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Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty Travels. Is It Legit?

Hey guys, I have been looking and searching through skyscanner and I've come across a good deal by Aunt Betty. I have heard numerous rumors from people who have told me to stay away from online …

Need Advice on Tablet/iPad

Hi guys, So I'm really out on which android/iPads are good and what not. The last one I bought was about 4 years ago so pretty lost atm. Would really like some recommendations as to what may …

Flight from Sydney to Lahore

Hi, Previous years I've found tickets from Sydney to Lahore for around $1050 but this year I'm having trouble with agents as most are well over $1200. Was wondering if anyone would know …

Mazda 3 Maxx vs Maxx Sport/SP23

Hi guys, I'm interested in purchasing a second hand Mazda 3. I just wanted to know if someone could tell me more about the Mazda 3 if they own it/have owned it previously. For instance, what is …

Former Workplace Not Paying up

Hi, In short, i was working at a private place teaching kids. There was no written contract but just a verbal agreement. I left the place as i wasn't happy and gave a four weeks notice. Used to …

Australia Post

Australia Post Driver Giving Us a Hard Time. Help!

Hi, Around mid last year, this delivery lady started leaving parcels in front of our door some which required signature. After one of them went missing (about 2 months ago), i made a complaint to …

Reserve Puffa Vest $22.50 @ Myer

expired Reserve Puffa Vest $22.50 @ Myer

A Question in Regards to Samsung Galaxy S6 I Just Got

Dear friends, Just received an S6 as a gift. Really happy, love the phone. Only issue I'm having is that i receive very few bars on 4G. A friend of mine has said its because it's not …

English Course for Beginners - Recommendatons Please

Hey guys, I'm in need for a English course that is easy for someone who cannot speak/understand English. Free or paid courses, don't really mind. I'm just desperate. Tried several …

Need a Phone $100 - $150

Hey guys, After a cheap android phone which i can take overseas. I had a look at the Telstra Frontier 4g, is that any decent? Someone please guide me and recommend me something semi-decent. Thanks …

Purchasing an iPhone

Ok so i want to spend around $600 and purchase a NEW iPhone but i have a few questions first. 1. I need the phone by lattest mid October. So which iPhone should i buy.

Samsung Galaxy S III or Nexus 4

Should i spend $420 and buy the nexus 4 or pay $300 and take the s3 (s3 is used, but works fine). Which one and why. *<**MOD**: Added poll>*

Car lease place in Sydney

Planning to go for a trip with family in a few weeks time. Was wondering if anyone knows a good place to hire a car? More specifically after a 7 seater Tarago.

Car MP3/USB Transmitter

Hey, My car only has a cd player. Really want to play music from my usb/mp3 player. Was wondering if anyone can direct me to a good quality transmitter.