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ShopBack AU

ShopBack 3rd birthday - cheque?

Did anyone else get a physical letter from shopback with a "cheque" (redemption code) as part of their birthday celebrations? I wasn't expecting this!

24% off All Sports Nutrition @ iHerb

expired 24% off All Sports Nutrition @ iHerb


Subway - No Longer Free 6 Inch (Only Cookie and Drink if You Buy a Sub) on Your Birthday

My birthday today and I normally enjoy an annual free 6 inch Subway sandwich and a cookie and a drink, but it appears that you don't get the sandwich anymore, and it's not purely free. The …


Emirates Business/First Noise Cancelling Headphones - Anyone Used?

Hi all, has anyone been on an Emirates flight in Business or First class recently and could provide some comments on the noise cancellation and comfort factors for their complimentary noise …

Brisbane Airport Marketplace

Connecting Flight in Brisbane Airport - Enough Time?

Hi all, Seeking some advice from anyone with knowledge of Brisbane Airport, or perhaps just traveling in general! I am looking at a domestic Qantas flight that arrives at Brisbane Airport at …

Expert Flyer Pro Membership or British Airways Avios

Hi all, I'm trying to view all of the available OneWorld affiliated award/reward flights for a trip later in the year. From searching heavily, it appears that each carrier will annoyingly …

Everyday Rewards

WW Reward Points Stolen/Hacked - Happening Again Like Last Year

Just a heads up to watch out for this happening again, just in time for Xmas : I am going to call WW tomorrow. Someone in another State used my $30 rewards …

Xiaomi Xiaofang Camera - Maximum MicroSD Card Support?

Does anyone know whether the Xiaomi Xiaofang cameras can now support 128gb microSD cards with the last round of firmware updates? Or is it still 64gb max?


Glenfiddich 18 year old $84.99 @ BoozeBud (versus Dan's $158.99)

Keep an eye on this to come back in stock… I placed an order and I think is sold out already. $99.99 on sale plus extra 15% off with coupon BESTBUD (first time customers). GoodDrop ebay had …


Cancelled Qantas Business Class Flight - Received Credit/Voucher?

Hi all, I was under the impression that a cancelled full price Business class trip (domestic) was refunded to the original payment method. Instead, we received a credit/coupon. Is this right?

Australia Post

Anyone Work for Australia Post? ... Empty Parcel Received!

I received a parcel today (prepaid 500g red bag) which was addressed not to me, but to "Residence" and my address below printed on a sticky label and stuck onto the bag. There is no …


Google Halloween banner game

You guys seen the game you can play right now on your phone if you click on the google banner? Very cool.

Masters Home Improvement

Masters Adelaide - New Stock

Hey all in Adelaide, overheard staff at Masters Adelaide Airport say that since they are the #1 top performing store in Australia, they will be continually getting shipments of stock as other stores …

Warranty on Existing Solar System on a Purchased Home

Hi team, to keep it simple, I am dealing with a company that I am trying to claim warranty for a faulty solar inverter. It was a Chinese brand (Aerosharp) which the manufacturer went bust years ago, …

How do I replace the line on a Ryobi 36v dual spool cordless trimmer?

Does anyone own the Ryobi one plus 36v line trimmer, and can kindly educate me on how to replace the line on this darn thing?! I found a manual online but the instructions (destructions) are so …

How do I remove this toilet roll holder?

Anyone able to explain how to remove this? I need to reinstall it properly!

Road bike - sizing advice

Hi team, quick one for road cyclists or those who know about bike fitting. I bought a 54cm Cannondale Synapse cheap second hand, it seemed like it was an ok fit. I'm 181cm tall, but i know …