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Changhong 50" Full HD Smart LED TV $499 Delivered Plus More Awesome Deals at Bing Lee

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Just got some more stock in so we have extended the offer

Only $499 with Free Shipping online and instore.

LED Specifications
Diagonal Screen Size 50"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Resolution 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate 50Hz
Peak Brightness (cd/m2) 350
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
Viewing Angle 176°(H)/ 176°(V)
Response Time (ms) 8
Display Colour 16.7M
AV Out 1
AV In 2
Digital Audio Output(Optical) 1
Component 1
VGA(D-sub 15 pin) 1
Ethernet 1

Video System PAL, DVB-T
Video In PAL, NTSC

DTV USB Recording Yes
Web Browser Yes
Wireless Yes
Smart TV(Youtube, Facebook etc.) Yes
Colour Temp Adjustment Yes
Program List Yes
Timer-Sleep Yes
Radio Yes

Bezel Type Ultra Slim
Color Available Black
Swivel Stand Yes

Hotel Mode Yes
Teletext 800 Pages
Warranty Period 3 Years (Parts & Labor)

Audio B/G, D/K, I
Max Audio Output 2 x 8W
Sound Effects Yes

Power Consumption(Operation) ≤85W
Power Consumption(Standby) ≤1W
Energy Star Rating 8
Power Requirement AC 110~240V, 50/60

Set With Stand(WxHxD)mm 1136x736x250
Set Without Stand(WxHxD)mm 1136x670x50
Pacakge Size(WxHxD)mm 1225x809x175
Net/Gorss Weight(kg 21/24.5
Wall Mount Support 400x400mm Vesa Standard

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  • +38

    Sounds like an Awesome Brand!!!!!!! Will give this one a miss

    • +39

      Hi Billy1979
      Just some info on on the brand:

      Established in 1958, Changhong has grown into one of the largest consumer electronics providers in China, specialising in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of consumer electronics products. For 18 consecutive years, Changhong has been ranked No.1 in the Chinese domestic market with one out of every four TVs sold in China being manufactured by Changhong.

      • +28

        Being #1 in a state controlled market isn't necessarily an endorsement.

        • -2

          Good point

        • +5

          No, China's no longer a planned economy, at least in consumer electronics, it's free from state intervention.

        • +6

          … consumer electronics, it's free from state intervention.

          Nothing in China is free from state intervention, including consumers.

        • +13

          You pretend that markets in Australia aren't free from State intervention? Boy, you sure gulped down that Kool-Aid, son.

          The interference in markets by the State in China may be of a (slightly) larger degree than, and of a different type to, that which happens in Australia - but let's just say that the Chinese government is not stupid enough to subsidise rice-growing in semi-desert areas of northern Vic/southern NSW (subsidies that were initiated to keep the National Party sweet).

          Honestly, when OUR .gov takes half of all output (more once you take into account the unfunded promises it has made but refuses to account for - which have to be funded eventually), it's just stupid to point fingers and talk about such-and-so an economy being 'centrally planned'.

          And not for nothin': the single most important price in the economy - the short term price of money (i.e., the short end of the yield curve) is centrally planned by the bureaucrats at the Reverse Bank (and the Fed in the US, and the ECB in Euro-zone, and the BoE in the Pom).

          I can't buy DMAA without risking some .gov high-school dropout with a gun turning up on my doorstep. Ergo we live in a totalitarian dictatorship as far as my pre-workout supplements are concerned. It's all a question of degree.

          Keep enlightening any which way you can.

        • +27

          I'm not sure mate. Almost everything you buy from china is poor build quality? Do you mean the stuff you bought when you were actually in China? If so, I am sure you bought the cheapest. Pay the right price and you'll get right quality. For example, you cannot compare a $5 drill with $100 one. Number 1 in any country should be impressive. People are not stupid.

          Or do you mean made in China? Almost all electronics and clothes are made in China. You cannot say they are all poor build quality.

        • +19

          I think 90% product with sticker "MADE IN CHINA", from tv to mobile phone, pc, notebook, even apple is made in china, for 1 product, they had several class of quality, so you get what you pay. example for same watch, the price is vary from $10 to $100, same item but with different quality

        • +1

          You talk like a 15 yrs old who complains about things know nothing about…

          Grow up and be happy :)

        • +16

          I beg to differ. Do you hear people say, "Oh no, my Iphone is made in China, it must be crappy quality so I better not buy it?" Almost everything is made in China, and I would have to say, their manufacturing has advanced quite significantly from the old days. When Japan first experienced their tech boom, they were the China of the time - providing cheap labour and churning out low quality goods. Where are they perceived now?

          There are factories with full SMT production lines, and at the bottom of the rung, there are factories are merely assembly lines with relatively little quality testing of products before they are shipped out.

          If only Australians just get with the times and realise China has advanced from its baby tech days.

        • +5

          World is changed.15years ago maybe u r right not now.I know 30 years ago japanese cars were some kind of toys here.

        • +18

          @MDIPPA - youre an idiot!
          Everything is made in China. Some of it is the best quality.

          If you refused to buy things because its made in China - your house must be empty & you naked!

        • +4

          Ha, what products do US/Australia/Italy manufacture that you would call high quality? I usually steer clear of products manufactured in these countries, especially automotive.

          I definitely wouldn't say these 3 countries produce goods of such a high quality that you would be bend over backwards to buy them. The only reason to purchase their products would be through some misguided concept of patriotism.

        • +15

          I'm sorry to break it to you but "Made in Australia" is definitely no sign of quality anywhere in the world except maybe in Australia. The "Australian made and owned" label is just a cheap scam by local companies to try and foster hostility against foreign products because Australia refuses to become part of a globalised world. It will work for only so long. As a Swede living in Australia I am honestly constantly surprised at how bad the quality of local products is, including building/housing standards. Probably the worst among any developed nation I've been to or lived in.

          And for some reason Australians are the loudest critics about Chinese products. Probably because of poor quality control on Aussie importers' behalf.

          Not saying ChangHong is a particularly good brand (I don't have any experience with it), but to automatically dismiss a product just because it is #1 in the Chinese market is just ignorant.

        • please find your Japanese branding product, how many of them are said Made in Japan?

          "number 1 in china means nothing, almost everything I buy from china is poor build quality"….what a 'great and modern' thought… maybe that's why Apple is moving back to the US for manufacturing their products? LOL

    • +30

      Just want to respond to ignorant comments like this that's not based on real consumer experience but bias based on not being familiar with a brand. It's like a friend of mine who said to another friend, "I prefer to stick to brands I know like Sony", when the other person recommended Whatmough speakers. Now before anyone comments on this, I am not talking about Changhong being anywhere near a premium brand, but about how people usually stick to what they know….which is not much.

      My story - I had a Changhong A/C that was playing up, contacted them in the morning, and by 5:30pm the SAME DAY a technician had come over and fixed the problem. Do you think the turnaround time would have been as fast with a premium brand like Panasonic and Fujitsu? I don't think so.

        • +18

          I doubt it, no matter which brand you buy, something is bound to happen. To prove the quality and reliability based on brand, we need to compare the hard statistics, which is almost impossible to get.

        • I don't think so.
          We bought a Hisense LED TV (a chinese well-known brand, it had a 3-year in-home replacement warranty) more than 4 years ago and we never had a problem and now it's still doing fine. I know someone bought a sumsung TV broke just after the 1 year warranty period,they had to pay for fixing. A trusted brand ended up untrustworthy.

        • +7

          Buying a "Sumsung" is probably where they went wrong ;)

      • +3

        Agreed this brand is just fine, the name sounds horribly cheap that is all.

        • +12

          It literally means "long rainbow" in English. Different culture, Western society won't find appeal in such a name.

        • Hey, is "Chang" long or "hong" long? I wouldn't wanna get that wrong when bragging about the length of "thing"

        • "chang" means long :)

        • chang is long

          hong is shortform for rainbow

      • +12

        My father in law bought a Changhong TV more than 10 years ago and it still works. I'll recommend to my friends.

      • +2

        Agreed. A shop technician once told me that Sony tv's broke more often than any other brand. My personal experience reflects this also (although I think that Sony picture quality has always been the best for their top-of-the-line models).
        With 3yr warranty, you're better off than a "known" brand with 1yr warranty. Chances are the parts came from the same factory anyway. And for $499 delivered, you can't really go wrong.

      • +1

        Whatmough speakers are sweeettt!!

    • +2

      It's probably the same stuff Samsung and LG use, but with less fancy marketing.

    • You're either trolling or being ignorant… either way you're not helping fellow ozbargainers here.

  • +12

    Refresh Rate 50Hz is the only disadvantage, but can't complain with this price.

    • +3

      I think this tv is for family room everyday use instead of theater room block buster movies or sports channels.

    • DVB-T plays at 24p, blu-ray plays at 24p. Even consoles usually max out at 30p when in NTSC mode so unless you are planning on gaming on this screen with a PC (unlikely) you don't need this feature. Even then most people agree that you cannot tell the difference after going higher than 60p. It's not marketed as a 3D tv so I'd say they've spent the money well to bring you a TV that will deliver in performance rather than on paper.

      • What's the 'p' stand for?

        • progressive, as opposite to interlaced.

        • 30p? 24p? I thought Progressive scan had to do with resolutions not frame rates or refresh rates that voolish was talking about.

  • +2

    Got excited but was wondering why the brand wasn't listed in the subject.

  • +3

    Not bad - comes with a 3 year warranty which is decent. I was hoping that they would have a mega cheap 32" offering but sadly not :(

  • +5

    wow..so tempted, how is the warranty work rep? did the tech will come in or we need to sent the item back to you?

    btw, changhong is a number 1 brand in china, such as sony in japan. they manufacture TV, air con, refrigerator, dvd, etc

    • +4

      I will confirm shortly but they have a solid network of service agents Australia wide.

  • +3

    Awesome Foursome, NICE!

    • +2

      Four days of Awesome deals every Thursday to Sunday :)

  • +4

    Please post the brand on the title, make a big difference.

  • +2

    Can't find an image of the remote. Anyone know if it's a reasonable setup for using the smart tv properly?

    • +2

      I just took a photo of it for you. Any idea how I post on here?

  • +5

    Their website looks decently made

    • +11

      I'd personally rather their banner scrolled a little faster…..

      • +1

        Copyright 2005. 8 Year old website, nice.

        • +1

          Something up to date I just got emailed:

        • +2

          could have sponsored a winning team…

        • +1


        • go the eels
          Will be interesting watching 4K release
          A couple of CES reports that 8K aren't that much harder

        • Top of the table, what more could they want? :)

  • +3

    Good deal, considering price and that alot of these cheap TV's don't have smart TV functions, 3 yr warranty or optical audio. (which this one does)

    • +3

      Most of the 'better' brands only have one year warranty standard.

  • +3

    good deal. can i pick it up instore?

    • +2

      Definitely. You can pick up instore or we ship free for all online puchases

      • This deal is very tempting. Do you have to order online then pickup from store or just purchase and pickup from store?
        PS I thought China's no 1 TV brand is Hisense?

        • You can order online and pick up instore or we offer free delivery

  • +3

    That's a whole lotta Tele for $500.
    Dunno how the brand stacks up though.

  • +2

    Hi Rep. Can it play RMVB files from it's usb port with 2.5" USB powered hard drive?

    • +1

      Our buyer is not 100% sure. We will ask Changhong and confirm asap

  • +2

    back in year 12 a few years ago they brought Full HD LCD Changhong TV's for the classrooms, after about a month the audio on all of them went crap and all scratchy and half the HDMI ports didn't work

    • +10

      I would expect nothing less from a high school, they probably got abused really bad!

      • -3

        yes mate, because high school kids love physically abusing TV's when they are bored. seriously?

        do you ever recall getting an urge to abuse a TV when you got bored in class?

        what could they have done to "abuse" the tv's other than using them a lot?

        • +2

          Teenagers don't think too much these days mate. My younger sister is in high school, you should see the condition of the kids laptops they were given and that's their own property!

        • -1

          big difference between having a personal laptop that is brought to and from school and a TV that sits in a class room unused for most of the time.

        • +1

          my school abused TVs by throwing things at them and shoving bent coathangers/paperclips/pens/whatever into the antennae and other miscellaneous ports.

          i went to one of the top 10 schools in the state.

        • -2

          what school did you go to?

          your school abused TVs? what does that even mean? the students? the staff? the classroom?

          if you're talking high school, I highly doubt the above occurred and if it did, where the hell were the teachers? top 10 school…. sure thing champ.

        • If you actually read the first comment in this chain, it was noted that the audio stopped working on the devices. How does that have anything to do with students? It means the units themselves were defective and points to bad QA and testing to fail only after a month.

          The HDMI ports, well that could be a different case. You tell me, you made the claim mate!

        • -1

          i don't have to prove anything to you; I will say that I am studying medicine at sydney uni, and if you have any idea about the kinds of grades one needs to be admitted there, then you would know I went to a decent school.

        • -2

          thanks troll. negged.

    • +1

      Not sure what the school bought rjac58 but this model is backed with 3 years warranty and I just took a photo of the remote for another post and saw the TV running. Pretty Impressive picture

    • +2

      I'm actually hoping the audio craps itself so I can convince the wife to get a surround sound system!

  • +2

    50hz work ok for xbox 360 ?
    or save up for 100 hz

    • +5

      You probably wouldn't notice a difference at all…

    • +38

      yours doesn't

      • Omg. I am cracking up so hard at this. That was so unexpected.

  • +4

    Does this have 1 to 1 pixel mapping (HDMI input, 1920x1080 resolution) for use as a computer display (that is, no overscan)?


    • I highly doubt it. Usually only big name brands have the feature. I've had two generic brand 1080p TVs and neither had this feature which I also wanted for connecting my laptop.

      • can't you just set the output from your pc/laptop to not scale (in the drivers) if you wanted to use a lower resolution than 1920x1080?

  • Hi, so what's the model number on this?

    I would like to have a look for any possible reviews online.

    Edit: Oh nvm see it now haha

    I have never heard of the brand but seems like a good price, very tempted to buy it…

  • Hi Binglee Rep
    is the smart Iv feature(youtube,…) relying on a wireless dongle or built-in?

    Is the dongle included?

  • +1

    Please note…this is $499. It's like a thrift shop - F&#)$&ng Awesome.

    Perfect for the kid's Wii U or XBOX, or PS3. Or stick an Android USB mini PC and use it as a monitor.
    It's a good price for this tv.
    If you want a branded one, I saw a Samsung 55" LED for $999 on their website.

    • +2

      Do parents seriously buy their kids $500 TV's for their games these days?

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