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20 NFC Stickers for $13 Delivered Smartrac Ultralight *10 Deals* NEW CODE ADDED


A big thanks to this community visiting our online store nfcwireless.com.au this week, due to a great customer of ours posted our url in a conversation! Cheers

We like that… So we want to pay it forward..

By using the code above on our sensational Smartrac Ultralight stickers you will save $12. This means you get 20 of these premium NFC stickers for a grand total of $13 (65 cents each) landed in your Australian post box under std shipping.

Our Ultralight stickers are 100 thousand plus tap life with a 20 year shelf life, any issues you send them back to us. The Integrated circuit will hold a url length of 41 characters and handle device action based commands (gps off, music on) with ease.

Download some cool NFC encoding apps, even check out ours at www.tagster.it.

The difference between an ultralight and ntag203 is url length (41 char vs 132 char )

Smartrac BullsEye™ NFC, NXP Mifare Ultralight

Suitable for short url & short text applications

Ultralight tags can be used with NFC enabled phones for:

Electronic ticketing in public transport
Road tolling
Airline tickets
Access control
General use in the home, car or office

Memory Size: 64 bytes
User Memory: 46 bytes
URL Length : 41 characters
Text Length: 39 characters
Manufacturer Smartrac
Color White
Chip NXP Mifare Ultralight
Adhesive Yes
Shape Circle
Size 38mm
Thickness 0.12mm
Waterproof No

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  • does this work for samsung s4?

    • +1

      delivery is $5 but we factored that into the discount.. so still .66 cents landed.. I just could not get our shopping application to handle it any other way :)

      • normal mail or registered post for the delivery? I need to know which address to put. Thanks.

        • +1

          Standard normal is the go

    • +1

      Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with all Ultralight and NTAG203 NFC chips

  • Anyone need detail on NFC or any advice.. hit us up anytime at [email protected] or live chat on the site when we are about.. .. Cheers

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      I really like the idea of NFC but could you make some suggestions as to how the average joe could benefit from it? I want to use the tech but can't see how it could achieve anything more than tasker for android.

      • +4

        This video has some pretty neat suggestions on some possible uses: http://youtu.be/qp5il7yhM4Y

        Skip to 2:52 for a breakdown.

        • +1

          You beat me to it, i was about to post exactly this video but was wondering if NFC tags and NFC stickers were the same. =) cheers

      • +1

        Or major work is with corporates doing large campaigns with posters etc that you may tap on when you see them about.. the game is divided into the Action and URL business.. Action is all about getting the phone to do something for you with a tap and URL is all about a marketing person taking you somewhere.

        Many apps have many Actions from allowing someone to join a wifi network with a tap to tapping the phone on the bed head to stop an alarm ..

  • Please update the title. 65c x20 might give the wrong impression that it is 65c for $20.

    Update it to reflect the total price.

    • that ok? cheers

      • +2

        I think what he is saying is make the title say 20 NFC tags for $13 bucks delivered.

        • +4

          nice.. ya want a job

  • +1

    WOW, you guys are crazy with the bargain buying!! love it :) .. I even got some dunny roll for nothing today off this site.. lo .. cheers

  • forget to ask 1 important thing.

    is this nfc sticker rewritable?

    • +2

      Sure is..

      just don't lock it :)

  • The difference between an ultralight and ntag203 is url length (41 char vs 132 char )

    Is it correct to assume this also limits the number of actions possible too?

    e.g. if wanting to do:

    1st tap - 5 actions
    2nd tap - 5 actions

  • +1

    Hi Rep, chance for a normal(non ultralight) stickers deal? Thank you.

    • +1


      • Yes Please NTAG203

  • Question I have is:
    If you program a set of tasks on your phone and write that to an NFC sticker - will those tasks only work on your phone? If someone else with another phone taps on your sticker do the same actions run?

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    The maximum number of uses of the discount have been exceeded

    • :(

      • Mark as expired?

        • new code added ZG6TNIOGGG9B

      • new code added ZG6TNIOGGG9B

    • new code added ZG6TNIOGGG9B

    • new code added ZG6TNIOGGG9B

  • expired already??

    • new code added ZG6TNIOGGG9B

  • Hi.


    • Just used code and been charged $25 on my CC

      • .

      • Can you help me out mate. Happy to pay $13 delivered

        • try this.. sorry ZG6TNIOGGG9B

  • .

  • new code ZG6TNIOGGG9B

  • We have been able to release 25 more packs of 20.. then that is it for the financial year it looks.. Thanks

  • Thanks Rep, Bought one.

    Good to see that it's a secure site, paid with card, I hate Paypal.

    • cheers.. they will be in the mail today

      • Thanks Rep,
        If you have a user guide to how these should be programmed / used that would be very handy.

  • Awsome! Thanks Rep, now I have to think about where can I use these tags for my Lumia 920. ;)
    Thanks again.

  • Are these re-writable guys?? cheers

    • Yes.. unless you "lock" the tag when encoding, this will usually be a checkbox option on most apps.

  • 1 left

    • could you please post another new code rep… :(

      • U3SIZ93MX6T6

        • +2

          Rep, I don't think there's any benefit to replying to each comment individually. There is no notification from this site when a specific comment is replied to.
          Any subscribers to the deal however are notified each time you reply, and therefore replying with the same information is effectively spam after the first one.

        • cheers, was not sure how this forum reply worked.. was making sure people who asked got the message to avoid issues :)

  • The discount code you applied is no longer available.

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  • :( maximum use has been reached…

    • -1


  • +3

    I need to consult with the business…. keep an eye out :)

  • +1

    bummer… just finished reading the comments, was about the check out… and expired.
    sad :(

    • Pm the rep ;-)

    • U3SIZ93MX6T6

  • new code for 10 more packs .. No more available after this guys..


    • Thanks rep. Purchased. You are definitely welcome back here any time :)

    • Woohoo!

  • Rep, any chance of a deal on the MIDAS NTAG203's?

    EDIT: Thanks for the new code. ;)

  • I expect that these will be compatible with the iPhone when using an iCarte accessory
    (specs: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/107360#comment-1456774)
    and the NFC Tags application.

    I expect they would also be compatible with the iPhone when using the FloJack accessory and the NFC Actions application.

  • New code has expired… any chance for a new code?

  • Were these being cleared out? - they're not on the website anymore

    • no.. we have more stock coming after July 1.. The NTAG203 is available on the store which are NFC forum compliant,

  • You want to know when we publish the next Deal? Name and Email here and I will email you when we submit a deal.



  • Got mine today. Thanks OP.

  • Arrived today, good work.

  • Mine just came in. Thanks OP.

    Sydney ozbargainers, I only need 5 so if you are keen on a set of 5 for say $4 PM me.

  • Anyone had issues writing to these tags?
    Trying to write 52 bytes, but 'apparently' there is only 46 bytes available.
    Specs say there is 137 bytes available.

  • @Draxxx
    this is not ntag203.

    • D'oh. Looks just like the bullseye.
      Thanks @PissLUR.

  • deal here > http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/108734 final nfcwireless for a while.

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