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FREE 1 Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership with United MileagePlus Program (Usually $59/mo)


If you missed out on the Virgin Atlantic deal, I have another one for you.


This Membership is Usually $59/month

United MileagePlus® and Regus have teamed up to give you access to 1500 Business Lounges worldwide with a FREE one-year Regus Businessworld Gold membership.
Plus you can also earn up to 7 MileagePlus® award miles per dollar spent on Regus products & services.
To activate your Businessworld Gold membership simply enter your MileagePlus account number and complete the personal details form.

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    I've been waiting for this deal for decades

    • -7

      I am saddened that they dont have an office in Newcastle - this is so something i need and will use traveling but really would love in Newcastle itself - I am sure I am not alone - so I BEG you all - please call em 1800983843 and tell em you would love to be able to touch down in Australia's second oldest town lol - they said they do track requests and that is why the opened Woolongong so PLEASE PLEASE ask em to open Newcastle

  • awesome! hmm could anyone tell me what you can do in a business lounge?

    • +6

      be your own BOSS man !!

      Free coffee, tea

      Internet access


      • +1

        Not sure if there will be any coffee and tea once a lot of OB's get this deal. :P

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    • +6


      • +5

        Should hold a OzBargain party at the business lounge in LAX to celebrate our free membership.

  • +1

    I see these offers quite often on a lot of forums but have no clue what the Regus thing is. Are the lounges only found in cities? Or do they partner with airport lounges as well?

  • Wouldn't a valid flight ticket also be required to gain access to the lounges?

    • From my welcome email…

      As a Businessworld Gold member you can enjoy:
      • Unlimited walk-in access to any of our 1500 global Business Lounges and cafes with business-grade internet and complimentary refreshments.

      More information on Regus's business lounge webpage

    • Also, don't expect all business lounges to be located at airports…
      eg. the 6 serving Melbourne airport

      But thanks OP - will now be inspecting the business lounge in Dubai en route to Europe :-)

      • +2

        Good place to sober up after a night of clubbing in the city?

      • +1

        Having lived in Dubai for a number of years I don't think that lounge will be accessible within the airport. Terminal 2 handle's all the low cost airlines and it is on the opposite side of the runway from Terminal 1 and 3. If you're flying EK they use T3 only.

        • Challenge accepted! :-P
          (yep EK T3)

    • none of the australian lounges are in airports and worldwide most aren't either :)

  • +6

    Sounds good. I don't really know what I'm getting but its free, so I guess I don't need to ask too many questions.

  • +1

    wonder if mum and dad can bring in their 2 kids to the lounge?

  • +1

    If only these lounges were at airports! :(

  • +1

    Doubt if I will ever use it, signed up anyway !

  • Thanks for this, Much Appreciated.

  • +1

    Terms and Conditions from the aust. site

  • i got all excited and signed up then realised these are not at airports.
    in true ozbargain fashion i jumped in without checking the temp of the water

    read the link,


  • +1

    They have one lounge at the building I work. Interesting….
    So sign up to get free coffee when I can get it from my floor ?

  • +1

    Wow… if this and this picture are anything to go by, looks like decent 'refreshments'.

    • +2

      I take that back. After speaking to them it only includes tea and coffee and everything else you pay extra for including printing and photocopying.

      • Its a business centre, selling business services including printing, copying, office space etc.
        Used to pop into OW - free drinks at my old local, while copying etc.
        This is just a bit more upmarket with central locations in many cities on your travels - often with great views.
        When travelling, some tourist info centres offer similar free services.

        • +1

          At least it'll save me money on observation deck entries :)

        • +1

          Observation decks charge a fortune for a coffee - so a double saving ;)

  • +27

    We could always do an Ozbargain meetup at one of their Lounges and conduct "PROFESSIONAL" business as usual

  • +1

    Holy crap! Thank you! Going to Singapore, Dubai and the East coast of North America over the next month, this may come in handy!

    Edit: Super keen! www.regus.com/locations/business-lounge/new-york-new-york-ci…

    • +1

      looks really nice, hope the Sydney ones are like that

  • how do you sign up to the Regus Businessworld Gold, i put my membership in the promotional code but it doesnt seem to work?

  • +1

    Yes, got one in my city! Will use when I need a quite place to study.

    Edit: Will this automatically cancel itself after 1 year or do I have to ring up…

    • +1

      I just signed up for one. They did not ask for CC details, hence should be good to go. Cheers.

    • +1

      As you have not given them any details for charging next year, they will remind you.
      If you don't pay, well it will be cancelled.

    • +1

      haha just what i'm thinking too. but im worried about what was mentioned in http://hackmytrip.com/2013/01/is-regus-gold-membership-worth… something about limiting you to 10 entries per place in a month?

      • +1

        I think you misread that - a comment was "Even if they have a clause limiting me to 10 days a month at any location…", not that they do. That comment was about homeless using the business centre. Other comments were about access to office space, which is a paid service, available on Platinum Cards from 5+ days a month.

      • Their T&C's do say "Should you use more than ten days in a single Regus centre per month we reserve the right to charge an additional usage fee."

        • +1

          Quoted out of context…
          That condition is on OFFICE use (where membership includes days of office use per month), not the lounge.
          (Membership entitles the cardholder to free Business Lounge access and/or a specified number of “Co-Work” office days or “Private” office days per month as specified by the region selected in your membership options.)

          2. Use of all services and products is subject to availability. Office use is measured in whole days, and unused days can not be carried over to the following month. A Businessworld membership is not intended to be a replacement for a full time or regular office. Should you use more than ten days in a single Regus centre per month we reserve the right to charge an additional usage fee. Offices must be cleared at the end of each day and you are solely responsible for your belongings at the centre.

          For most people, drinking a coffee is not measured in days ;)

        • 10 days a month global OFFICE access would costs $649/mth - in a different league to Lounge Lizards like us.

        • Membership email states Unlimited walk-in access to any of our 1500 global Business Lounges and cafes with business-grade internet and complimentary refreshments

        • So? It was the same answer in reference to a different question.

  • +2

    Great! Free WiFi is a little hard to find in Japan, so their offices will come in handy.
    Can't wait to use the card in 28 days.

    • You can use it straight away, just quote your membership number from the email.

      • Realised that. Will flash the email on the phone tomorrow.
        But I won't be in Japan for a couple of months, so the card will arrive by then.
        Swiping the card looks more professional. Will go well with the namecards I printed for Japan.

      • Its my first Gold Card ;)
        Once I received an impressive looking Queensland Confederation of Commerce and Industry credit card. It was 1 of less than 50 issued. (I paid the bills on it.) People were impressed when I used it, thinking I must be important!! It took a few years before they asked for it back.

  • +3

    Do they open for 24 hours?
    I mean it's probably a good place to go if you miss out the last train and don't want to spend a fortune on taxi in Sydney (we all know how outrageous the taxi fee in Sydney is).

    • +2

      don't think so. Most of these building need swipe pass to go inside after hours.
      So unless this membership card double act as swipe pass for 1600 location world wide, no 24 hours.

      • +2

        Simply drop in and work; it's as easy as swiping your Businessworld membership card and sitting down.

        • +1

          I think they mean swipe your card at entry into the lounge. Entry into the office building will be a completely different matter.

        • I guess you can tell the security guard that you just landed in this city and need to use office facility urgently for business matter…

        • -1

          sorry, I just read that as telling the security guard that you just landed and you need to use the 'facilities' for a urgent matter a.k.a dude i'm busting here show me to the toilet pronto!!! If the is the case…..i'll need to sign up!!

    • +1

      First sentence of T&C's: "you will have access to all participating Regus Group centres worldwide during standard business working hours", so probably not

  • thank you OP! So do I just pop in when I receive my gold card anytime to use the lounges?

    • you dont have to wait for the card. Print out the email and show it to them.

      • so before going into any of these business centres, do I go just go in with no booking or do i have to book meeting rooms?

        • +1

          from what i understand, using the facilities is FREE i.e Lounge Area, Kitchen (i.e. refreshments), and Wifi/Computer access.

          If you want to book a room, then you have to pay $$

        • thanks heaps! hopefully someone can update us if a room needs to be paid with this membership!

  • Great offer - got the membership! Thanks OP!

  • Shut up and take my first vote :)

  • All right offer if you need office space! Just free coffee and copiers!

  • +1

    can you bring other people with you with just your gold card membership?

    is there a page on the website that sates what they offer, ie. coffee, etc?

  • Do I pay if I visit for a couple of hours?

    It says "10% discount on Meeting Rooms, Day Offices and Video conferencing at all Regus locations"

    • +1

      That's like saying if I use Maccas etc free WiFi do I need to buy something? They'd like you to. Regus is renting short term office & meeting space - that's what is 10%off. Of course this is a membership card, usually sold or free to people most likely to buy their services. Enjoy the freebie :-)

      You can sit quietly in their reception areas & drink the free drinks, watch TV, read newspapers, use PCs & WiFi. But there are many places you can do at least some of those for free.

      Handy when I pop into the city for free meal deals etc. Good for city center quiet places to use free WiFi etc when travelling - I signed up.

  • +3

    easternculture, you sir are a true champion. I finally signed up to ozbargain just to say this! Thank you.

  • Is this worth signing up for? If what I'm after is a lounge at the airport or benefits within the airport.

    • +1

      The lounges are located in the CBDs and not in the airport so no.

      • -7

        Mind you, there was a Regus business centre on the 93rd floor of the NYC World Trade Centre South Tower, so … not always that far from a plane.

        • +1

          tsk tsk tsk.

        • -8

          for the sake of good taste, I feel that is neg-worthy :( ….. But I'm to new and can't give negs yet so I'll +1 it instead :)

  • Finally a worthy compromise to the the Regus Gold Membership freebie for the Virgin-Atlantic free silver upgrade offer. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot easternculture. Great deal

  • +1

    I would actually feel too cheap to use this offer. If it was at an airport I would :)

  • Sounds OK… but agree if by airport it would be great for people.. However I wonder what is included in the refreshments?

    • Tea/coffee/water. Soft drink if you're lucky.

  • Very Nice Perfect timing for me too THANKS!

    Just downloaded the app too. Easy to find nearest OZB (aka business lounge) no matter where you are!!

  • Thanks Easternculture…….did what I as OZBer supposed to do…."buy first" and then think whether I need this or not.

  • Dang it. Its a bit of a walk to their offices from Hobart…

    • +1

      Signed up anyway. Someone is going to have a large number of membership cards to post to Australia come Monday morning.

  • Amazing deal, thanks to the OP for this brilliant heads up.

  • Urgh it won't let me sign up. Keeps taking me back to the enrolling page but I can't see if I've entered anything incorrectly.

  • Great find. Thanks OP.

  • +1


    Might just pop in to have a sticky beak. I'm allowed to, i'm a member

  • Thanks so much for this!!! I am going to Manila for business and I was going to pay for a co-lab workspace but I can just spread my time between the 8 lounges in the city!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP - almost joined for 30 days with this deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/107004

  • What time do these centres close? The descriptions don't seem to say :( http://www.regus.com/locations/business-centre/adelaide-vict…

    • The only desciption is…
      T&C 1. As a Regus Group Businessworld member you will have access to all participating Regus Group centres worldwide during standard business working hours.
      These businesses are designed to offer office & business services when you are away from your office - so normal office hours.

      • Just gave them a call, and it's 8:30 - 6pm, Monday to Friday. Too bad they're not open on weekends as well :(

        • Thats standard (office) working hours. Is that all centres, or just your location?
          Given they have video conferencing, you would think some may be available at times to suit other markets.

        • I rang the local number, so I presume that those are the local hours. I might ring another location and check.

        • Australia free call 1800 983 843 http://www.regus.com.au/

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