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All Nippon Airlines Tokyo Direct Return: Economy Class from $902, Business Class from $2691 (ex Perth & Sydney) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Tokyo
Airline: All Nippon Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: August to November 2024 & February 2025
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • Direct flights to Tokyo Haneda (ex Sydney) and Tokyo Narita (ex Perth) with a 5 star rated Airline
  • Flights on board B787-900 aircraft
  • Business Class on ANA is with fully-flat seats in a 1-2-1 configuration and split across two cabins
  • Choose between a Japanese or international menu
  • Credit points and status credit to either Velocity or a equivalent Star Alliance carrier (i.e. KrisFlyer)
  • Generous luggage allowance (Business Class - 2 x 32kg bags, Economy - 2 x 23kg bags)
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Perth to Tokyo Flights from $902 Return.

28/Nov - 12/Dec $902
30/Nov - 14/Dec $902
03/Feb - 17/Feb $902
10/Feb - 24/Feb $902
31/Oct - 14/Nov $902
07/Nov - 21/Nov $902
14/Nov - 28/Nov $902
21/Nov - 05/Dec $902
08/Feb - 24/Feb $902
14/Nov - 30/Nov $902

Sydney to Tokyo Flights from $913 Return.

20/Aug - 31/Aug $913
23/Oct - 12/Nov $913
10/Sep - 24/Sep $913
15/Oct - 28/Oct $913
26/Oct - 08/Nov $913
13/Nov - 27/Nov $913
26/Nov - 11/Dec $913
27/Nov - 12/Dec $913
02/Aug - 14/Aug $913
20/Nov - 04/Dec $913


Perth to Tokyo Flights from $2691 Return.

31/Oct - 14/Nov $2691
07/Nov - 21/Nov $2691
14/Nov - 28/Nov $2691
28/Nov - 12/Dec $2691
30/Nov - 14/Dec $2691
03/Feb - 17/Feb $2691
10/Feb - 24/Feb $2691
20/Feb - 06/Mar $2691
24/Feb - 10/Mar $2691
14/Nov - 30/Nov $2691

Sydney to Tokyo Flights from $2707 Return.

11/Aug - 22/Aug $2707
27/Aug - 08/Sep $2707
04/Nov - 17/Nov $2707
27/Nov - 10/Dec $2707
10/Sep - 23/Sep $2707
16/Oct - 29/Oct $2707
27/Oct - 10/Nov $2707
10/Nov - 24/Nov $2707
06/Aug - 20/Aug $2707
16/Aug - 30/Aug $2707


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  • +1

    How do you do this but extend the dates? I naturally assume the prices would change, but is there a relatively easy way to find the cheapest fares "around" the dates you want without spending hours on the booking site?

    • +2

      Yeah this is my biggest issue with these deals, they are awesome, but I want an extended stay and as soon as I play with the dates it shoots back up to full price. Is there any way of beating this? Find with the take off date but I want an extra week or two before coming back.

      • +2

        Use the Nippon site. Little bit more expensive but easier to use.

    • Great question - I usually plug in the dates above that you know are on sale into Google Flights. From there scroll down to see two options - Dates / Price Graph - which let you easily search around the dates you plugged in

    • +1

      What are your preferred dates? I will have a look for some that comes close to what you want if you like?

      • From around the 12-14th October to the 1st of Nov, or even further into November like the up to the 6th-7th. I realise this is only a few days longer than your 16-29 Oct flight but 2 days prior and 3 after is nearly an extra week.

        I appreciate the offer but don't spend time on it. if it's automated with a system you have then cool, but don't spend your precious time on it.

      • Never mind. I think i have found one. ;)

      • Cheers. Booked 10 days in Feb flying business. Now , what do people do in Japan?

  • -7

    Boeing - No Gracias.

  • +1

    For ANA not sure if I got lucky or intended but I've just booked 2 return flights (international and domestic) together with ANA
    Sydney > Tokyo
    Tokyo > Osaka
    Osaka > Tokyo
    Tokyo > Sydney

    The original cost for Sydney/Tokyo was about $1200. Adding in domestic flights and total came out to be $1024

    • did you look into either the bullet train, or the sleeping bus, for the Tokyo-Osaka leg?

      • Yes. Shinkansen is more expensive. I doubt I could sleep on the bus.

        • +2

          Well by bullet it's only a 2.5h trip so you wouldn't sleep then either probably.

    • Wait so by adding internal flights, the fare got nearly $2k cheaper?

      • $200, not $2000

        • +1

          Oh yeah, whoops. But wow.

          • +1

            @Flyerone: I was curious so tried again. For the 15/10-28/10 flight above I added a return trip for Tokyo to Osaka 21/10-26/10 and total price is $992.
            This was on ANA website using multi city option.

            • @ozbargainer88: Same with JAL, tokyo to osaka is Free

              • @Fredfloresjr: Hi, I tried this but says no flights. I'm in Mel. Did you book from Sydney? I am guessing its from Sydney only. Thank you.

      • ANA have been doing free domestic trips quite a lot lately. I scored a free flight to Sapporo recently.

  • +1

    Great deal, just got Syd Tokyo in Feb 2025 for $2900 via the ANA site. More expensive but if issues happen more support.
    No cancellation, changes or refunds. Was ~$4800 prior to this sale.

  • Wow direct flights to Japan from Perth, first time I'm seeing this! Game changing!

    • +3

      It was around for a little while pre-COVID, then got canned during COVID, and is only recently back. Highly recommend - I flew on them from Perth in early 2020 and it was great. Overnight from Perth (~9.5hrs) and a daytime flight back I think.

      Food and service was really good, as you'd expect. Good selection of Japanese domestic beers on board (the real stuff, not the brewed under licence swill we get here).

      The only real downside is flying in to Narita, which is further out from central Tokyo.

      • Narita Express is pretty decent, takes an hour to Tokyo. I think you can purchase return tickets for around $50 in green class. Lovely train ride.

        • Absolutely - it's a minor downside to be clear. I'd much rather a slightly longer train ride in Tokyo than have a non-direct flight.

        • Really? I paid like 30ish one way at the ticket office for regular seats, how'd you manage that?

          • @snoopydoop: Return is cheaper, and I booked NEX fare only, and use pasmo for the base fare. It's still probably like $60 ish then actually not $50 but still.

  • +3

    If you’re flexible with dates you can book these with velocity points too. 82,000 points + $150 return from Perth.

    • +3

      Annoying thing is they only have one business reward seat for each date . Hard to book for couple or families

    • Availability all gone in business unfortunately. Otherwise would've sniped one on the overnight to Tokyo from Perth.

  • anything around during the christmas/new year period so i can make use for my AL ?

  • -1

    ELI5, when I go to the ANA site and replicate OP's flights I can get similar prices from Sydney. But then if I switch to departing Adelaide the price doubles. Surely that's the same flight out of Sydney but with a domestic connecting flight? Is there some trick to deal with this that doesn't involve gambling on booking a separate domestic flight?

    • +2

      Makes sense. You're adding an extra flight so it's no longer Sydney-Tokyo return. Just book it separately.

      • -1

        How does it make sense? It's the same flight return out of Sydney, so they're charging effectively $1000+ for a return flight from Adelaide to Sydney. I'm positive on other airlines' websites I've been able to do this with only a minor change in price.

        The problem with booking separately is that if your domestic flight is delayed or cancelled you have no basis for assistance from the international carrier.

        • +2

          The promotional price is from Sydney and you're adding an extra flight outside of the promotion. Thus the price increases as the extra flight is not part of the promotion/sale.

          For me I fly the day before for that peace of mind.

          • -3

            @Clear: I still don't see how that makes sense, but sure.

            Why wouldn't it be: promotion price + regular domestic fare price (or close to it)?

  • +1

    Thanks, got a 2 week trip to Tokyo booked for Oct/Nov!

  • +1

    I’ve been tracking flights almost every day for my trip in November. Thank you; very excited!

  • Tried to look this up on the ANA website departing Perth in Feb next year but it doesn't show any direct connections. Instead shows me connecting flights via Sydney. Odd how booking agencies have the direct option available.

  • Got this deal during the sales last year for February Perth to Tokyo and had the best experience. Highly recommend ANA. No delays, clean plane, great food and super friendly staff. Absolute gamechanger to fly direct too.
    Just make sure you factor in a day of recovery in case you dont sleep on the flight 😴

  • Does ANA put you in a hotel for the next domestic leg? seems like landing at 20:30 in Tokyo is too late to get onto next leg and all flights are next day.

    • I had this issue with my connecting Hokkaido flight. Land in Haneda at 5:30am and depart at 8:00am for Sapporo. I called ANA's overseas call centre at 12am (answered instantly) and they changed my domestic flight to the 10am one at no extra charge.

  • Do all of the Sydney flights have Pokemon livery or only select flights?

    • +2

      Its completely random, its a single plane shared between multiple routes globally.

      • Thanks for the reply! That's worse than I imagined! Good thing I haven't told the kids yet

  • +2

    FYI for anyone flying this year make sure you sign up for the Go Taxi app while still in Australia for iOS Android and you should get a few 500 yen credit bonuses.

    Basically Japan's version of Uber with Taxis. All payment through the app so you don't have to worry about cash/change and Go Taxis are everywhere. Even in the cities that don't have the Uber trial or Didi (useless).

    • Feel free to suggest something better negger. Trains don't go everywhere in Japan and even touristy crowded places like Kyoto have a pretty shit metro.

  • just got my dates and now the tix are all gone?

  • Can't seem to find any sale fares. Did the sale end?

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