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Speakers + AMP for new TV

Hi guys, Where is a good place to start for info on speakers and amp combos for TV’s? I’ve recently bought a 55” Panny OLED with Dolly Atomos and want to potentially take advantage of this …

Which 55" TV?

Hi guys, What would you choose out of the following? Samsung (RU7100) 55" 4K UHD TV Hisense (55R7) 55 INCH SERIES 7 4K UHD SMART TV LG (55UM7600PTA) 55 inch 4K UHD SMART LED TV Or something …

28 Degrees Card

28 Degrees Price Protection on Purchases via PayPal?

Looking at the 28 Degrees card - does anyone know if price protection applies to purchases made via PayPal (that are linked to the card)? Thanks

Cedar Shoe Trees

Does anyone know where I can get a pair for under $40 posted?

Cheap quadcopter / drone under $25?

Hi all, Can anyone recommend a cheap quadcopter / drone under $25 AUD? There seem to be a few options in this price range on gearbest, banggood et al. My criteria is something that would entertain …

Power / voltage question on PA

Hi guys, Quick question - I purchased a PA from the states. Model is ELX112P: On the back of it, it has a sticker that says 100 - 120v, 50-60hz, …

Loud Elderly Neighbour Waking Us Up At Night

Hi guys, I'm after a suggestion of how to handle an issue I'm facing with an elderly neighbour next door who lives alone. To cut a long story short, he makes a lot of noise at night, …


Optus Postpaid vs Prepaid?

Hi, Can anyone explain the difference between Optus postpaid and prepaid plans? I'm mostly concerned about the data - I'm on the $40 10GB Prepaid plan, but I find I often go over the data …


What's better? Living off a credit card vs 2% ING cashback

Hi guys, Thoughts on what is the better option here: Pay complete salary into high interest savings, live entirely off a CC (Bankwest Platinum for example) and then pay it off each month after the …

Cheap chest freezer

Hi guys, Looking for a cheap chest / upright freezer to store a few food items. The smaller, cheaper, and more power efficient, the better. Something like this: …

How much is my iPhone 5 worth?

It was replaced today by apple, so it's brand new/as new. 16GB Warranty ends Dec 6 2013.

Sim City

online origin key not boxed retail

Has anyone actually ever recieved any free samples from suppliment sites?

I would have given my details away to 3 posted here over the last 12 months, and haven't received anything. Feels like they just harvest info.

Lightning to HDMI generic cable

Hi guys, Is anyone aware of a third party lightning to HDMI cable? I'd rather not pay $50 for an official Apple one if I can help it.

Kryptonite New York Lock

Or similar Kryptonite product. Missed out on a 2nd hand one on ebay for $45 yesterday :(

Panasonic DMC-GH2

Thanks to a few ozbargainers, I'm settled on the idea of getting this body primarily for shooting video. Where can I get it really cheap with the 14-42mm Lens thrown in?

Samsung Galaxy Note II - up against your head

So for those that have jumped on the note II bargain bandwagon, without much experience with the form factor prior to purchasing