This was posted 8 years 6 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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(Supposedly AMEX) - OzSale $10 Voucher - No Minimum Spend


This is supposedly an AMEX deal but if you sign up using the above link and buy something of equal or less than $10, you won't have to enter any credit card details. I couldn't put that link to the URL/Link section for some reason.

You will need to sign up with a new account.

The voucher will be available at checkout.

The only things I could find with free shipping are from the superhero merchandise sale:

I bought the Dark knight Mug.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Details from amexconnect:

Mod: Fixed link

Note: "Shipping will take up to 21 days after the end of the sale."
So match expectations accordingly - it may take a while.

EDIT: Looks like the deal has expired after 8000 clicks! Hope follows through with the orders.

Referral Links

Referral: random (123)

The referrer will receive a $20 voucher (min spend $40), once the invited friend has made their first purchase of $20 or more.
No benefit to the referee.

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  • Great post,OP, much appreciated.

  • There's no voucher at the checkout, neither the "dropdown box"

    • +1

      Then you aren't using a newly created account. Either that or the deal has been ozbargained.

      • but i just went through the sign-up process from amexconnect

        • I just went through the Join Now button through the frontpage of the Ozsale website and it worked for me about 25mins ago the $10 coupon was in the checkout drop down box.

        • it turns out that I've had that email account with ozsale already like you said


        • Yeah. If you have another email address spare you can just create a new account using that. If so try that.

      • Worked for me 60 seconds ago

  • Got a Superman mug. Thanks!

  • we all love mugs

  • After 2760 clicks i can't see it being too far from being ozbargained though.

  • Gahh, I hate websites that send you your password in plain text…
    Great deal though, thanks OP! :)

  • +6

    Is there something wrong with me?

    $10 voucher free…but I can't be stuffed signing up and going through the process lol

    • it takes about 2 minutes all up :D

    • Go to the Doctors, you need help….

    • +3

      i cbb too. it's just a mug… I got plenty at home, no more space for mugs.

  • I hope Ozsale honour this but I doubt it will happen, but who knows! They're known to cancel/suspend accounts with multiple orders sent to the same person (name, address I spose). If we don't overdo it I think we'll be okay. Some cool stuff there

    • Also, there may not be anything else with free shipping right now, but the voucher lasts for 9 days and the offer ends on the 30th so there's a big window for possible sales with free shipping.

  • +1

    For the free shipping after your order there's a bunch of dresses $5 to $15…

  • Thanks for post… got a Superman mug… cool.
    I tried to take one step further and invite a "friend" for the $20 extra… but they're too clever for that :P

  • It wants credit card detail…what should i do?

    • You are doing something wrong, it did not ask for any credit card details for me.

    • sure you made a new account?

  • so i got superman and batman mug + batman keychain.

    I've never got anything from OZsales except junkmail. They normally wait 2 months before notifying
    you that they don't have the stock.

    • +1

      really? thats never happend to me once..

  • Brings back memories of the $10 Ozsale Voucher rushes.
    Thanks OP for the deal.

    • +6

      lol. the socks…

  • you need to use the link to the amex advertisement, then click the join now in the ad, then go to the site and pick your items and on check out screen select drop down.

    I got a Superman Mug :)

  • Thanks OP!! Got myself a Superman Mug! :D

  • do they email you the voucher code?

  • even if i entered cc detail, it still wont let me go through? They changed something now?

    message" there are no items in your shopping cart" came out? Anyone got the same message on cc screen?

  • +7

    The Ozbargain gods have shined on us well today.

  • the man of steel mug

  • Just to be different, I got a notebook.

    • +7

      Zomg!!! A notebook for $10?!?! What's the specs?! Bargain!!

      • -1

        He means from the stationary section

  • 4000 clicks already … did they have 4000 mugs

    • they dont. but once the sale has ended, they then order from their supplier.

      • Free Mugs , i dont think they'll order from supplier if you didnt actually pay for it

        They'll just cancel the orders to save money

  • +1

    Guys, if you are faced with the credit card details required, go to the My account page then scroll down and click on the My orders section, you should see that there has been an order there and has been approved.

  • I didn't get anything last time…

  • +1

    Free pencil case for the kidlets, awesome.

  • NICE took up the mug deal too! :)

  • thank you for the deal, got my brother a mug :) hope we all dont get emails "im sorry but…" of a type etc.

  • +4

    Now we all have to agree what the Official Ozbargain Mug is

    Is it the Superman or the Dark Knight mug ?

  • +4

    I can always imagine the business owner doing this after posting an offer like this and receiving millions of orders

    • YES! Hahaha omg

  • Got a Superman mug a well. Looks good. Thanks Op

  • Thanks got a man of steels mug.

    • Note: not steel.

  • Thanks OP, much appreciated :)

    Bought a Batman mug!

    • -1

      not really bought. we all here didnt spent $. so "Got a mug" is more correct :)

      • +4

        Rather it was ordered. No one has got a mug yet since they haven't sent it yet.

        • Purchased 1 superman mug. Thanks OP

        • And the cycle continues. Nice spot OP.

  • Ordered one of those 3D picture things, just cause it's free. Starting to think I should have bought something more useful like the 5-piece towel set for $29 with the free shipping (think it's free if you buy within 1hr of joining).

  • awesome, ordered superman mug

  • +1

    Got the Superman notebook.

    Son will love it, and I'm happy with the price.

  • The only fallback is that this is Ozsale, we're all going to receive our products in 3 months.

    • +1

      Well, at least we will receive it unlike other sites :)

      • Let's hope so!

    • +7

      lol , once is enough "rolls eyes"

      AND buy a mug, its on me , i have 4 AMEX accounts

  • got a couple mugs
    i keep losing them at work

    • +3

      It will now do you justice!

    • +1

      Trouble with the Riddler again I see

  • Thanks, ordered a Superman mug, too :-). Got am AMEX card, btw.

  • This seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  • I signed up using the link, but I can't see the $10 voucher in my account? I'm so confused on how to redeem it? Help someone? :(

    • +3

      If you've done it correctly, when you're on the very beginning of the checkout process, a dropdown box above the "Enter a coupon code" should appear with the $10 voucher as an option. If it's not showing up, sign up again with another email address. I had to do it twice before it showed up.

      • Finally worked, I might have already had accounts with those emails hence that might have been the problem!

  • Thanks OP! Got the $10/Free Superman Mug….free socks from the other ozbargain deal a while back from ozsale and now this!!!! :D :D

  • +1

    Superman MUG!!

  • Thanks Op. doubtful of getting it. :/

  • 7652 clicks. Probably not going to work out for us.

  • +1

    but I don't need mug now. am not a hoarder either

  • +1

    the site is so poorly designed… but I got a free mug :)

  • Best part is we have until the 29th of June 2013 to grab all their upcoming free shipping deals… lol

    Thanks OP, fantastic post !

  • I signed up with the Amex link specified, but no voucher appears at checkout, and if I go to my account and click my vouchers, it says I don't have any?

    • Yeah I didn't get it either? I used an email that was brand new too.

  • Looking at "Coming Soon" section next free shipping item is "Supaheat Portable Indoor Heaters" Starting in 21 hours but won't be under $10 :)

  • Just ordered one - got the Superman Mug. I have an Amex card but it didnt ask for any CC details

  • Thank you OP - took a while to figure it out but I'll blame that on morning-brain.

  • Thanks!

    I ordered myself a Superman mug. That then activated the free shipping on other orders within the next hour, so I was able to order a set of 6 glasses for $9 (the $9.95 shipping was free). I've been needing a new set of tumblers for a while!

  • But I am new member , just created the account, But didn't receive the voucher.
    got the email " Thank you for registering to" but no Code, How do I get the Code?
    Any help or info will be greatly $10 coupon in the checkout drop down box.

  • Hi, I'm not getting the $10 discount when checking out. Can someone help?

    • As long as you signed up as a new account, on checkout page there is a dropdown menu to choose a voucher. Click on the $10 one. To make sure that you actually do have the voucher, go to My Account top right and click My Vouchers on the list, it should say $10.

      • Tried clearing browser cache and alternate email addresses:

        The total value of your 'Ozsale Vouchers' is currently:
        You do not currently have any vouchers.


        • not working anymore, just tried with a random email

        • Thanks for double checking!

        • +2

          your welcome

          Well its going to be busy few weeks for the postman
          Their is over 8000 mugs to be delivered, and thats not counting the multiple use of the code

      • I tried two different accounts but the voucher lists still says I currently do not have any vouchers. I have followed the instructions as stated above and clicking the correct link. So not sure what's wrong here.

      • I give up. Still not working.

  • I followed all the steps and there was no $10 credit in a drop-down box for me :(

    • it means you are too late

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