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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU $332.62 Delivered @ Amazon DE via AU

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Hey All

Still a decent CPU for price?
Seems like an ATL?

Have some spare parts and this was perfect for it

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +19

    2021 i paid $1279.00 during lockdown times for one of these haha.. came down a hell of alot since then.. checkout camelcamels

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      Wow that's crazy

    • +5

      that's gotta burn but i guess everyone was willing to pay top $$ at that time. i got the 3080 ti for $2200

      • i knew it would come down eventually.. just didnt want to wait several years to be able to play the games i wanted to.. lockdown was shi*… cpu does a descent job.. never really took it to its limits only when playing Hell Let Loose on super ultrawide 2k samsung g9 gaming monitor.. then it felt like it could use an extra 30-40fps.. was hitting around 80 fps with graphics up with rtx 3080

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          covid was the best time to be a business owner. you either mark up your product by big time or get free ride from government handouts

      • +1

        Not gonna lie… I'd bought 1080Ti for $650 a year or 2 before and then sold it for $1100 during
        Covid. Probably the only time I ever made money from selling any PC part haha

        • +1

          $650 is pretty nuts, I thought I did well for ~$900 a few years before covid. Still rockin it tho.

          • @jimwyze: Got lucky on an ebay auction, probably the one and only time too

    • me too

      • +1

        You too? Yet another victim of the long end of the stick of price gouging.

    • Same thing, makes me cry every time, but good on everyone else getting a bargain. Won't fall for that again.

    • +1

      same, $1100 for 5950x, and $1600 for 6800xt GPU :(

      Now those items are sold second-hand for like 1/3 of the price. Hurts

      • +1

        I kept a 750ti on life support for 2 years of covid.
        Thats what real hurt tastes like.

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    I have the 5900X since launch. It's fine for work and other CPU-based loads like video compression etc. But for gaming, a 5800X3D will give 15% higher fps even at 1440p.

    • +2

      Yeah, I've been using this primarily for work and work only. Jumped on the 5700X3D deal from Ali-Express and it's been good so far

  • I'm still using my 5900x. 5700x3d better?

    • 5700X3D better for gaming, otherwise 5900x is better for multi-core workloads

    • Also depends on your GPU and what res you are playing at when gaming, if your games are GPU bound then you won't notice much of a difference.

  • Can I slot this into a low-end Asus Prime B450M-A mobo and still get the full performance? Currently sporting a R5-3600.

    • +3

      Yep 👍 as long as you have a suitable cooler and enough air flow it should be fine. If you plan to run continuous workloads 24-7 then consider adding some adhesive heatsinks to the VRMs, they're only a few bucks on AliExpress

    • +1

      It can draw up to 175W, so keep this in mind with your mobo's VRM temperatures. I have mine limited to 142W to reduce some stress.

    • +1

      I wouldn't expect full performance and even if you could get it I'd still want to power limit it to maybe 75W.

  • When is 14900k on sale?

    • +10

      username checks out

    • When the worlds' scientists master nuclear fusion power to keep them running.

  • +2

    Worth upgrading from 3600?

    • +1

      Naturally, 5900x benchmarks about twice as high as a 3600.
      Things to be mindful of are BIOS (anything older than 5xx chipset probably needs a BIOS upgrade), and cooling (see also the answers to the "UrbanLegend" question)

    • +1

      Depends what you are going to use it for. If for gaming and normal stuff, then go for the 5700X3D. If you are video processing or anything using all 12 cores, then 5900X

    • Honestly not really, save money for a bigger jump in 4 months

      • The jump you are referring to is likely the 9800X38 but that will need an entire new AM5 mobo and DDR5 RAM, this one deal is pretty great for people who are on AM4 mobo already - just update the BIOS and plop in the new CPU on top. The only thing you need is a new cooler unless you already have a decent 3rd party cooler, but if not, something like this will do just fine - Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE - https://www.amazon.com.au/Thermalright-Peerless-Aluminium-Technology-1200(PA120SE)/dp/B0BPQ7MMV7?th=1

  • +1

    i hace 5700x

    • Excellent CPU on 65w.

  • What are you doing to me mate. Really didn’t need that.

    Just before the 9000 series launch too.

    But a nice upgrade from 3600x.

    It won’t make a difference as I am not pushing the cpu but still haha.

  • Have a 3900xt. Worth upgrading?

    • +1

      The performance improvement of 5900x over 3900x comes from having more cores co-located on the same chiplet. If you are primarily using the PC for rendering work or video conversion (for example a security camera server), there isn't much performance difference. Look at the multicore benchmark scores in cinebench.

      The 5900x is much better when you need multicore processing in a workload that cannot be neatly separated into separate streams of work, gaming is a typical example. But then you may as well get a 5700x3D which is even better.

  • bought this at $540~ about 2 or 3 years ago.. still feels bad

    • Yeah I paid about $630 shortly after it came out through a promo. Was retailing for $800 at the time.

    • Don't worry I bought the ryzen 5600x at the end of 2020 for just about lower than that price.

  • r5 3600x & an rtx 3080 zotac… worth upgrading?
    Primarily gaming in UW (3440x1440).

    Or just hodl my current setup until 5090 comes out for ~3k and upgrade mobo / ram / cpu at once as well?

    • just hold. i have 3500x with 6600xt and a 5900x with 6700xt. the latter is quicker but mostly gpu bound in games. i think zen 5 X3D will be the truer game changer experience with a 5090 for a true 4K experience

    • +1

      5700X3D, can be had for sub $230 atm and it’s 5% off the gaming performance of a 5800X3D.

  • Paid $440 back in Jun 2023. Very good balanced CPU for gaming and productivity.

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