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Sony Android TVs Cannot Pause/Rewind Live TV?? Any Help or Workaround?

I bought the Sony 65" 65x9000e TV recently and attached and formatted a decent USB hard drive for recording TV. I assumed that a high end TV like this would also be able to pause and rewind live …

Best 50"+ TV deal at the moment (for kids activity room)??

Howdy looking for a 50" or so TV for the kids play room. Anyone know of any good deals at the moment? Appreciate any help, cheers

Breville BES700 - $623 + $110 voucher... Thoughts / Recommendations?

I'm looking at the BES700 Barista espresso machine. I can get it for $623 @ TGG and there is a promotion for $110 voucher @ Tony's Estate online coffee store by redemption. Anyone have any …

What's the best current deal for SGS3 or Note2?

I'm one of the many that waited for the Nexus 4 and missed out. I can't wait any longer for a new phone, so I'm looking at either an S3 or a Note2.