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Motorola Moto G84 12GB RAM/256GB Storage $285 Delivered @ Mobileciti


OzBargain's favourite (or second favourite to the G54) Motorola is 36% off RRP$449, best value phone for less than $300.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G
  • 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage
  • 6.5" FHD+ p-OLED 120Hz screen
  • 50 MP main (OIS) + 8 MP ultrawide + 16 MP selfie
  • 5000mAh battery with 30W wired charging
  • microSD card slot
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • NFC
  • 33W charger included

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    Coupon does not work

    • +3

      It works.

    • there might be a space beginning of the code

      • Apologies. it does work. Deleted the space before the letters.

  • +28

    Not the best
    Wait for the Big W sale and use the Everyday Rewards 10% off code XJUN2024 for additiona” $29.90 off = ~$269.10

    Code doesn’t need to have a subscription, all you need is a linked Everyday Rewards on the Big W account. If that doesn’t work, unlink and relink it

    • Based on the listing, just the Viva Magenta will be on sale, I think.

      • +3

        Nah, should be all colours as the Midnight Blue has this written on it too

        Coming Soon for Toy Sale!

      • Yup, viva magenta only

    • I didn't think 'Everyday Rewards' does 10% off online anymore?

      • +1

        You need an Xtra subscription

      • I didn't know about this either. It seems you won't (?) get the 10% discount off this phone unless you have Xtra which is different to Everyday Rewards which gives the monthly 10% off grocery bill

        • +1

          Incorrect. I don’t have any subscription (never had one from the beginning) with the Everyday Rewards. All I have is a linked Everyday Rewards card on my Big W account and it works

          • @BargainsGrabber: It allows you to buy phones online at Big W? Ok good to know. So that means people with car/pet insurance thru Woolworths must also get Xtra membership and not the basic Everyday Rewards membership because I get the 10% off monthly shops. Here's a table showing the differences:

            Edit: it's not very clear. I logged into Everyday Rewards and they are offering me the Xtra subscription for $35 a year which means I don't have it so maybe you also can't get the 10% off at Big W

            Edit: Looks like it can't be used online, only instore according to this bot:

            Alrighty. This month's Everyday Extra code is XJUN2024. Make sure your Everyday Rewards account is linked to your online shopping accounts before checking out and entering in the promo code. If you're having issues accessing it, then let me know below. If you're after the 10% code for having an eligible insurance or mobile policy with us, this can only be redeemed in-store. Just scan your card at the check-out. FYI if you have multiple policies, you'll only be eligible for one discount per month.

        • +3

          Created a new account and this code works with no subscriptions. Thanks @BarginGrabber.

    • +1

      OZB’s favorite tablet also on sale, Lenovo Tab M11 4/128 with pen for $250 on the sale, should be $225 if the code works.

  • +1

    What is the software support/OS upgrades do such phones have nowadays?

    I used a p30 lite and it was fantastic for its time but was essentially ewaste barely 2 years later.

    I find budget andriod phones had the features I now miss when I used to buy High end symbian phones, namely Expandable memory (only reason why I still used my s20+) and headphone jacks (I miss dedicated camera shutter keys).

    • +3

      Updated to Android 14, security updates until September 2026.

      • +1

        So good for 2 years basically.

        • +1

          If high risk activities such as banking and tap to pay aren't required, it's good for 4 years. Android versions are compatible with most apps for 6-7 years after release.

        • +1

          2 years

          May be our-desire is being tested with features & influence all-the-time.
          How many of us will succumb to them in the NEAR-future, ie our ownership of phone is getting shorter…whatever the excuses we justify to yourself to consume.

        • For those who want Samsung: brand, camera, more-grunt/gaming, bloatware, software-support, eg 5yrs security, consider Samsung A55 for $430 ?

          Feel free to share what risky-activiies that NEED security-update & can't be reduce from caution risk-mitigation practices: prefer real-life experience.

          May be cheap-out on a USB cable for $10: cautious-slower-charging.

    • Buy iphone/pixel if you care about security and updates.

      • +2

        Or budget samsung 4 os and 5 year security e.g. A55 $399 amaysim

  • +8

    Great phone, totally worth it. Loving it. Lacks wireless charging and eSim, but otherwise got everything including dual sim, NFC, expandable storage, great camera+screen+battery life, fast charging, light-weight.

    • +3

      Great camera? Really?

      • +7

        agree with everything except the camera…it's average at best

        • +1

          I've been using Motorola since G5 and now G82. Cameras always been…. 'meh'

        • +1

          Any recommendations for a decent camera phone with a similar price?

      • May be it's all-relative….similar to these comments-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15312926/redir

    • +3

      I like using my G84 over my Pixel 8a aside from the camera. The quick access features are so bloody useful like torch and camera.

    • Interesting that the lower G54 model has eSim

    • +1

      Key-strength of G84 (vs G54) is oled-screen…what's driving your-preference ?

      For some, your oled-journey goes something like this: get excited waiting for your oled, dazzle & satisfy with the screen for a few months, eventually get use-to it & now expect higher-standard…ips-> NO-way.

  • Any chance of upsized cashback to sweeten the deal?

  • +4

    Can anyone confirm that the AldiMobile checker (texting 3498 with "3" or "3G") is successful for this phone?

    I have a Poco X3 Pro which is apparently not going to work (despite being VoLTE/VoWIFI enabled) once 3G is turned off at the end of August, and I'm just looking for another cheap/quick alternative that is close enough on paper (prefer to keep SD card slot + 3.5mm jack). Don't want to waste any money though if this is then going to have the same compatibility issue though. Thanks.

    • It's an Australian model so it will work.

    • I have a Poco X3 Pro which is apparently not going to work (despite being VoLTE/VoWIFI enabled)

      I also texted 3498 with "3", and it told me my LG Q6 would be "affected" and that I'd need a new device "to stay connected". But I also have VoLTE. Hmmmm…..

      • +2

        Sounds like Telstra, and by extension some of the other sub providers like Aldi, are using a supported list - which basically is just anything they sell directly from an Android perspective + Apple stuff. I expect some of the grey imports are unlikely to get on the list, but it could be that while VoLTE/VoWIFI are supported - you could still have issues with E000 calling - basically making it a bit of a risk.

        I've had to tinker with some dial-settings to get VoLTE/VoWIFI to show up, but its definitely enabled now, and I'm getting HD calls, sticking on 4G, and able to use VoWIFI all successfully, but I guess it doesn't perhaps ultimately matter what I think is/isn't working, if Aldi decide it isn't - I'm not sure what I can do other than risk it or get a new phone. I really like my Poco though and I'm reluctant to change, but this G84 is a pretty close match (worse processor/GPU, but I'm not a heavy gamer), so figured I would get one as a backup and see what happens post August.

        • +1

          Yeah this post makes great sense. This bit especially:

          I guess it doesn't perhaps ultimately matter what I think is/isn't working, if Aldi decide it isn't

    • Similar issue here. Just bought one for a relative whose current phone is apparently also going to be affected when I thought it wouldn't. Oh well I'll find out once it is delivered. Lol.

    • +2

      Your Poco X3 Pro will work fine, just make sure VoLTE is enabled.

    • I had to "dial" 2 numbers to enable for my Xiaomi phone, info found of the often useful Reddit, the only non-junk social media site.

      "in some phones ( including my Xiaomi redmi note 11) it was:

      ** for enabling voLTE menu:

      ##86583## (voice over LTE) voLTE menu
      (##voLTE## signal checking disable)

      and for voWifi:


      (##voWiFi## signal checking disable )

      then go to settings/SIMs and Mobile netwroksgo to your sim card settings and enable them.My mobile service was with TPG, it stopped working couple of days ago, I called them and they did not help. they said go replace your phone because it is not supporting voLTE but they turned out to be wrong.

      After this codes, you will see voLTE icon appearing on top bar when you talk."

      • Yeah, I did the same dialer codes you listed the other day and have the VoLTE and VoWIFI sliders available in my settings, and I have also checked my settings via * # * #4636# * # * and everything looks good (IMS/LTE registered etc). I've tested what I can and it appears that everything is working (VoLTE icon, 4G still active when calling, VoWIFI also working over local wifi network).

        So, far as I can tell everything is fine my side, but the 'checker' is still reporting that I'm not compatible - though it is dated 30 April. I received a separate text directly from Aldi recharge advising that "network data indicates a device on your account won't work" as well as using the checker. Perhaps it will eventually update and say its ok now that LTE is all active my side.

  • Any chance of JB Price matching?

  • +2

    this hands down best bang for buck phone ive used in long time it''s no surprise its ozb fav

  • +2

    I just tried to pricebeat at JB Hi FI $499 to $399 only. You watch them drop it to $249 next wed…

    • +1

      It doesn't surprise me that they knocked the $285 price back as soon as you quoted a coupon code. As their price match policy excludes promotion coupon prices. They'll only accept the $399 price as there's no discount code required.

  • +1

    Any discount code for Motorola Edge 50 Fusion 5G (Dual Sim, 256GB/12GB)?

    • It just came out. Wait a while and it'll drop a lot.

      • have the g84 as spare phone, great value , think i might wait for the 50 fusions to start getting some deals to replace my oppo 5x lite … the oppo has android 13 and is getting security updates, no android 14 for the lite and a phone with fresh battery is always nice.

  • Will buy when price dips below $250

    • +1

      I bit. I've been looking at a replacement for my Galaxy s8 for a while now and this is significant enough of an upgrade that I decided to go with it

  • My trusty Samsung Galaxy s20FE battery is not lasting longer enough anymore. Would this phone be comparable performance wise? Don't really care about gaming or photos. Just decent screen, battery life, snappy general usage and some Youtube watching.

    • +2

      Snapdragon 695 is slower than the 865. It also uses LPDDR4x memory instead of LPDDR5 so the RAM is slower. The Adreno GPU is also lower end (Adreno 619 vs 650)

      Galaxy S20FE specs
      Moto specs

      CPU is slower but more power efficient thanks to a newer and smaller process node, so you'll have to charge the phone less.

      Overall it's a side grade in some respects but it's better than paying $120-odd dollars on replacing a phone battery

      • Thanks for the detailed response! Gives me a lot to think about.

    • Can't you get the battery replaced cost effectively? I only ask/suggest this as I have a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G which suits me perfectly, except for recent battery performance. Had the battery replaced ($100 all up) and it is back to behaving again. Just a thought.

  • +12

    I bought this G84 to replace my Galaxy S20 Ultra (supposed to be waterproof but after a screen replacement it… wasn't).

    G84 is much lighter and more pleasant to use than the big heavy S20 Ultra. Camera dark performance, speed, zoom isn't nearly as good - acceptable considering the price, but you can buy a good condition S20 Ultra for the same price as this nowadays, so keep that in mind. If you want a great camera on a budget, second-hand flagship might be the way to go.

    Other observations:

    • Back & Recents buttons on the bottom 3-button navigation bar can't be swapped, so they're backwards to every other Android device in my household. Driving me nuts because muscle memory is broken. Apparently in May there was a hidden menu setting to swap buttons, but it disappeared in an April update. Gestures aren't compatible with my workflow.

    • Lowest media and notification volume setting are too loud for me. Not enough volume steps. I miss the customisation options from the Samsung.

    • Menu bar and lock screen clocks don't have options to display AM/PM. Shift workers and travelers really need to know if it's morning or night. I have blackout curtains and often couldn't tell you if it's 6am or 6pm without my phone. I've been burned in the past after a system update (on a different phone) reset to 12 hour time, so no longer trust 24 hour time. Neither have options to display seconds. More third-party apps required to restore basic functionality that Nokia had 25 years ago.

    • Fairly clean Android installation with minimal Motorola bloatware. Nice not being pestered by Samsung every five minutes to use one of their stupid apps despite turning off every notification you can find only to have them re-enabled after a system/security/app update.

    • Finger print scanner is fast and accurate and shows you exactly where you press it when you pick up the phone (much better than the S20 Ultra which was guesswork every time). It shines a very bright light through your finger during a scan which I've never seen before. I like it, it's weird.

    • Decent size bezels which is excellent, making it easy to hold and grip the phone. I despised everything about the S20 Ultra screen edges but this is actually pleasant to use. The g84 still has rounded edges and a camera hole though, so tapping the Start menu during Remote Desktop sessions takes practice.

    • Comes with a clear silicone case which is nice. The camera bump still pokes out the back, case isn't thick enough to bring it flush.

    • Karate chop gesture turns on the torch which is great. Wiggle the phone turns on camera. Handy. Camera has a setting to automatically take a photo when you smile which works well too.

    • You can use install an SD card or a 2nd SIM card, but not both. No eSIM support.

    • Disabling animations through Developer Options makes it feel much more responsive.

    I'm considering unlocking the bootloader to edit build.prof to swap buttons & add more volume steps, but not sure if it'll affect NFC payments or HD Netflix. I tried editing it through ADB which was easy on the Samsung but seems to require more steps on the Motorola. Hoping somebody comes up with an easier workaround considering how popular this phone seems to be. LineageOS would be excellent if they can get it running reliably, here's hoping.

    • you can use custom ROM for pixel camera

      • any recommendation for which one?

    • +1

      not to drag OT, but do samsung still ship with 2 of every app? I remember my last Samsung A71 had e.g. Google photos + Samsung gallery etc. There's literally a samsung version for everything and it drove me nuts…

      • +1

        Yes, two of everything on the Samsung. I won't be buying any more Samsung devices.

        I set up my wife's new S24 Ultra last week and it was appalling. Samsung duplicates for Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, Files, Gallery, Health, Messages, Notes etc none of which can be uninstalled (without ADB hacks). Disabling them works temporarily until a System Update turns them back on again. Wife couldn't answer a call the other day because a screen popped up asking for permission to send her calls to Samsung for AI processing. WTF?

        Google and Samsung's apps all suck and are barely fit for purpose, requiring 3rd party replacements for nearly everything, so now dealing with THREE sets of apps!

        At least the Motorola g84 seems to only come with three unobtrusive Motorola apps, so only need to disable the Google crap.

        • yeah that's disappointing. thanks for the update

        • +1

          two of everything on the Samsung

          Seems like people are paying for extra-grunt just to run them ?

          • +1

            @ab c: Absolutely!

            For everyday productivity stuff like browsing and emails, my 11 year old Note 3 running LineageOS with all the bloat removed feels no slower than the S24 Ultra, in fact the S24 feels a bit more sluggish because it constantly nags with notifications and pop-up 'toasts' stealing focus telling me what it can do with AI and trying to get me to use new Samsung features. The Share menu is full of Samsung bloatware so instead of 5 customised options with the LineageOS, I have to navigate through 15 unwanted options when simply trying to send a PDF. People are shooting themselves in the foot buying faster hardware with more bloated software. Also some stuff that was an easy 2 tap process in Android 9 now takes 4 taps, 2 drags, and another tap in Android 14. Enshittification. Stallman was right.

            Back to the original subject, I've been using the Motorola G84 for nearly three weeks now and aside from the reversed Back & Recents buttons screwing up muscle memory, I'm pretty happy with it.

            Took it to Vivid on Monday and got some decent night photos with the g84, needed to keep the phone still for about 10 seconds each shot so it's tedious but usable. Wife's S24 camera blows it out of the water of course with instant nighttime shots, better zoom, and highlight effects, but she paid 5x as much for that privilege.

            • @greenie4242:

              decent night photos with the g84, needed to keep the phone still for about 10 seconds each shot so it's tedious but usable.

              Seems like longer-exposure is the fix for night-photos: a common complaint for G84/G54 🏆

              Your use of phone is way-more-advance 👍

  • My dad needs a new phone due to network being turned off. He currently has a OnePlus 5.

    Would this be a good replacement for him? Would the camera be better than OnePlus 5?

  • Dang, got the G84 last week.

  • with moto deals wondering if the moto 50 edge fusion will see done heavy discount deals.

  • This or the G54 for parents who need a replacement handset as 3g being turned off. Checker says current handsets won't be supported.
    They use phone, camera for happy snaps, a few podcasts, browser, emails, banking apps, etc. Pretty basic usage. Thinking that G84 may be overkill, and probably won't last much longer than the G54.

    • G54. Their use doesn’t require the extra features from the g84

      • +1

        g84 has better screen …something you will be looking at for the next 2 years every time you use it , like owning bad monitor or tv.

    • I was close to suggesting a dumb-phone 🤭

      Take your parents to a JB-Hifi store with demo of G54 & G84, & get them see the screens for THEMself, not-you….& play the demo-clip too.

      Processor-wise, both will deliver what you've stated.

      Consider these comments-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15333907/redir

  • Got this for 244.3 last week on the lenovo deal,(349-105cash back), hopefully the cashback gets cinfirmed

  • Is it OzBargain's favourite or second favourite to the G54?

    • Nobody knows.

    • kudo-> 'second favourite to the G54'

      • what does kudo mean?

        • thumb-up 👍-> ''second favourite to the G54''

  • Does anyone know how well this will sync with a Galaxy Smartwatch? My wife likes the idea of a smartwatch, but I know nothing about them. Do I need to pair a Galaxy phone with Galaxy watch, or will any android do? Are there other smartwatch brands that would be better/just as good? Thanks

    • Some features on newer Galaxy watches won't work unless you have a Samsung phone (ECG is one). Most features will work fine without one though.

  • Mine arrived today. So far so good

    • This phone is better than I was expecting. Coming from a galaxy s8 that just seems to keep going and going, I was expecting (judging by the processor Ghz rating) that it would be more of a side-grade than an upgrade. But it's noticably faster

  • Would the Moto G84 be considered a noticeable upgrade to a Samsung S10e?

    • +1

      if you just compare the SoCs, i don't think so…I think it would be somewhat a side-grade/downgrade.

      s10e even has ax wifi as opposed to ac on the g84

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