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July 1st gone. What do I need to re look at..

July 1st has passed and a few legislation changes have happened. What things should I be changing? Have been told I should renegotiate my gas and electricity.. Anything else? Based in Vic

Current Best Electicity and Gas Provider for Victoria

Hi guys. Moving into a new house in Victoria and looking at best deals. Thinking Tango for electricity and Momentum for gas? Convince me otherwise.

Rental to Buy Sites Vs Short Term Loans

Looking to get a decent 4k tv for my new house. and was wondering if how people have done rent to buy be it through companies like radio rentals or by short term loans Has anyone done this? …


Cashrewards Noob - Help Me?

Hi, seen alot of talk about Cash Rewards Have signed up and now have $10 rewards balance and $10 available balance? So how do i use Cash Rewards? what should i do, what shouldn't i do?

Which Bank? Suggestions on Changing Banks

So have been too much of a status quo guy and never really asked financial questions. But getting to that point. Have been with CBA nearly all my life, but wanting to know if I should be smarter and …

Advice - Haven't Been Billed for Electricity in Nearly a Year

Hi all, Long time reader. Just wanting a bit of advice. We switched to another provider for electricity and gas nearly a year ago. Have been receiving Gas bills fine but have never received an …

Cheap Data Plans for iPads

Any suggestions on where to start on getting cheap data Sim for an iPad?

'yes' Tickets

Yestickets Lost Ability to Email Hoyts Tickets

Have used Optus tickets to purchase Hoyts tickets for ages but seems today I login and can't get the hoyts tickets emailed. Anyone else having the same issue?


Best Xbox Live prices?

I used to get my year subscription to Xbox Live from ozsave but since they have disappeared, any suggestions on where to get a sub the cheapest?

Portable Air Conditioner

Currently am renting a place and really am in need of some cooling for the coming summer. Sadly the windows are high vertical ones that open out so no way of installing an in wall Aircon (without …