Ask Me Anything


“Ask me anything” (AMA) or “I am a” (IamA) is a great way to introduce yourself to the OzBargain community. You tell us who you are and what do you do, and let the community ask open-ended questions about you.

Posting AMA's

Who can post?

Anyone who is part of the OzBargain community who wishes to share something interesting, uncommon or unique about himself / herself – something that the rest of the OzBargain community might be interested in.

AMA should not be about

  • casual / general topics such as “I am an average OzBargainer”.
  • advertising / announcing stores, services, web sites. Use appropriate forums instead.

OzBargain moderators hold the right to remove inappropriate AMA topics.

How to post?

AMA's should be posted in the Introduce Yourself forum. Prefix your title with [AMA]. For example

[AMA] I am an OzBargain professional. Ask me anything!

You will need to describe who you are and what do you do in the Body part of the forum post. Once a forum post has been submitted, you will then need to come back every now and then to answer questions from the community. Email subscription and/or notification would be your friend.

Notable AMA's