SCA Garden Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre - $10.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store/ $130 Order) @ Supercheap Auto


This SCA 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer is ideal for around the house, garden and yard maintenance and cleaning tasks. Whether you need to keep the weeds at bay by spraying herbicides and pesticides, distribute fertiliser amongst the garden plants, herbs and flowers or simply provide water to certain areas, this multi-purpose pressure sprayer has all your needs covered.

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    I've got one of these and very happy with it. Havent had any sealing issue which seems a common complaint, although when i see those i do wonder how often it is user fault

    • Agreed, I use this for pesticide spraying around the house and haven't had any issues.

      • I have a similar one Hills branded, great for spraying weed killer.

        • My 8L hills brand, still going strong after 20 years. It's on its last leg though, I haven't changed any seals on it or anything

      • Should I be spraying for pests?

      • What do you use to cover up as a side note?

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    Also good for using as an oil pump if you chop the sprayer end off. For diff/transmission fluid

    • That is an excellent idea

    • thanks

    • Ordered 1 for similar application and another to put degreaser in. Be interesting to see if the degreaser degrades all the seals quickly.

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      Or just use an air compressor to put air into the oil bottle (I use a ball pump needle) , with a hole drilled in the lid for the 10mm pipe, and the needle also into the hole (or a separate small hole). Air compressor on, bottle is pressurised, oil flows out. Air compressor off, flow stops. Doesn't matter if the air leaks, just need enough pressure to push the oil out.

      No messy oil to transfer on / out of another container, quick and easy.

      • +3

        Is an MSPaint diagram possible? I can't visualise

        • +1

          Apparently not to mspaint. Basically you are using the same principle as the 5l pump. Push air in to pressurise the container, which forces the liquid out. But you are using the oil bottle itself, rather than moving the liquid to the 5l container.

          So get an old bottle cap. Drill a hole in the centre that allows a tube to go in. Eg 8 mm tube most probablyneeds a 10mm hole. Put the tube through the cap and have enough length to reach the bottom of the oil container. Drill a hole that will just allow a needle ball Inflator to go in. Or put the needle in the same hole as the rube. Or if you have one, drill a hole to suit an old bike or car tube stem.

          Put the lid on the oil container. The tube should be at the bottom of the container.
          Put the loose end of the tube into the diff or auto box etc. Turn the air compressor on. The bottle will pressurise, oil will flow out, as the tube is at the bottom of the container. Don't go silly with the air pressure- try 20 to 30 psi to start with. With all of mine, air still leaks out of the container, so as soon as the air is turned off, the oil stops flowing.

  • Anyone had one for 5yrs+?

    Had one very similar looking (not from SCA) explode completely.

    Was epic…and not ideal with plastic bits flying and being covered in Glyphosphate.

    Second one, the bottom just blew out.

    3rd from Mitre 10 (red) is now 8yrs old. Getting warn out though.

    • Sounds like you're adding too much pressure.

      • Nah, just cheap plastic that went brittle way too fast …they have over pressure valves .

        • Sounded like you left it outdoor under uv radiation. Keep it indoor would last longer?

          • +1

            @nonparticular: As per below comment. Nope, indoors inside a cupboard!
            Cheap plastic doesn't have much 'plasticiser'. So instead of expanding, it simply shattered. Would have been awesome on high speed camera…not awesome at the time. Neighbors came running as they thought it was an explosion going off.

    • +4

      1) Don't use Glyphosate - it's a carcinogenic..

      • +1

        So what’s the alternative?

        • I used 4l Vinegar, 2 cups salt, bit of dishwasher soap and mix it in mine. Does OK but needs reapplying every 1-2 months.

          • +2

            @freedomofspeech: Vinegar and salt does indeed work, but I find it grows back so quick. I have a stupid pebble garden that the kikuyu lawn goes nuts in and unfortunately glyphosate is the only thing that will kill it dead for any reasonable length of time.

            What I find much more fun is a weed torch. Bit more money but much more satisfying. I sear steaks with mine too

        • +1

          You can find organic weedkiller that uses nananoic acid, it works by ripping the moisture out of the leaf and causing it to croak very quickly. Two things to note though: firstly you want to be doing it in dry conditions, and secondly it stinks like hell for a week.

      • Alledged .. but agree…wasn't delighted being covered in it!
        Works so good compared to anything else though…

        • +1

          Courts have ruled differently and awarded billions of dollars in payouts.

          2023 Australian court case

          The APVMA is aware of the court case regarding glyphosate. As the matter is before the Court, it is inappropriate for the APVMA to comment.
    • I have a similar one (looks almost identical) and it's lasted over a year and looks brand new w/ no issues. I do have some containers that feel like they're made of similar plastic that got left in the sun/weather and they fell apart when picked up. Has it been exposed to sunlight much?

      • Nah, kept in a south facing laundry. But the Mitre 10 version in the same room still solid - actually 16 yrs old!
        Again, wasn't bought from SCA, but looks very similar…had a PTSD moment when I saw it. But I'll check it out.

    • Dont you have to release the pressure (pull the plug from side of the bottle) once you are done with it and are going to store that away for longer periods?

      • Loosen up every single connection, and the seals will last much longer.

        • I was just replying to your "explosion" history of things, not about the seals… If pulling that plug prevents these, why yell about cheap plastics at all? Unless you just wanted to have "Tons of Fun" :-)

  • Can be useful for seating the bead on tubeless bicycle tyres.

    • This sounds like something that could be very helpful - how do you get a seal on the valve? Is there an adapter you can get?

      • +1

        The fitting on the trigger should take a 5mm hose (to replace the orange pipe thingy). You can force the other end into a presta value quite firmly.

        A 6mm hose may also work, use a hose clamp to secure at the valve.

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    I had this one and used it to spray glyphosate between pavers - it does the job well, but over time I wanted something quicker so "upgraded" to using the Ozito PXC Garden Sprayer.…

    Cuts the time down quick as you don't have to be continuously pumping.

    • agree- electric sprayers are amazing- I have that ozito one (ok for little jobs), but love my 16L centric cheapie I got for about $70

    • 3.5L tank a bit smallish. This may be slightly better considering capacity

  • Can confirm this is great, had it for a couple of years now and keeps going strong.

    Use it to spray weed killer around the backyard and it's been doing a great job at that.

  • Anyone fitted a bicycle tyre valve on it?

  • Ordered one. Thanks 🙏

  • Suitable to pressure wash your car??

    • If your car is toy car.

      • I'm thinking to apply foam before rinsing it off

        • +1

          You'll want a pressure WASHER, not a pressure sprayer

  • After years of crummy-mediocre experiences I paid for a Field King backpack sprayer from the US (Amazon). No regrets.

  • +1

    Is this SCA brand better than the Bunnings alternative (…) at $12.87? I’m guessing so as the Bunnings reviews are pretty bad, but easier to find than an SCA around my area.

    • Lol @ answering own question.

      But yes, I had no issues with my sca one (leaks etc)

    • They look like they're from the same manufacturer and are probably the same thing. I've had a Bunnings one for 5 years and it's still good, been used for weed killer and fertiliser.

    • +2

      Bunnings ones constantly leak and need to be pumped

      • +1

        Bunnings one shocking. I bought it few months back and returned instantly. Actually ended up buying the sca one instead actually!

  • is this good for pressure spray balconies??? need one for my balcony

    • It would probably be good for spraying surface cleaner product onto your balcony. But there wouldn’t be enough pressure to remove much dirt.

      • Ah thanks legend

  • Nice found, bought one. Thanks.

    Any good recommendation for the Weed killer/Algae Killer/outdoor cleaner product?

  • Which are the best and safest weed killers used nowadays?

  • These are 100x better than the budget ones at Bunnings

  • Thanks, got one.
    Better than the usual 20% off deals!

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