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Target Australia

Couriers Please Lost My Parcel Sent from Target

How do I get my money back? absolutely useless…. their support staff do nothing just the same scripted responses.

Need a New Chair Budget $600

I'm 5'3 so would love recommendations from people of similar height.

Amazon AU

What’s the Amazon Refund Process?

What happens if you send something back to Amazon for a refund and they don’t approve it?

What's a Good Hard Drive Compatible with TV's?

To download movies and play on TV. (words words words)

Sony WF1000XM3 Yay or Nay?

They're $250 and have pretty good reviews. I know jack shit about earphones. I want sound quality.

Decent Quality Wireless Earbuds around $100

I'll probably end up getting a good pair later so don't wanna spend too much. Paid $30 for some shitty woolies ones and they broke in a week. Any suggestions/deals?


PC worked for 2 days now won’t turn on NOT FIXED HALP

Since buying it the only problem I was getting was occasionally I’d get no signal from the monitor. Since yesterday, the pc turns on I see all the fans running but it doesn’t boot up. …

Can't Find Keyboards I Want in Stock Anywhere

DUCKY ONE 2 TKL RGB Or hyperx alloy pro fps cherry red Seem to be sold out Anyone found good deals or a keyboard similar to these?

What’s a good comfy chair for gaming? (Up to $300)

I’ve been looking at Officeworks but their gaming chairs looks kinda cringe. Just want a normal chair. Suggestions much appreciated.

Looking for a new gaming PC

I don’t know how to build one so needs to be prebuilt. I only have about 1,700 max to use. Is possible to only spend this much and play new games like war zone with decent FPS on lower settings? I …

Gaming PC for CS:GO

I need a gaming pc primarily to play csgo. Need a 144hz monitor as well. Around 1500 budget.