn and Mala flavours are $3.60.

    Only the Steak Wasabi, Vanilla and Truffle are $3.00.

  • Any stores still stock Mala ones? All the stores I went to over the last year in WA (like 5-6 of them) all stopped stocking it… :(

  • These are so good. The vanilla one was surprisingly awesome.

    I feel like the churro one needs a sprinkle of cinnamon to take it to the next level, but damn that texture is great

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