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Katana 220540 18V 4-Piece 4.0Ah Cordless Automotive Combo Kit $99 (RRP $369) + $14.95 Delivery @ Tools Warehouse



Super limited stock on this one. The Katana 220540 18V 4 Piece 4.0Ah Cordless Automotive Combo Kit for only $99!

Technically this Combo Kit contains 9 items if you include the bag, charger, and 3 batteries.

Here's what you get:

1 x Hammer Drill (220001)
1 x Impact Driver (220010)
1 x Impact Wrench (220020)
1 x Angle Grinder (220070)
1 x Single Charger (220300)
3 x 4Ah Battery (220370)
1 x Bag

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  • impact wrench any good?

    • Specifications:

      Voltage: 18V D.C.
      No Load Speed: 0-2200 RPM
      Impact Rate: 0-2700 IPM
      Anvil: 1/2" Square
      Nut-Busting Torque: 300 ft-lb/400Nm
      Tightening Torque: 260 ft-lb/350Nm

      Looks decent? (I know nothing about these)

      Worth buying?

      • My $250 DeWalt impact driver doesn't produce that much torque…
        I doubt it will loosen much before the internals break

        • +3

          You're comparing your impact DRIVER to an impact WRENCH (the latter being designed for high torque situations).

          • @Yekul: The DeWalt impact wrench produces 400Nm torque.
            It's almost $300 AUD. It's not going to produce that much torque for that price. They will be cutting costs on armature windings, battery protection etc. The thing will short itself out before it hits anywhere close to 400Nm.

      • +2

        My Milwaukee Stubby Impact Wrench makes 339NM of torque. Theres no way this rando brand makes 400NM.

    • +6

      For what you're paying for it, very good. Is it the quality or performance of something you'd pay $300 for? Nope. But, as part of a $99 kit, it's amazing value for money. :) Hope that helps.

      • this comment sums it all up… thanks for being honest OP. Take + from me.

  • +1

    bought it anyway use GET10 for $10 off

    • If you managed to use that code, you're lucky. As it's excluded. We've got to make a few dollars on these things!

      • +8

        feel free to cancel it if you'd like i got a van full of milwaukee. idk what im doing here tbh haha

        • Geeee hahaha. Okay I feel so much better about buying this as my first ever tool set now if you are also still buying this ehile you already have all those tools

          • +1

            @Larsson: sorry bossman i got no clue on quality of these all i know is ive got a spending/buying problem.

  • +5

    $99 at tools.com as well but with free shipping.

    • +15

      But then you'd have to shop with tools.com. We're good blokes. Shop with us! :P

      • +2

        but it's $14.95 more expensive, this is ozbargain after all

    • sold out there now

    • Damn, they're sold out too.

  • No idea about tools and if these are worth the risk for $100. But seemed like a great value with all the batteries and needed a torque wrench.

    Did I just waste $100?

    • +1

      5 year warranty i wondering how many replacements well get over that time

  • +1

    Would be all over this if i needed them, great deal!

    • Tell your friends! Hehe. :)

  • If you want home gamer levels just go Ryobi.

    More skins. Sold through bunnings to warranty won't be an issue.

    • Warranties are no issue on these babies! 5 year.

  • Hey, GET10 was working a minute before but I just added my details and it is not allowing me to use the coupon.

    • +1

      Fair enough too, right? We've got to make a buck. This is a ripper deal

      • -6

        Allow us to trust the brand, give some more motivation by using GET10….

        • +1

          Shall I polish your boots while we're at it?

          • @Hinee: Of course if that is included. Thanks

  • +3

    Holy smokes this is cheap. Absolute bargain for someone who does a little home DIY

    • Heck yeah! You know what's good, legend! :)

  • +1

    are these batteries compatible with any other brand?

    • IDK but from looks alone looks like an ozito battery…?

      • +1

        Found a previous deal where the rep said they aren't compatible

  • +4

    Same price at tools.com but with free shipping.


  • Easy buy, could easily resell for more

    • But should you?

      • +1

        Would you
        Could you
        On a train?

        • +1

          Not with a mouse. But maybe in a house?

  • oos

  • And gone !

  • G one af

  • Sold out on both websites

  • Says in stock in stores still - you can't ship those ones @twpromos?

    • +2

      That's our website being a bit crummy. They're sold out, I'm afraid. We're trying to get some more from Katana.

  • whats the use of these? changing tyres, brake pads, struts etc?

    • Installing and removing bolts and screws, and grinding stuff?

      • title says Automotive so a bit confused because what I seen in workshops are pneumatic tools and these are battery driven which might be underpowered for automotive work.

        • Yeah fair point

        • Lots are changing over to battery tools now. I can't comment on these but DeWalt, Milwaukee etc are all over the place nowadays.

        • How many people can effort the compressor to power an air tool mate lol, that is an expensive set up with expensive maintenance costs for a serious shop.

  • Managed to snag a set, should come in heaps handy for fixing up my shed, thanks legends!

    • Our pleasure! Hope you enjoy it. It'll ship later in the week.

  • gone…. :(

    • Hope on our mailing list. We'll let you know if we do.

  • damn, was looking for drill/impact kit for DIY projects, missed it.

  • @twpromos Any more in stock?

    • We're trying to get out hands on more. Hop on our mailing list and we'll be sure to send an email out if we do.

      OzBargain was too much of a success - we didn't even get to send our planned email re the deal this morning!

      • You underestimate the amount of people who are actively lurking on this site for good deals, ranges EASILY in the thousands per hour

        • +1

          Yerp! It's crazy. Really appreciate the response this morning. We have LOADDDDSSSS more crackin' deals up our sleeves too.

          • @twpromos: Thanks legend, needed a wrench and was eyeing sets like this so this came on at a perfect time with a great value offer for someone like me who uses these not very often.

            I will be eyeing your other deals. Thanks for the offer again.

            Question, will the warranty be through you through Katana or sth?

      • Thanks!

  • @twpromos - Is it going to be back in stock again? I missed out on it :(

    • +2

      We're trying to get out hands on more. Hop on our mailing list and we'll be sure to send an email out if we do.

      OzBargain was too much of a success - we didn't even get to send our planned email re the deal this morning!

      • +4

        Heads up - for crazy deals like this you'll pretty much find OzB will always manage to siphon everything up. It's a super handy resource to have at your disposal if you're willing to give genuine bargains :D

        • +2

          Good tip, Hinee. I've been using OzBargains for the businesses I have worked for for yonks and that's absolutely been my experience. I got Snowys Outdoors on here about 9 years ago and they've been going strong on here ever since. Love this site as a way for retailers like ours to promote kickarse deals, and for you guys to pick up a bargain! :)

  • Damn, no stock. Would have purchased this too. Portable Impact Wrench & grinder would have been nice. Spare Driver too. oh well…

    If you find anymore under some boxes, let me know :).

    • +4

      Back in stock currently at tools.com (katana-4-piece-18v-combo-4-0ah-set)

      • Thank you so much!

      • Thanks Epazero :), purchased one from them (free shipping). I looked at the Tools Warehouse website, a couple of the stores say "in-stock" but called one & no stock. He said they sold out in 30min & unlikely to get more in.

  • Hoping you're able to restock soon

  • +1

    I learnt the expensive way about getting tool like this. I see these tools as more of a safety risk than a longevity issue.

    • Could you elaborate?

  • Pretty good deal and then I saw the 3 batteries! Great deal. Been using the mower and blower for a while now and so far so good.

    • Good to hear it, d4zz4! :)

  • Those who have this set, more specifically the angle grinder, has anyone used a cutting disc with it and successfully cut through metal? I contacted Katana & was told it's only designed for grinding, not cutting.

    • There is video of it cutting steel on the 4wd 24-7 facebook page. They seem to be sponsored with Katana gear.

  • +1

    @twpromos How come the stores on the website keep saying in-stock, or low-stock or allow 3-5 business days. This keeps changing. Are stores still getting stock but just not available online?

    • Nope. They're all out. Website is being glitchy.

  • What are the chances this will be available online again? Seems like it's in stock in stores but not online?

    • We're all out hoping to get some more.

      • Do you have an update? Seems like the deal won't return. Looking for a good deal on drills and drill bits

  • very very suprised with the quality of these. mine arrived this morning. they feel pretty unbelievable for the $99. any chance of any more coming into stock my mate really wants a set?

    • +2

      We're still trying to get out hands on some.

  • Anyone managed to get a refund from tools.com yet for the orders they cancelled?

    • Ya, I got my refund yesterday.

      • Also got a $20 voucher from tools.com

    • Just came back into stock on tools.com according to an alert I set up, albeit at the price of $449

      • +2

        I noticed that. Seems suss they cancel it for $99 then get more in from supplier only to resell at advertised price :/.

        • Nah, not suss. Retailers got X number of units at a special price. Once that stock was sold through the cost price was much much higher.

          • +1

            @twpromos: Doesn't matter how many they get at "special price", if a product is advertised at a price, that's the price. Canceling an order at a special price only to get more in a few days later, that's suss. Means they didn't want to sell at the advertised price, even though they could have gotten more in.

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