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Horrendous Samsung Galaxy S10+ VOC Warranty Claim

I had a horrendous experience with Samsung. Upon searching on Google, their rating on product review is 1.6 stars out of 5 for their warranties. Recently purchased Galaxy S10+ for over $1000. Phone …

Credit card charges with a business name I don't recognise

Has anyone had the experience of finding a credit card charge they don't recognise the business name of? I recently got a charge from MIKE HOLDINGS PTY LTD FORESTUILLE show up on my credit card …

Dick Smith / Kogan

DickSmith - So Many Batteries

Read this in AFR today thought it'd be interesting to share. Now we know why there were endless Eneloop sales.. "Dick Smith's inventory levels in October 2015 when the company …

Tasmania Attractions Are Expensive, Any Options around It?

I've found that a lot of attractions in Tasmania are quite expensive. Wondering if anyone has any advise on what to do in Launceston and Hobart that won't break the bank? For example the …

Need about 5-10GB of Mobile Data for a Week

All existing deals seem to have expired so I need some help trying to get 5-10GB of mobile data (I already have a telstra 4g mobile wifi modem). Any help would be appreciated!


Ubank Still Not Working?

Ubank Still Not Working? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? It won't let me log in and says I've put in the wrong password. Tried to reset the password and it still won't …

Australian electronics with GST

Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Galaxy Note 8" LTE 16GB in the next week or so and need to buy one from an Australian business with ABN and GST so I can salary sacrifice it. I've looked …

Virgin Mobile BYO $20 Free 1GB Bonus

expired Virgin Mobile BYO $20 Free 1GB Bonus

I want to upgrade my old PC

Hi all, I want to upgrade my computer so I can do some light gaming (recent games like BF3) but won't be playing them on high or ultra setting. Hoping that you guys might be able to help me …


Telstra $30 starter packs

Hi all, My Telstra $30 for $10 starter pack for ipad is about to expire…anyone know how I can get a similar deal? Telstra has removed the $15 deal from their website :(

Holiday near Sydney around Christmas

Hi guys...I just started my new job so we had to cancel our holiday plans. Does anyone know any domestic holiday destinations within 4-5hrs of Sydney that isn't too expensive?

Things to do for a 4yr anniversary

Hi guys, Need urgent suggestions for what I should do with my gf of 4 years tomorrow. Thanks!

Melbourne - Shuttle + Cafe + Attraction Suggestions?

Hi Guys, Visiting Melbourne again because it's so awesome!! Arriving on 28th Aug in the morning and am staying at Oaks on Market. I have a few questions:

KareKard v Entertainment Book (Sydney)

Hi guys, First time I'm having a look at Entertainment book and KareKard. What is the difference between them? Seems like a lot of their content are actually similar. Which is better? Thanks

Activities in Nowra

Hi guys, I am going to Nowra over the easter break. Was wondering if you know any nice places to go, especially because it'll be raining. Thanks!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Hi guys, Looking to buy 1 or 2 robot vacuum cleaners..the ones that roam around the house and charges itself. Any recommendation as to which one is best for the price? Thanks in advance!

Dick Smith / Kogan

StartHere + WISH 5% off at DSE

Hi guys,

Small Android Phone?

Hi Guys, I'm looking for a small snappy android phone as an upgrade from the HTC Wildfire. Budget is sub $300. I want a slightly bigger screen around 3.5".

ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet (Tegra 3)

ASUS's 2nd Transformer Tablet's specs was officially released today! SPECS: Quad-core 8.3mm thin 12.5hr battery Front 1.2MP Back 8MP camera with 1080p recording