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5-10 Port Ethernet FTTN Router Recommendation

Hi guys, What would you recommend for a basic 5-10 port home Ethernet network to share FTTN NBN? I'm currently using the Vodafone modem. Thanks

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Long Haul Flight + Headphones for Kids to Use with The Switch

Haven't really shopped for headphones since HP890's. Looking for recommendations to reduce inflight noise Thanks EDIT: Also headphones for kids to use with the Switch

Which Power Bank for Nintendo Switch and Samsung S10 That Is Safe to Take as Carry-on?

Can't decide which one to get… Would need it to charge 2 Samsung phones and 2 Switch's on a long haul flight

Free Australian Flag from Local MP

I have not personally tried this. But I know this guy who is an old school tightward whose antics range from haggling at supermakets & department stores (mostly by talking loudly & playing …

Looking for New Tablet/Netbook

Hi, I'm looking at possibly the Surface Pro 2 or similar now that the Surface 3 is out. I was looking at getting the ASUS T100 a few months back but I'd say theres going to be a new model …

Best price on ASUS T100 & external HDD

I'm looking to buy one of these and Amazon seems to have the best price and the models on there include the HDD inside the keyboard. I'm just wary of the international warranty and would …

Won PayPal SNAD claim - now seller wants item back

I bought a item and what I received is useless/worthless/not as advertised. The person was clearly trying to scam me. I emailed them saying lets work this out, let me return the item and get a refund …

Tax and Super for temporary visitor

Hi, I have a friend from the US visiting and working here temporarily. Generally speaking, I understand we have a tax agreement with the US so there is no double income tax. Would it be the case that …

Need advice on how to get rid of our neighbours 'barnyard'

We live in a residential area and our neighbours have decided it would be a great idea to build a large animal enclosure (running along the entire back fence and about a metre taller than the fence). …

US Property Investment Event

Just saw this on tv being endorsed by the guy from Flip Men. What does everyone think?

Sending overseas parcels without a customs declaration

I'm looking to send some large letter size items to the US preferably without having to go to the post office. I know anything other than docs needs a customs dec normally but has anyone had any …

Australian items to send to American friends

Vegemite, Tim tams. Any other suggestions?

Received a letter offering money

I received a letter addressed personally to me from what looks like a very legit Australian company.

Getting the best tax return

I'm wondering if I'm assuming wrong that accountants can work magic and find deductions etc.

Maximise car expense deductions?

Besides obviously using a log book, what's some creative ways to maximise your deduction?

PS3 Super Slim randomly shutting down

I've got this PS3 that I'm trying to fix.

Accounting software

I was looking at trying Xero but can anyone recommend anything cheaper or even free?

Acer EM250 netbook repair

I got this from the $197 deal posted awhile back now. So anyway, the netbook was going great until it got dropped off the couch.

Hire car in Brisbane/Gold Coast

We're off to the GC soon and it's looking like hiring a car is the best way to get around. Fly into Bris & going down to GC.

Laptop $500-$700

I'm looking for a laptop that can do the usual surfing, movies & connect to a big screen plasma etc. Not worried about games.

GST on grey import electronics

With the majority of electronics coming from o/s, I'm curious to know does GST need to be charged at any point for the buyer or seller for <$1000AUD value.

Reliable courier service for small parcels

Hi, I'm looking for a courier service mainly for <1KG parcels that has online tracking. Probably 100 or less parcels per week at this stage

Rainwater tank - SA

Is there any tanks that would be free or close to free after the $200 rebate?

Establishing credit in the US

So far it seems impossible without a SSN. Some of those prepaid cards supposedly report to credit bureau's but I'm yet to find one that doesn't require a SSN.

Business Rewards Credit Card

Hi, what card is recommended? Is the Westpac Business Rewards Card any good? I'm looking to link with QFF preferably. Thanks

2TB External HDD deals

Im really needing one of these as Im running 120GB on my lappy and I missed out on the recent deal for (less than) $200. I just want something half decent quality and decent warranty. MOD: replaced …