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Spotify device for kids.

We want to get a Spotify device for our kids that doesn’t let them browse the internet etc. We have seen the mighty vibe which looks good, but I’d like a device which also had a screen with …

Recommend a Cheap Dual Sim Phone for an Optus and Telstra Sim Overseas

Family travelling to Europe. Will get travel sims for wife and my iPhones. Need a cheap dual sim phone to put our Optus and telstra sims in to receive sms’. Data roaming switched off, and calls …

BPAY Payments

Alternative to Bpay to Pay off Credit Card from Another Bank

I’ve maxed out my bankwest card booking overseas accommodation for an upcoming trip. I have funds in another account to pay it off but the only way I know how to get funds from one to another is …

New Storage HDD for Dell Optiplex 7450 - Recommendations Needed

I've just received a refurb Dell Optiplex 7450 off Ebay: -Intel Core i7-7700 Quad @ 3.6 GHz -16 GB DDR4 RAM -DVD-RW Drive -128 GB solid state drive (SSD) -Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit -5 …

Power point controlled by harmony hub

Are there any wifi or rf controllable power sockets that can be controlled by a first gen harmony hub? I read that the Belkin wemo can't be controlled by the harmony

Looking for Kindle Touch in Melbourne

looking for a kindle touch in melb. last minute gift request from my mum **grrr** have tried most of the dick smith's and big w's without luck. Not aware if any other retailers stock them?