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Does Anyone Have GPS Issues with The Samsung A20 Phone?

Long story short, I just bought a Samsung A20 from the recent Big W deal for AA in my car. The phone is great, but the GPS doesn't seem to be working well. Sometimes it takes forever to get a …

Carry on Luggage: MEL -> SYD -> PVG

I am going to fly from Melbourne to Shanghai transit in Sydney. QANTAS J class both segments. I guess my check-in luggage is OK (I have 2 PCs, 42Kg in total), the allowance is 32KG * 2 PCs (MEL -> …

Any Websites that Support Apple Pay Online?

Is there any Australian online merchants support Apple Pay online? I am curious how it works, and wanna have a try.

Vodafone Volte on Optus Branded Galaxy S8

I just brought a Galaxy S8 from mobilecity and turned out it is Optus branded. I am not able to see VoLTE icon on the status bar, is that because it is running off the Optus firmware? Thanks.

Help with a Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

Recently I bought a Corsair Brown K70 RGB keyboard. So I took my old Razer Blackwidow Tournament (1st gen) to work, to replaced the Apple keyboard I got from work which hurts my fingertip. Today, I …