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Cold drink surcharge

Is ridiculous… Cold drink surcharge. Lol. This is a community announcement.

Amazon AU

Free Hard drive from AMAZON

So this story began in july this year after purchasing a Hardrive. July 24th, brought a HDD worth $250 from Amazon AU (shipped from amazon US) July 24th, Buyers regret, call amazon to cancel …

SanDisk 1TB SSD, this a good deal?

Is this a good deal?, Any cons, other then slower write speeds?.

eBay Australia

eBay % off deals

Say an eBay seller advertises product (A) for $x dollars. eBay says to seller, we'll have a 20% off special on your store, we cover 10% you cover 10%. Now even tho the consumer gets a good …

MSY Technology

Returning Faulty Item to MSY

Bought a monitor from msy on Thursday, from store (A) 1 hour away from where I live (store (A) is 2 min from work). Return item to store (B) as this was closer to where I live 2 min away. Guy in …

Plumbing Lingo

Can some point out a link for plumbing lingo in regards to numbers. I've tried searching but can't find anything. Eg, no.9, no.15. Thanks for your help.

Toilets in National Parks

Found this hilarious. "Work has begun on a substantial upgrade of the toilet facilities at Fitzroy Falls. This work will address longstanding issues relating to the sustainability and ambience …


Regard Aldi 40inch 4k TV @$444

Has anyone brought this TV?. I know it doesn't do 4k at 60hz as a monitor, but does it do qhd 2540 x1440 at 60hz? Thanks


Help! Woolies wont exchange milk brought from Coles... This was just too funny. Quotes… A mother has written a complaint to Woolworths after they refused to exchange lite milk she …

Travel insurance claim for depression. Landmark case? Im on the fence about this one. I sort of agree with both sides. But lean slightly towards the insurance company as its so hard to …

Dick Smith / Kogan

DSE clearance sale yay! No idea what's on sale, So who's going?. We need spies.

The Good Guys

Whirlpool Appliances Exclusive to The Good Guys This must be a sneeky way of killing competition for a well known brand. I personally own a whirlpool front load washer and never …


Nikon 3100 Twin lens kit (18-50) (55-200) For $135!!!! Bigw! DROP ZONE. (Brag post)

So i was shopping at BigW (10% off sale) minding my own business. Wondering around the photo section look for some bargains, i peer over the registers in the photo lab, and see a Large nikon box …

Sydney Tech Show Fri-Sun July 31 - Aug 2

Hi, Does anyone have a discount code they can share?. Thanks!.


Big W - Olympus Camera Sz16 (16MP 24x Zoom Compact Camera) - $140 Part of Drop Zone Deal

Not posting as Deal as i dont know the stock levels, and the one i bought might have been the last one. …

eBay Australia

eBay Sales - General Discussion

These deals are not worn by the supplier alone. So much do ebay lose?. Eg they wear 10% of the discount and supplier wear the rest?. Is a sign of deperate measures move stock?. Why dont more …