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Rodents under Dishwasher- How to Kill

Woke up in the middle of the night to hear weird scratching sounds from the dishwasher area. Stopped when I got near so couldn't be sure on what it was. Then today I found mouse droppings under …

Valorant Any Good?

Riot has launched this f2p FPS in OCE. Makes me interested since they make the biggest game in the world. Any thoughts from early players?

Xiaomi Mi 9T 6GB/128GB (Black/Flame Red) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi

expired Xiaomi Mi 9T 6GB/128GB (Black/Flame Red) $399 @ JB Hi-Fi

CES 2020 AMD

How do you guys thing AMD announcement will affect laptop prices here? If their 8 core 16 thread offering can go as mainstream as intel 6 core 12 thread 9750h does it will move the market. AMD …

Opinions on Metabox laptop?

Want to buy metabox laptop, nothing seems to close spec wise for the money, any catch? Model No: NH70RC NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6 Intel i7-9750H Hexa Core 17.3" FHD IPS-Grade Edge-to-Edge …

Cheap Gaming Laptop 120hz+

Looking for laptop from 1k up to 1.5k. Minimum specs 4 cores 8 threads, 120hz or 144hz refresh (essential) gtx1650 or better Currently considering asus tuf 505dt or msi gl65 9SC but would get …

Logitech G403 - $49 @ JB Hi-Fi

expired Logitech G403 - $49 @ JB Hi-Fi


PC Byte ctech deal very slow service

Pruchased a pre built system from PC Byte on the 22th of July(ebay sale) and have not had any word from them since. Sure I gave them a few days to put it together given the busy sale but now it has …