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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy S23 Phantom Black 128GB $839.30 ($589.30 with Trade-In Bonus) Delivered & More @ Samsung


Samsung Galaxy S23 Phantom Black 128GB - $839.30 ($589.30 with Trade-In Bonus)

Ships from: 21 May 2024

'30% off RRP with code SSFIVE' & '$250 trade-in bonus'

Additional discounts:

With all the above discounts, the final price is ~$460 (+ $60 'late fee' if you don't trade-in your device)

Note: the S23 has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, whereas the new S24 has Exynos.

Also available:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Phantom Black 256GB - $1266.85 ($1016.85 with $250 Trade-In Bonus)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Mint 256GB - $1071.85 ($821.85 with $250 Trade-In Bonus) - Out of Stock
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ 5G 12GB/ 256GB - $1011.75 ($811.75 with $200 Trade-In Bonus)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ 5G 12GB/ 512GB - $1611.75 ($1261.75 with $350 Trade-In Bonus)

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  • S23 ultra 256 $1011 with ssfive + 250 trade bonus

    • -1
      • -1

        Ah cheers

      • -1

        Oh hey that's me! I only knew off the discount code from a deal posted here. It was removed because it wasn't considered a bargain. I wonder why it was removed.

        • I wonder why it was removed.

          The deal was remove as there was no examples or additional information provided.

          Deal description was:

          The deal is only for a day on the Mobile Phone, Home Appliances, Watches and Monitors.

          • +1

            @RichardL: Ahh all good then. Totally understand. By the way as @usmanhafeez2000 mentioned on both here and my post, you may want to add the $100 loyalty code thing to either the title or description.

  • +12

    Don’t forget to get $100 loyalty voucher code via chat. Its quite easy to get.

    • -1

      sorry to be dense - do i just rock up and ask politely for a loyalty voucher? or is there some trick to it?
      and i guess \the email you use for chat need to be same as your account ID for some sort of tracking ..

      • +6

        I used a similar email to my samsung account from what I can recall. All I said was that I was a long term user and was looking to upgrade my phone. I asked kindly if they could provide a loyalty code, they told me how much of a good bloke I was and gave me one.

      • +1

        I just went through their live chat on the website and requested for the voucher there. Was given it straight away.

        Might have helped that I was logged into my account at the time.

      • +2

        It's easy as that. All you have to do is ask politely. It also helps to ask how their day is. If a representative tries to direct you to another discount program like the trade in, end the chat and start with someone new. It took me 2 different people to make it work.

      • +1

        he says he will share $100 voucher only once i verify my home address and contact #? i guess that's not a huge deal given the account info they have already.
        i was logged in, the guy gave it to me pretty easily .. thanks for the tip!

        now with S21 256gb trade-in, i have price for $339.30 .. seems darn good

        Galaxy S23
        Phantom Black, 128 GB

        • -1

          I never had to verify my contact or home address. Thats weird you had to verify for a code.

    • -1

      Thanks! Got the $100 loyalty by asking. Got the phone for $450 with S20FE trade-in.

    • -1

      How long is the code valid for?

      • Its open ended not specific to this deal only.

  • -1

    Is this available at the flagship stores too?

    • -1

      I believe the SSFIVE code only works on the public store.

  • Are $50 newsletter vouchers still a thing?

    • +1

      Nope, ended in Nov 2023 according to Samsung Support.

  • +3

    Wow that's cheap, I just ordered it the other day for about $615…

    Hasn't shipped yet, might try cancel and re-order.

    Update: they just asked me to do a price promise claim, didn't know that was a thing so fingers crossed it all goes well.

    • +1

      I didn't either! Thanks for letting us know.

      Bought mine a week ago for $700…

      EDIT: Hmmm… But it has to be in-stock to be able to make a claim, and this is a preorder. Guess it can't hurt to try.

      • Good luck! I took screenshots of the live chat where they said it would be okay, hopefully there are no issues for either of us.

    • I just bought last night =(. Fingers crossed they honour it. What are you guys using for a screenshot? The link for the s23 seems to be broken now, and only shows "your cart is empty". If anyone has a screenshot of it in stock, pls pm me

      • Update for you and @Heero, they rejected my claim as the secret sale code isn't eligible for price promise, but it's back in stock so they said I could just return my unopened phone for a full refund and order a new one.

        Suggest jumping on the customer service chat if you've opened yours and see what your options are.

        • My claim also got denied. Should have read the fine print regarding the use of voucher codes >.<

          • @Heero: Oh I didn't notice that in the fine print!

            That's a shame, might still be worth jumping on live chat and seeing if they can offer anything.

  • Tried the loyalty voucher, they only gave me one for the latest high end phones

    • Try to use it and hopefully you can ise it on this deal too.

  • How much does a cracked screen affect the value?

    • A lot, dropped me down from $350 to $25. But you still get the bonus

      • Damn, might as well get it repaired, some places do it for $180

  • Before I hit up Google, how's this as an upgrade from the s20fe?

    • Rocking the same phone as you. The S23 has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which is one of the best mobile processors. Will have decent cameras and AI features. Battery size is small but the chip makes up for it with it's efficiency

      • Does SDgen2 benchmark better Than the S24's Exynos?

        • +2

          Technically no, but not far off, but with better driver optimisation, thermals and a better modem than the Exynos.

          It's an insane phone for $600.

          • @Erwark: Legends, at 480ish I'm in

            May not even send the s20fe back, this is still a killer deal

  • So I think the cheapest you can get this for is $463 on app once you combine all the discounts with lowest trade in value ($1).

    +$60 non return fee. So $523 final price.

  • +5

    I got it down to $460. Forfeiting the trade in fee, it works out to $525.

    SSFIVE + Trade in for s8+ ($5) + Trade in bonues ($250) + Loyalty bonus ($100) + first time order via app ($24)

    This brings it down to $460. You lose $65 for trade in penalty for not sending in the s8.

    In order to get the loyalty bonus, use a samsung account that you've bought from samsung before. Make sure you mention it's to buy the s23 as if you say to buy a phone, they'll give you a code that only applies to the ultra.

    Best of luck!

    • +1

      Dumb question but why not actually trade in the S8+. It's a 6-7 year old phone.

      • I think you could get more than $5 for it lol

        • +2

          You probably could but it isn't worth the hassle of trying to sell a phone. Now you're -65 for the phone. You'd have to get $65 or more to break even or get a profit.

      • I don't have an s8+ or an s8.

        The way I look at it, it's a free $190 for not doing anything

        • Ahh okay. That does make sense. I plan on sending in an s20+ 5g for around $110 and get that discount. But now that I think about it, the fee might be a better choice.

      • +1

        S8 is the cheapest device you can select from the trade-in option.

        Some people don't want to deal with Samsung/Asurion and rather pay the fees. Especially if there's an issues and you have to contact them.

    • hello!! a newbie here. so if you don't send the device, you only lose the tradein

      • +1

        and $60

    • Do u need to put IMEI to o trade in a device with Samsung?

      • +1

        Just select watch 4 and google watch 4 serial number you will get one. Use that. Thats what I did.

  • If you don't send your trade in defive in do you only lose the trade in value or is there a fee too?

    • They keep the security charge of the value of the trade-in device (not including bonus) + a late fee ($30/$60).

      • +1

        What does the value of the phone need to be to dictate a $30 or $60 late fee.

        • I believe it's all $60 now.

          Previously you could trade-in any headphone/earphones and the penalty for not returning/late fee was $30. They have since removed the option to trade-in headphone/earphones.

          • +1

            @RichardL: They charged me $30 for a $1 broken phone I didn't send

  • Is this a pre-order for previous gen or is this S23 Phantom Black version is a 2024 edition? I'm confused

    • +1

      There's no S23 2024 Edition.

      I'm assuming Samsung are just waiting for stock to arrive so they can ship out next week.

      • Are they still making the phone? I thought they would've ended by now.

        • The S23 is a ~1 year old device, so I'm sure they still have stock in their warehouses.

  • Trading in mums crappy flip 3 for $120. Paid $469.30. Bargain!


  • Got it for $459 after using loyalty points from previous $434 deal.

    Anyone know what happens if the device you sent it isn't as described…. i.e., repaired with aftermarket parts?

    • +1

      If it's a $1 trade you will be charged $30 admin and over 50/100 cant remember exactly how much, then $60

    • What did you trade in?

      • Just an S20 FE but I have replaced the screen and back using aftermarket parts a few times.

  • Thank you came in at $484 for me

    • What did you trade in?

  • How to get the loyalty discount code? Been sent to WhatsApp, waiting for 30 minutes for a reply…

    • Nevermind - got there eventually. Got the z flip 5 for $560 with all the codes plus $130 iPhone se trade in. Saved a good $440 - went to buy the zenfone 10 on the weekend at JB hi-fi but they were out of stock. Mrs wanted a small phone, and as this folds down, it's a nice substitute!

      OzBargain ftw, again!

  • Possible to increase the 128gb storage?

    • no, def not :(

      • +1


    • Better off getting the S24 Exynos 256GB

  • Can someone check the price on the education store and see if it is even more discounted. TIA

  • +2

    But my S20 FE is still good.. must resist.

    • If it weren't for the dying battery

    • The last good FE phone

    • I bouggt then cancelled the S23 ultra, will wait for good S24U deals, the curved screen put me off - repairing the curved screen is $500 from even a cheap asian mobile repair.

    • haha. i got rid of my S20 FE last year May to hop onto a similar trade-in deal for the S23. Best decision, it really is a superb phone.

      • +1

        No expandable storage is a miss for me though

  • Would this be better deal than getting Pixel 8a for $350 after trade in and $200 gift card?

    • Depends what you want for a 1 year old flagship I'm happy to pay 484

  • Interesting the s23+ taken off the website, been waiting for a deal. Must be getting rid of last stock?

  • Thanks OP! I got one for my wife for $460

  • I think it is now sold out, I was about to pay for it and then it got taken out of my account, though not sure what is happening to the trade in that I started.

  • +1

    My old phone is not on their list of trade in. Is there anyway to get around this?

  • +2

    Aaahhh it's been Ozbargained. Damn. My base s21 is suffering, sigh. Well done to all who got an absolute banging deal!

    • Was deciding between this and the S23U. So sad I missed out as well. Looks like I'll be purchasing the P8A now :C

    • Damn. Was trying to get the $100 loyalty bonus as a non-samsung user 😂

      Greedy me

  • yeah that was quick, they must have had limited stock - i was looking for the item and it was not there -came back here to see the OOS messages

  • back order not pre order

  • back in stock guys

  • Got one, thanks

  • +2

    @w33w00 @NotReallyaMoneySaver @Jxdos @debo

    Available again for pre-order.

    • Thank you very much for tagging us lot. You're an absolute legend. I managed to snag an s23!

  • Back in stock. Got one. Cheers!

    • Did you manage to get the loyalty bonus without previously ordering from them?

      • +1

        Ye, no questions asked. Might depend on luck of draw in who you get.

        Literally: "Do you give out $100 loyalty vouchers"

        "We could give $100 e-vouchers for the store"

        • Did your voucher only apply to your cart when you added a trade-in?

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