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Tiger Airways $10 Sale for 48 Hours Starts 12pm 17/04/13 Exc Friday & Sunday Flights


Tiger’s $10 Fare Frenzy!

All Tiger Routes Australia Wide On Sale From Just $10* Each Way!
Sale commences midday (AEST) Wednesday 17 April 2013 and runs until midday (AEST) Friday 19 April 2013

16 April 2013: Tiger Airways Australia is offering extremely low fares for that perrrrfect spring holiday and Aussies who are on the prowl for an unbeatable deal can pounce online from midday tomorrow (AEST) and buy a $10* airfare for their next getaway.

With the Tiger paw print now covering more of Australia with recently launched destinations such as Coffs Harbour, Sunshine Coast and Alice Springs, travellers are now spoilt for choice with where to head for as low as $10* each way - and for as little as $20* return there really is no excuse!

Since Tiger launched in Australia it has remained committed to providing Australians with great value fares and friendly service while helping keep the domestic travel market competitive.

“Tiger’s mission has always been to bring great value to the Australian public,” said Carly Brear, Tiger Airways Australia Commercial Director.

“By great value we mean low cost fares with the backdrop of customer service as a given - improvements in this area are a constant focus for the team. Making air travel accessible to everyone is what we’re about. What better value than air travel across Australia from just $10*? We’re constantly looking at ways to enhance our offering and I hope these fares give people the incentive to book their next travel adventure with Tiger,” said Miss Brear.

All of Tiger’s domestic routes Australia wide are on sale from just $10* from midday tomorrow (AEST), 17 April 2013, until midday Friday (AEST), 19 April 2013, (or until sold out).

Tiger’s $10* Sale On All Domestic Routes Australia Wide: Buy from midday Wednesday 17 April (AEST) to midday Friday 19 April (AEST).
Fly either way between:

Melbourne and Adelaide from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Cairns from 10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Brisbane from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Sydney from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Perth from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and the Gold Coast from 10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Mackay from 10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Alice Springs from $10* per person (for travel between 22/10/13 and 14/12/13)
Melbourne and Hobart from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Melbourne and Sunshine Coast from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Sydney and Cairns from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Sydney and Brisbane from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Sydney and the Gold Coast from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)
Sydney and Alice Springs from $10* per person (for travel between 22/10/13 and 14/12/13)
Sydney and Mackay from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 12/12/13)
Sydney and Coffs Harbour from $10* per person (for travel between 21/10/13 and 16/12/13)

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  • +3

    It's gotta be said.. when an airline gets so bad that it's a gamble turning up on time as to whether you'll be flying, then the price is no matter. Even if it was free I wouldn't fly with them. It's just not worth the hastle.

    • +15

      Since when are Tiger that bad? Statistics from last month:

      Departures On Time - 78.2% (better than 77.3% average for all airlines)
      Cancellations - 1.2% (less than 2.2% average for all airlines)

      Sure the service and flight "experience" are minimal, but that is why its cheap.

    • +19

      The people who complain are those who've caused the problem themselves by not following the T&C's properly - rocking up late, not checking in within the time advised, overstuffing their luggage; then come and kick up a stink and cry they've been hard done by. Got nothing to do with the airline most of the time

      • +7

        So you mean I didn't see Tiger just leave people hanging from a flight the night before when I flew out of Melbourne with them (the one and only time)? People were meant to be on a 9pm flight or whatever it was, the flight was cancelled, they were all told to be back there at 9am the next day. They were still there when I flew out at 9pm that night as their flight was delayed by another 2 hours after we'd left. I'd of rather our plane be delayed for 2 hours and let them take our aircraft back to Perth rather then extend their delay even more.

        Absolutely shocking, stats can say all they want to, in the end they don't say what happens with the cancellations (eg. Qantas/Virgin cancel a flight, put people on one 2 hours later, Tiger cancel a flight and either it's the next day, or just forced people onto other flights hours/days later). They may be under the average, doesn't mean they're any better.

        • +2

          Right after this Easter when I flied back from Gold Coast to Melb with them, my wife arrvied ON THE DOT 45 minutes before scheduled flight time at their elusive counter there. Their air hostess claimed she's been waiting for a minute AWAY from the counter and refused to let us check in. At the end, we paid $630 to fly back with Jet Star few hours later. So much for the Tiger's "Cheap Flight" (still costed ~ $300 return flights for 2) bought well in advance last August! Their counter part in Melb when we flied out few days prior was much more civilised. (We were 10 minutes earlier than the stipulated 45 minutes nefore EDT.) He just rounded up those arrived on time and asked them to go to a separate counter to check in so that he or another staff could refuse those who turned up late for more than 2-3 minutes check in.

    • +1

      very nice description of jetstar

    • -1

      My dads flight was over an hour late last night from Brisbane to Rockhampton and this was Qantas. Surely Tiger Airways couldn't be as worse?.

  • +21

    Jetstar price beat guarantee and get 10% off? $9.00 flight? :)

    • +10

      already on skype with them ;)

      • +4

        let us know how you go

        • +39

          price matched, 2 people return for $36 SYD-CNS

        • Also price matched 2 People return $86 I want to bring a lot of stuff back.

        • worked for me too syd-mel 1 person return $18 and no card charges!!!!

    • thanks redpump - pricematched BNE to MEL for $36 2 people return. No credit card fees are applicable for pricematch, and the flights need to be within one hour of each other for Jetstar to apply the price beat guarantee.

  • Heavy traffic… the server is non responsive…

  • Site's broken.

    EDIT: Working now.

  • "Problem loading page"


    • +1

      Scrap that, I'm in!

  • +5

    Try mobile access - was much better for me then doing it on PC :)

  • Booked $18 return to melb on jetstar

    • -2

      do you need to call jetstar to book?
      also, both jetsta and tiger flies to turamarine airport at melb, right? the very far airport?

      • +2

        yes you need to call

      • +6

        Tullamarine is the main airport in Melbourne. Tiger operate out of T4: http://melbourneairport.com.au/Flight-Passenger-Info/Prepari…

        Was it too hard to do a 5 second google?

      • +1

        The very far airport is the Avalon airport. And yes, you need to call jetstar and they should also have a flight to the same destination from the same airport as Tiger flying on the same time (+ or - 1 hour).

        • -6

          sorry guys~! ok from sydney: tiger to tulla (closer), jetstar to avalon (far).

          so why people book jetstar? to save $1 each way per person?

        • No. Some services operate from Tullamarine, some operate out of Avalon.

          From a quick check on their website (again, in the same time it'd of taken you to write that post you could have checked for yourself) you can specify which airport you want to go to.

        • -5

          i did my search this time, mate.
          from sydney, jetstar only flies to avalon.

        • +1

          Clearly you didn't, 'mate' - http://imgur.com/AAgndAB

        • -1

          Reply to Porthos- No Tiger does not operate from Avalon at the moment. Hasn't since the trouble last year. Only Jetstar at the moment

        • -2

          I never said they did. Learn to read.

      • +2

        For Tiger, you need to walk a fair bit to their T4 terminal, then more walk from the T4 to the actual plane itself. For old or fragile people, it's a chllange. For JetStar, it's much more closer in comparison.

  • site off

  • +3

    Get the app. Just booking on there now.

  • -8

    Tiger lied - no Friday or Sunday flights are on sale to any destinations from Melbourne.

    • +6

      Huh - it says exc Friday & Sunday ???

      • +2

        I should read more carefully!

  • +3

    $20 Return Melbourne to Perth, How can you go wrong!

  • +8

    I feel like buying tickets to fly to Perth, buy a coffee and then fly home.

  • +1

    Last ditch attempt to the ACCC.

    Rest in peace Tiger. Announcement is next Wednesday.

  • damn you creditcard surcharge. cheap anyway. family of 4 syd-mel returned $148.

    • If you use a MasterCard Debit card there is no surcharge.

      • too late. already paid. lesson learnt. use mastercard debit next time.

  • +1

    $18 Return Melbourne to Perth on weekend !! Sat to Mon

    Awesome !

    • Do we have to check availability on tigers before price matching with jetstar? Tigers website down….

      • yeppp.. thinking of should i get to cairns as well??

      • Yep, & they'll do it, too.

  • +2

    Going Sydney to Melbourne end of November. $20 return using prepaid Commonwealth Travel card = no fees.

  • +9

    Just booked 2 adults Perth > Melbourne in December for $40 return. No card fees as I used a MasterCard Debit.
    Booking confirmation is in my inbox already!

    Never been to Melbourne but for $40, I just booked and chose the dates without even speaking to the Mrs. She's busy at work anyway, didn't want to miss out :P

    • +1

      I did exactly the same but to come to Perth for the wildflower season in November. Can't wait. I also can't wait to go home to tell my partner what I've done :0 Hope he's as pleased as I am and I don't get yelled at!

      • Yeah likewise. It's actually going to cost us more to get from the airport to the Melbourne CBD than the flights cost, heh. Not too often you can say that.

        No Skybus because we arrive at 23:30 or something and it's not running, so Taxi only option. Now to look for hotels… I know absolutely nothing about Melbourne!

        Enjoy the wildflowers, hopefully you won't get in trouble :)

  • +4

    Wow! Price beat with Jetstar for discount and no cc fees.

  • +1

    I can't seem get the cheap fares? I select the $10 fares, no checked baggage, didn't want to select specific seats , and comes out at ~$120 return for 2 people?

    I must've done it wrong.

    • -6

      Same for me — I tried several different routes/sectors and selected the $10 fares.
      When it came to the total it was in the hundreds.


      • Maybe you're just too late … I personnally know someone that has successfully bought tickets without any issues

      • +1

        What's with throwing the scam word around??? I just successfully booked two return flights, with confirmation emails already in my inbox. $80 total for two return trips for two people!

    • +1

      It could be due to the baggage fees which were automatically set at 18pp, if you choose the no checked in bags the fare should be 20 return (must pay with Mastercard debit tho..also not available to depart on Fri or return on Sun in my case.. ) Thanks for posting this deal!!!! Going to Melbourne!@!!!

  • +1

    Difficult to find a flight of Jetstar within 1 hour of Tiger for MEL-CNS

    • +1

      Same from Perth, the flight times were way off… so I just booked with Tiger.
      Hopefully we'll make it there alive.

  • Sorry to be the negative nelly on this one but:

    Is there any risk of Tiger going under by October so no one gets to fly, or gets their money back?

    Six months is a long time especially when the airline is notorious for it's struggles

    • +2

      thts why i book with Jetstar

  • +5

    Cheers OP.
    Bought two return tickets to the Gold Coast. $57 a pop.
    Can't go wrong.
    P.S. I've flown with Tiger several times and have had a 100% success rate. (knocks on wood)

  • $10 flight disappeared when i was booking/paying!! dodgy :(

    • Did the same thing, it says my 3 yr old son is not a child error! try rebooking price gone from $10 to $79.95….

    • I got to the end of the booking process three times before it accepted the booking. Each time it said that the flight was no longer available (booked out) and I had to pick different dates. Finally got three people from Melb to Hobart return for $132, very happy with the price.

  • Keeps changing from $10 to standard fare! Annoying!

  • Now to find Perth Accommodation ….. Any Suggestions?

  • +1

    Here I come Alice Springs!!!

  • Nothing available anymore for x4 people leaving Perth….saw about 3 dates left for x2 people

    • what dates - cant find

      NVM going to Alice Springs instead woohoo

  • I feel so professional right now!

  • damn… did prices just revert back to normal?

  • Price is keeping disappear or pop-up and everytime you select it's gone.

  • Awesome got Jetstar to match WOOO.
    Thanks OP

    Feel bad for the Jetstar call center
    everyones calling them for the price beat.

  • +1

    Really surprised Jetstar is matching these sale fares. Then again, not complaining (unless they go under because of it)

  • "Website down due to heavy traffic"

  • -1
    • +1

      I have flown with Tiger many times without issue, just delay sometimes..

      My Jetstar flight get cancelled once and refund… got a $100 compensation voucher after complain and proofed of paying another flight immediately with high price.

      • I had a 3.5hr delay from syd to melb last week on jetstar; only got meal vouchers (no good for alcohol; what a joke).

  • Damn, wish I had know jetstar was matching. Dont have a mastercard debit, so that fee is Mod: Personal Attack
    Still saved about $200 on perth to melbourne i guess

  • +1

    Recently flew BNE->SYD return for the first time with Tiger. The experience on the first flight was fine, didn't have to wait to check in, flight left and arrived on time.

    However the return leg was one of the most painful domestic flight related experiences I've had (I fly quite often). Arrived at the airport early. Went to line up for the check in 2 hours and 10 minutes before the flight was due to leave (check in for the flight opens at 2 hours prior). The queue was literally about 300 people with check in luggage long, and they had just 3 people working behind the counters. Then two supervisor looking people came out and tried to rearrange the lines and it was literally the blind leading the blind. They were so completely incompetent that everyone started yelling abuse at them.

    Anyway after the painful check in queue which took us over an hour to get through, there were delays in starting to board the plane due to there being only one girl working at the gate. She ran back and forth (literally ran) between the plane and gate kiosk about 3 times doing god knows what. Eventually we were told to board the plane with the girl working at the gate telling the people boarding to "hurry up".

    The bad experience doesn't end here, when we went to sit down we found other people sitting in our seats. They had overbooked our seats, which were booked 4 months prior. At this time I was ready to go off, as it was getting absolutely ridiculous. If they told me that we had to get off I was going to tell them that they'd have to physically drag me off it, which is funny cause I never really get angry with anything. Lucky for them they had 2 empty seats on the plane (probably where their quality assurance personnel were supposed to be..) so eventually we made it home about 45 minutes late.

    So that is why I'll be spending that little bit extra to fly on Virgin or Jetstar next time.

    Before flying with Tiger I was one of those people who just thought that people were being fussy or impatient when they complained about Tiger. Now that I've had the Tiger experience too, I believe them.

  • From Jetstar:

    xxxx: at 16:26:25
    Oh if you will do our price beat match you need to dial our hotline 131538 to book the flight for you.

    • .

  • Just got a price match for two return tickets from December 4th to December 9th. 36 dollars!

    Took a while on the phone to explain to attendent. She kept on using the search function and quoting me 75 dollars for return flights with tiger. Finally she agreed and said some dates have already been sold out by tiger so had to compromise a bit. Also said a fair amount of people are asking for the price match, so don't give up and heckle the attendent!

  • +1

    Anybody find any available dates for PER-MEL ?

    • I think perth-mel is gone now

  • +1

    Great deal - MEL to Alice Springs for $20 return in November. Thank you!

  • +1

    Wow just booked a 4 night trip to Melbourne with the missus. What a bargain.

  • is there $8.5 booking fee?

    • +1

      Yes … per flight/person … so make sure you pay with a Debit card and no fee applies.

  • Damn, missed out (Sydney to Cairns), tried all of October to December.. but still, a good deal.

  • +4

    Thanks OP and Tiger, scored 3 tix to Goldie earlier!
    Kinda of feeling sorry for them so desperate to win back customers. so I hope they will stay in business as without them, we may be heading back to the domestic monopoly of exorbitant airfares.

    • +1

      That's exactly what I think!!! It is important to have them around to keep the other airlines in check!

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