15.6" Bauhn Portable Monitor $149 @ ALDI Special Buys


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Product Info:
Freestanding screen with full screen protector cover
Suitable for screen mirroring, extending display or being a primary display
15.6" screen size
1920 x 1080 IPS resolution
USB-C and mini HDMI Inputs
Built-in speaker and 1 x audio jack input
2 x USB 2.0 type-C inputs
1 x mini HDMI Input

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    Tempted for my linux mini pc

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  • How is something like this powered? And would it be bright enough to see anything if used outdoors?

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      Powered by USB-C
      And probably not, these cheap monitors tend to be pretty dim

    • Typically powered via USB port.

      Brightness isn't specified on the product page - some of these monitors can get quite high brightness but don't expect miracles from a screen sold at Aldi. I wouldn't bet on the display quality being anything special.

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    this vs those even cheaper online versions that Clear always posts?

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      Same monitor, different logo and local stock. Alternatively spend $119.99 at Amazon AU for the same cheaper.

      • Anyone got feedback on this or I guess similar models and iPad compatibility? Looking to use a secondary screen for iPad pro

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          As long as the monitor supports DP Alt on USB-C it should work with iPad.

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    Swear there was an existing post for this when the catalog first came out few days back but must’ve been unpublished.. had some informative comments as well

    • I went searching because I was convinced it was a dupe as well. My efforts were fruitless.

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        It was moved to the forum Ozbargain

        Voting was based on the original listing as a Lenovo, so it was moved by the mods

        • That makes sense. Cheers

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    You know when you see something that you kinda want but can't think of a reason why?

    Wait, this is ozb!

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      Post buy clarity.

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    Been using the ESR one from this deal and pretty good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/832016

  • Since these screens are poster every now and than, some with touch screen capability.
    Would the ones with "tochscreen" be okay to use as a screen for presentations, to highlite, mark things?

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      They work pretty well for that, although because theyre not on a stand theyre low to the table and awkward. Could be better connecting a tablet as an external display using spacedesk or equivilent so you can walk around

      • Thanks for that, my issue would have been for example presenting. PDF, so the PDF would need to be on the tablet already, in order to draw in it.

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      I run a little IT business servicing only small businesses and honestly….I don't think I've seen anyone successfully utilize a touchscreen for showing people anything that wasn't more awkward than just pointing and clicking a mouse.

      Same goes for highlighting, marking etc. Touchscreen sounds brilliant at face value, but ergonomics / efficiency are crap compared to just using a decent mouse.

      The only time I could see when you want a touchscreen is where you're actually drawing / doing graphical work and you've got an accurate stylus. For that niche' I can certainly see a usage. You won't get that with the cheap screens though, you'd need to find one that accepts whatever standard it is these days that the pens use…..fairly sure it's standardized anyway. Otherwise the standard capacitive inputs even if you get a stylus aren't going to be remotely accurate in regards to doing anything precise.

      • Use the touch for swiping left and right! :)
        Pretty simply reason… hahaha

        • Well if that's all your doing I'm sure it'll be fine lol

  • Swear I bought one of Amazon for a lot cheaper, took it camping a couple of times, it's a great little thing, you can use a portable battery to power it too

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    Bauhn: not even once

  • This or an Aliexpress 2k with touch for $149? https://vi.aliexpress.com/item/1005006111326351.html?spm=a2g…

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    These portable monitors are all over Amazon. Multiple varieties when you search for monitor. Suggest you could do better there.

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      Great, can you provide a link please? I don't know much about them.

  • Can these screens mirror iphone easily when connected with usbc cable? Will be handy for movies while camping since I don’t like to get my expensive laptop exposed to the elements and don’t want to spend money on a tablet

    • Yes but will smash through battery as your phone will be powering both

      • Don’t they have two usbc insputs? I also have a wireless powerbank but the phone will probably get too hot for that setup.

        • +1

          I believe they have one for power to use with HDMI and one for data/power

  • There's a number of these all over Aliexpress too, defs do better only + if you need something quickly.

    • This is the one Clear posted a few weeks back:
      Cost $93 delivered, took less than a week too.

      • what use case / device do you use this monitor with and where do you use it?

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          I've got a 15.6" laptop so it looks nice next to it .. use if working on a document or spreadsheet and still want some browsers going on the side. But more than anything i just bought because ozbargain

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    Can I put one of these in my Commodore centre console and pretend it's a Tesla?

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      20 years ago I was doing just that. rip mp3car.com

      • Still miss having a mitx board in my boot lol

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        Ha! Memory unlocked! Just over 20 years ago (it was 2002) I used to have this setup where I had a full PC (retired corp machine) in my boot Running Winamp. The setup went like this:

        cigarette lighter -> power inverter -> power extension cable to boot -> PC.
        PC 3.5mm audio out jack -> 6ft cable audio cable -> 3.5mm-tape deck adapter -> stereo

        Good times!

  • 95 nits

  • How hard would it be to wire these into the headrests of my Camry so that the kids can play ps5 games on it. I already have the PS5 installed in the car but it's currently connected up to a 1st Generation iPad that I glued in place.

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    I've used (or not) various screens like this for my customers.

    Some are great, some not so much. Some will take power from the USB-C port, some not. Some even came with their own PSU.

    It also can vary between laptops etc e.g. a Dell might work fine, a Lenovo not or vice versa.

    The thing is that Aldi has a 60 day return policy so buy, try, use/return etc

  • Looks identical to the Acer one I picked up from Officeworks for about $170 on special. Works great at a desk, easily powered with USB-C. Can even accept USB-C DP Alt mode from my MacBook and iPhone.

    Pretty sure it's 250 nits, more than enough for indoors and my use cases.

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    Own a 15.6, would not use 1080p

    Can get 1600p for not that much more on AliExpress.

    Love ALDI but yeah nah

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    Been looking at screens lately and prob better to pay the extra for something like this 2.5K 16inch one - https://amzn.asia/d/80zwrlI

    • Thanks. Gonna give this one a whirl. Slip case was 50% off too.

  • This or portable monitor on Amazon?
    Range of the monitor is from 140-160

    • I would get this over amazon

      • Even if the same on Amazon but $40 less as above?

  • Are any portable monitors ok for ps5? 60fps?

    Will be in dark room.

  • Damnit, now I need a cheap Ali express one to use with an SDR to monitor Airband all day in the garage..

  • -3

    What's the use case for these? "Excuse me, can I please have a cheap dim monitor without a stand that chews through my device's battery?"

    I'm seeing 24" screens for around $100 +/- $10 at a nearby computer store. Ok they're wall powered but they aren't as dim.

    • Portable. I sometimes work remote with laptop and need more than one screen

    • Many handhelds have HDMI out too these days.

    • I WFH on a laptop which is normally docked to two screens, if the kids are sick and I'm at home that day I move to the kitchen table and I lose dual screens, something like this gives it back in a pretty convenient form factor

    • I want one to sit beside my regular PC monitor so I can watch the footy/cricket/insert sport while I am using the computer. Might be useful for home security too.

    • Downvoted. This place doesn't disappoint Children.

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    This would be great to use with DEX on a Samsung mobile.

  • Wait isn't that the company that make shavers? squints

  • Does this come with a HDMI to mini HDMI adapter?

    • I wish. Full HDMI portable monitors are way better.

    • Amazon one does have a mini to full HDMI cable. Maybe this will as well.

  • Would this work as a monitor for one of those micro form factor pc’s?

  • No stock at my local

  • Anyone get one?

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