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FatWallet Closing down Soon - Exact Date Unknown

An FYI for anyone who visits It was announced today that FatWallet will be closing for good. No details of when or why. It all seems …

Extended Battery for US$20 Shipped to Oz, but Indiegogo. Good deal?

Searching on OzBargain tonight for a external battery for my phone, but most of the deals were expired :-( Not keen to buy a cheap battery on eBay because of the sad news this week on dodgy chargers …

TPG Internet

TPG $1 Mobile plan no more

It looks like TPG don't have their super cheap $1 plan anymore. Just sharing with everyone - as was a good plan if you wanted to hold a mobile number cheaply. Now the cheapest plan is $9.99.

Long Expiry, Cheap Pre-Paid SIM

I'm looking for a long expiry pre-paid SIM card. Will rarely be used for calls or data - but it's needed as a just in case SIM.

Find me a Windows 7 Laptop, up to $750

I'm after a Windows 7 Laptop up to $750. Light web browsing, iTunes, email - nothing exciting. Anyone know of any deals, or anywhere I can still find a Win7 laptop. Not interested in Windows 8.

WebJet Discount Codes or offers, US Hotel Only

Looking to book a US hotel with WebJet as it has the best rate (and the hotel) I am after but does anyone know or have any coupon, discount or payment codes/options that work at the moment so I can sa

Cashback Forum

A thought for the OzBargain team. How about a forum topic under Cashbacks for all other cashbacks or coupons so they can be tracked?

Anyone know any general PayPal code?

Looking to buy a few things online in the post Christmas sales. Has anyone got or seen any generic PayPal coupon? Don't mind if there is a minimum purchase.

Best unlocked prepaid Smartphone (on Telstra)

I am thinking of getting a cheap unlocked smartphone for use on Telstra as a Christmas present for my parents.

WA Sunday Times Mothes Day - need someone to check for something...

I live in Vic these days (original from Perth) and I posted a free Mothers Day ad in the Sunday Times (posted the bargain too As a joke, I posted another ad …


Can't use Cudo deal, best place to sell it?

I bought a Thai massage coupon from Cudo that my wife no longer wants. Cudo won't refund :-( Other than gumtree or eBay, has anyone got any suggestions? I have come across a site called …

McGraw Hill iOS Maths Education Games x7 - Free *expired*Affiliate

expired McGraw Hill iOS Maths Education Games x7 - Free *expired*