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HN Half Yearly Clearance Items from 99 Cents. Starts Today till 13 Jan


Good Morning
HN Half Yearly Clearance Items from 99cents. Starts Today till 13 Jan

Cygnett Metalicus Aluminium iPhone 4/4S Cover $0.99 .great price…over $20 elsewhere (Samsung Galaxy S2 cases also available)

Xbox 360 250GB Ultimate Gamer Bundle $288

Samsung ML-2164 Mono Laser Printer ML2164/XSA $31

LG BH4120S 5.1 Channel Blu-Ray Home Theatre System $168

Asus TF300T 32GB Transformer Pad + Dock - Blue $488

TCL 31.5" HD Ultra Slim Bezel LED TV wIth PVR L32E5300 $268

Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera Single Lens Kit 1100DKB $377

PS3 Alpha Wireless Controller MWACPTALP $19

Telstra CLS9751 Long Range Twin Pack Cordless Phone CLS9751 $39.50

Samsung HT-E6750W 7.1 Channel 3D Capable Blu-ray Home Theatre System HTE6750W $445

Airflo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner AFV740 $198

Dyson DC29 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner with LIFETIME HEPA FILTER $447

WD Elements Portable 500GB USB 3.0 Hard Drives WDBPCK5000ABK $49

Topfield HD Recorder with 500GB HDD TRF7160 $296

HP Pavilion 20-B021A All In One Desktop $488

Alcatel One Touch T10 Tablet $98

Pioneer VSX-827-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver WIth Airplay VSX827 $688 plus Bonus Pioneer Blu-ray Player (BDP150) Valued at $199

Yamaha HTR3065B 5.1 Channel AV Receiver HTR3065B $198

Map Bella Capsule Coffee Machine Combo - Red SO4RCOMBOSS includes Map cordless milk frother $139 after $75 Cashback .Also available in White.

Tefal Easy Pressing Steam Generator Iron GV5245 $138

Samsung 20L Stainless Steel 800W Microwave Oven (ME73M) $128

Samsung Keystone 2 Mobile Phone with bonus 12V Car Charger $19.50

Norton 360 Anti-Virus 2013 1 User $0 after $50 cash backy

LG MS2041F 20L Microwave Oven $87

Samsung 8kg Top Load Washing Machine $497 plus Bonus $75 Citibank Gift Card via Redemption

Teac SB04T Micro Soundbar $68

Marley Soul Rebel Headphones EMJH000DU $22.03

Halo 4 - Xbox 360 $58

LG 47" Full High Definition 3D Smart LED LCD TV 47LM6200 $695

You can view half yearly clearance catalogue here

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Nice going to get a iphone case or two :)


    What is the retail price for these cases? $5? And are they any good?


    Only the 250GB bundled console on sale, disappointing, I have been after a non-Hitachi drive Xbox since I got one from last years boxing day sales for $138


    I don't have any experience in portable hard drives. Please advise if $49 for a WD Elements Portable 500GB USB 3.0 hard Drive is a good deal.


    I've already listed the Yamaha Receiver and it should be left as a single standing deal because many people are looking for a cheap receiver to go with their Jamo speakers

    Mods: please reinstate my post

  • +3 votes

    Asus EP121 Core i5 Windows 7 64GB Slate Tablet EPAD-EP121 $122

    Is it just me, or is the above ridiculously cheap for an i5 tablet with keyboard and 4GB memory running Win7HP?

    CNET Video review

    Reminds me of the HP touchpad deal.


      'Pricing error' comes to mind! :)


        I've ordered one. Hopefully I get it. Order status is "pending".

        I might stick the $15 Windows 8 Pro upgrade on it.

        Edit: Damn, scrolled down the page a bit more and found it has its own deal. Judging by the number of votes, they'll run out of stock way before my order. :(

        • +2 votes

          I ordered one 2 hours ago, but I have no hope of getting it at this price.


      It was confirmed as a "Pricing Error", the link has been removed from the site, and existing orders will not be honoured. OP, PLEASE REMOVE.

  • +1 vote

    Note, some prices have gone up. E.G. Samsung ES6600 40" tv was $798, now back to $996.
    Some have stayed the same: Samsung U40ES5500 40" is still $637
    Some have gone down. Sony 40" KL-30EX650 is now $596 from memory, was $695 on Monday.

    I know these prices from taking photos last weekend, then sticking around till the closing hours on Monday when staff were reticketing the TVs.

    • +1 vote

      Nope, correction U40ES5500M is now $589
      ES6600 40" has gone up to $1087 online, but it's cheaper ticketed in store at $996.
      Sony EX650 has dropped even further to $545 online, and I'm sure in store as well.

  • +1 vote

    Just paid for a 99c phone case to pick up at my local but TBH I will be surprised if the store even goes to the effort to put a case aside for me let alone in a place they can find it when I go to pick it up.


    I've been looking to get a Dyson DC29 for a while, should I snap it up at this price?


    That Norton deal seems ok for $50 and after CB it is $0, only 10,000 aust wide though



    Is anyone else getting a Page not found for the Asus EP121 Core i5 Windows 7 64GB Slate Tablet EPAD-EP121?


    Can't find much info on the Yamaha HTR3065B,looks like it could be the same specs as the RXV373B -


    hum, does paypal have "live" balance? I think I re-submitted too many times due to HN server error…


      yes you can just login to paypal and see your transaction history. There is no delay on that.

  • +1 vote

    Wish Harvey would get his shit together and stop having the site crash!!


    So they are not open today but can shop online today and pick up tomorrow?


    was disappointing with not getting the asus tablet but can confirm that it would not be…Conversation with HN

    hi mate


    just woundering what happend to the asus ep121tablet

    that product was with drawn from our promotion as the price was incorrectly displayed and can not be honored.

    ok thanks…. so i did not miss out!

    BTW are there any promotions o codes around…Maybe a gift for Christmas u can offer me ;)

    Thanks mate no you didn't miss out nobody has this deal. Sorry bud there isn't. But worth the question though. Have a good day champ.

  • +1 vote

    Pioneer VSX-827-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver WIth Airplay VSX827 plus Bonus Pioneer Blu-ray Player (BDP150) Valued at $199

    I got too excited when I thought the whole thing is $199. It should be changed to:

    Pioneer VSX-827-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver WIth Airplay $688 plus Bonus Pioneer Blu-ray Player (BDP150) Valued at $199


    Can anyone advice me on the alcatel One touch….Is it worth it or are the specs ect crap…


    site is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but found a way to bypass the traffic!!!!! ;)


    Some sale. Some of the discounted prices (samsung microwave) are much higher after sale discount than other stores like jb, good guys etc.


    Did people who order get a email confirmation?

    I ordered a case and the order went through (got a confirmation number) but NOT 'a copy of your order confirmation has been emailed to XXX@XXX'.


      I made an online order this morning. It was a click and collect job from my local HN so I wouldn"t have to queue. 4 hours later still no confirmation email yet the money was instantly taken out of my visa account. The shop wouldn't give me the purchased items as they also hadn"t received any email. I emailed HN a very abusive message. Bloody hopeless service. Never again,,.


        I just called the store I placed my online order on and it was frustrating because any online orders placed today only get processed tomorrow (something about online services not working today), if there was a short of stock you get no priority over the customers that went in store later today.

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    Website is rooted.
    Its like Gerry just wants online to fail for him


    Was in Hardly normal maribyrnong and saw they where in stock despite my online order saying there were none in stock locally. Just bought it there and will cancel the online order. While I was in the area, dropped into jb to find out how much I could get this amp and the jamos for. Lowest price they would do was 1400!!! Although that did include a basic jamo sub, I am sure i can find something decent for the 950 that I have saved!!! Not much Out there in terms of sub deals, I guess we will just have to be patient for another amazon steal. Slightly concerned with the comments about this amp not running at 6 ohms, although the whirlpool page has a few comments saying it shouldn't be a problem unless you are absolutely blasting the volume out.

  • +1 vote

    Just got home and installed one of the $0.99 Iphoe cases and I have to say that they are really good quality. They had a crate full of cases but I had to dig through to find some silver metal ones.


    "Yamaha HTR3065B 5.1 Channel AV Receiver HTR3065B $198" … only 5 channel output, won't drive my woofer.
    "LG BH4120S 5.1 Channel Blu-Ray Home Theatre System $168" … no 3D nor surround sound input.

    It is a annoying that Home Theatre Systems tend not to have surround sound in. As soon as the optical drive wears out and/or becomes obsolete the whole surround system becomes a (rather heavy) paperweight. Grrr.


      I'm not quite sure what you are grrrring about!

      1. The Yamaha is a perfectly fine entry level amp with a dedicated LFE sub-out. Which is normal. I'm not sure which amplifier you expect to find with a +/- output for a subwoofer?

      2. Haha well yeah, for only $168 for a bluray player + amplifier + speakers + sub they want you to buy a new one when it dies in a couple years.

  • +2 votes

    I saw they had the Toshiba 16GB USB sticks again they had last year (same batch from a storage of 1200000000000)
    $20 this year, $19 last year, same hardware, same specs, probably same container ship order from 2010.

    It didnt last me 3 days before A) it was going slow, then B) completely stopped.

    Very bad quality, the die after hours of usage reporting only 8MB free, I had one use as a timeshift buffer on a PVR ( a few hours a day, but TV timeshift is a flat file, that wraps. 16G is more than 2hrs of HD timeshifting. So even if timeshifting 24hrs a day, thats no more than 12 rewrites in the same sector per day. Even at the worst lifetimes, and lets add a factor of 10 to be harsher, and it should still last at least 2 years.

    Now dont go telling me not to use PVR TS with a SDcard or USBstick. I have used other brands for months on end (TDK) and never get slower, or have it die.

    • +1 vote

      Totally agree, very similar experience with Toshiba 16GB USB's. I have now trashed the 3 I had. Not had this problem with any other USB sticks I own.


    So I went around shopping for a fridge. As expected, hn turn out to be the most expensive even after their so called half yearly sale! I ended up spending less time in queue and ended up saving myself $200+ for the same exact model buying from retravision. Ok I know this might be just one off case, but the fact that retravision didn't advertise their “big" sale, and still manage to sell the same thing cheaper with just simple haggering made me wonder how hn run its business. The hn sale guy even said I'm stupid to shop anywhere else as they're doing sales today and no one can beat them for sure. I feel like go back and show him the invoice from retravision now ;-)


    Can the PS3 controller be used to sync via bluetooth to an Android device as a controller or is that the bluetooth dongle shown requiring it to be plugged into a device first?

    Also is there a link to the S2 metallic cases?


    My cases are ready to pick up today. 4 on back order ready in 21 days :(


    Wasn't this supposed to last until the 13 Jan? What happened to the below item? It went from $445 yesterday (and in the OP) to $848 today?



    I'm sick of HN rejecting my accepted orders. I ordered very early 26 Dec, but the $#!t$ only go searching for stock 27 Dec am and of course find no phone covers left. Then I get the backordered message, which will change to not available just like my epilators grrrrr……

  • +4 votes

    Today I went to pickup my 2 Cygnett Metalicus Aluminum iPhone covers that were ordered and paid for online, I got an email saying they were ready to be picked up.
    When I got there I was told to pick out 1 other 99c case from the remaining cases in the store bin as they only had 1 of the aluminum ones put aside for me.
    He told me what do you expect when you order online and that he cant go getting online orders ready as they come in!
    HN still don't get the online world.

  • +1 vote

    Still have NOT been able to pickup my Cygnett case yet!!!!!!!


      Same . I forgot all about these but a friend asked me where the case was I promised them and decided to chase it up . Have not had a single email or contact from these clowns and it's been a month . Shot them an email this morning , hopefully it will turn up . I have less dramas ordering from dodgy chinese sellers .

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