Click Frenzy 2013 - 7PM Tuesday, 19 November 2013 for 24hrs

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Deals (Full list of retailers participating in Click Frenzy)
Deals (Not on the Click Frenzy list but having their own "Frenzy" event)


Australia's finest retail brands come together for the ultimate 24 hour shopping event, delivering exceptional deals across a wide range of categories for one day only.

All your favourite brands at huge savings, delivered to your door with a few clicks/swipes/taps!

Lock in your reminder for 7pm sharp Tuesday, 19 November, 2013 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time is when the sale begins in all states).

For more details, click below.

Log of new deals added (times AEDST):
11:49AM - Working Class Kids, Unique Mobiles, OzSale
12:47AM - Purifier
9:37PM - eGlobal, Wireless1, Kitchenstyle
9:30PM - Gadgetcity, Clearzone, added Kogan LED Tv deal
9:10PM - Diana Ferrari, Shaver Shop, Slazenger & The Mens Shop
9:00PM - Everlast, Glassons, Sportscraft & Zanui
8:53PM - Canningvale, Cellarmasters, City Beach & Dotti
8:42PM - Beacon Lighting, Bevilles, Jacqui-e & Strandbags
8:38PM - 2XU, Booktopia, Just Jeans & Kate Hill
8:30PM - First Choice Liquor & Target
8:20PM - Peter Alexander & ToyWorld
8:16PM - Good Guys
8:07PM - Onsport
7:47PM - Bras N Things
7:24PM - Adidas, House, Roxy, Woolworths
7:13PM - CatchofTheDay, Mens Shop
7:01PM - Avancer, Mossimo, Sheridan, Toys R Us
6:08PM - Dan Murphy's, DC Shoes, Fila, Smiggle, Autograph, MobileCiti
5:47PM - Anaconda, BigW, Clarks, Hard Yakka, Quicksilver
5:06PM - CrazySales
5:00PM - Amcal, Masters, Myer,, Volley, Windsor Smith
4:19PM - Colorado, Portmans, Sachi
4:03PM - Bendon, Hype
3:53PM - Dusk, Blank Clothing, Video Ezy, Workwear Hub
3:28PM - Berlei, Guess, Wow HD
2:33PM - Bookworld, Events, Hey Pup!
2:28PM - Hotelclub
1:43PM - Julius Marlow, Marcs
1:36PM - Glue, Dick Smith
12:35PM - Bonds, Hallensteins, Microsoft, Mighty Ape, David Jones, Kogan
12:05PM - EzyDVD, Final Days, Shoe Clearance Store
11:45AM - Dell, Jay Jays, The Iconic
11:25AM - Surfstich
11:23AM - Tontine
11:13AM - Chemist Warehouse
10:58AM - Lenovo
10:01AM - Globe, Urban Outfitters
09:50AM - ASOS
09:30AM - Priceline
First - Hush Puppies, Shopping Express

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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  • +2

    it is easier to get stuff directly from the retailers rather than via click frenzy or just watch ozbargain

  • Last two times (EoFY and Father's Day sales) the ClickFrenzy site actually holds up quite well, thanks being well architected and hosted on Amazon S3. It was actually the retailers' sites that were having issues.

    • Actually looks like they are using squarespace as a CDN for images. At $18/month they are just as cheap as Ozbargainers. :P

      • SquareSpace uses EdgeCast for CDN, and it would cost a lot more than $18/month for traffic coming out from their Sydney POP. Well done ClickFrenzy for finding a cheap solution :)

        • I have concerns, myself - for example the page listing all brands ( currently is doing around 300 requests to the same host (loading all the brand/retailer logos) even if you don't scroll down. Not exactly promising in the optimisation department.

        • Doesn't matter as they are hosted on Edgecast rather than the retailers sites. It's pretty much free bandwidth for everyone except for SquareSpace.

        • True, but having a page that opens 300 connections on a single page view is such a hige, basic mistake. What else is going on with their setup like this that we don't see until the switch os flicked? I'll be stunned if everything runs smoothly come 7pm.

        • +1

          You don't open 300 connections to the remote server… Back in the old days IE used to limit 2 connections per host, and these days browsers use pipelining to reduce the number of connections needed to serve multiple requests.

          However comes 7PM, even if just 2 connections per browser, times that by 100,000 — EdgeCast might be able to handle it, but someone would need to foot the bill (poor SquareSpace?)

        • Lol, SquareSpace has some capital. We all do the same to same bandwidth fees. Using CDNs are expensive.

        • They could have used spriting but this is coming from a company that could barely serve a webpage last year. :P

  • +4

    Doubtful there'll be any real bargains though.

    • +2

      Check out Myer's Click Frenzy for a laugh:

      FERRARI by Logic3 T350 Cavallino Active Noise Cancelling on-ear headphones Black
      was $499.00 now $499.00

      MADDOX Short Sleeve Slub Yarn Print Tee
      was $20.00 now $20.00

      KENJI Dusseldorf Short Sleeve Print Tee
      was $19.00 now $19.00

      LOST HIGHWAY Recursion Short Sleeve Tee
      was $14.00 now $14.00


  • +1

    the latest southpark episode is about black friday shopping

    • +4

      Can you please stop having talks of betrayal in my garden?!?

    • If only Trey and Matt knew of the comedy gold that is Crap Frenzy. ;)

      • Well, they would have a fair idea, as this was an idea copied from America and thier Black Friday sales.

  • +18

    I am starting to notice a pattern here. The more frequent the Click Frenzy event the more terrible they are.

  • inb4 ClickFail comments :P

  • Actually had some decent deals the last time but I have too much stuff already so didn't buy anything in the end

  • +3

    The classic deal in the event last time was for a Julius Marlow shoes for $40 a pair shipped.

    • Good shoes wore them to work this week!!!

      • Got two pairs. Have been wearing it for a while now. Very comfy.

        • I was told that "Sorry, even though the shoes that you paid for appeared available on the website, they are actually sold out and we will never be getting them again". Not happy with them!

  • +2

    I thought the 50% off Superdry Giftcards was a decent special:

  • +1

    Priceline's doing 40% off cosmetics for today and tomorrow only

  • just got an email from the iconic 30% off everything with FRENZY30
    not sure about sale items..

  • Surfstitch codes

    • Enter promo code FRENZY to get 25% off sitewide when you spend over $60.

      This is a better deal but not sure if it still works.

    • Enter promo code FRENZYBOARD to receive 15% off Surfboards and Softboards.


  • Reported on Sydney Morning Herald this morning. Interestingly it also interviewed Ruslan Kogan. They supposed to have this "Kogan Frenzy" started at 7AM this morning, but so far we haven't had any Kogan deal submitted.

  • Glue store 25% off everything, excludes sale items. Free shipping over $50.

  • GUESS FRENZY: Take A Further 25% Off Sale + Free Shipping Over $75 + 30% select styles in store

  • HYPE DC 20% off online, don't think it applies to sale items though. PROMO code FRENZY

  • +1

    Berlei has 40% off everything (off rrp). They have removed the sale section….

  • +1

    Bendon has 30% off full price with the code FRENZY30 and also has a sale section - not sure if this was up before and has just been rebranded as click frenzy though.

  • +8

    Kogan is being threatened with legal action by ClickFrenzy for having it's non-official frenzy sale.

    Gizmodo & The Age

    The press regard these vague legal threats as a PR stunt to promote both sales yet the media still publish the story. :)

    • +5

      I think the legal threat here is mainly on the "brand". You see a shop using the word Frenzy in the sale you automatically associate them with the whole ClickFrenzy campaign, but sometimes not the case. Going through the deals today we see a lot of shops also host their sale using that word. I actually don't agree with Gizmodo here — if I have paid top marketing dollars drumming up this silly event, I'll be pissed to see shops that ride on the same campaign (i.e. using trademarked words) without paying an inclusion fee. It's a bit different from Black Friday.

      If Kogan, DJ and other shops want an open-for-all event, they should just call it something else, which I would actually be more inclined to support than the ClickFrenzy thing.

      • +1

        I have to agree with Scotty. It's pretty poor form for a retailer to ride on the back of another campaign. I wouldn't expect anything less from Ruslan Kogan, but there are also some well respected retailers doing the same thing.

        In my eyes it reflects poorly on the merchant, but that's just me, I'm sure most people don't give a sh*t as long as there's some good deals in it for them.

  • has its offers listed here:
    Nothing that appeals to me.

  • Windsor Smith - 20% off everything and free shipping

    Masters - Masters $10 off $50 or $30 off $150 with code CLICKFRENZY

  • Colorado - 40% off storewide with code FF40

  • Vollies - all internationals $20 a pair

  • Topbuy has its offers listed - cheap "Sandisk" SD cards and "Zara" bags. Given the FAKES that they have sold in the past (fake Nike, fake Havaianas) I'm willing to bet these are fakes too. There are (unconfirmed) reviews posted online that they have sold fake Sandisk SD cards in the past.

    Crazy Sales have listed their frenzy offers at

    Amcal click frenzy offers are here

    • +1

      TopBuy is still banned on OzBargain so no one would be posting their deals. However not because of counterfeit products…

      • What happened at Topbuy?

        • +1

          I assume spamming/sockpuppeting.

        • +2

          Topbuy are scammers. You try and get a warranty claim out of them. I had to go to VCAT

        • +1

          Agree - I still have no luck. Can you share the VCAT results as I would like to follow suit too.

  • Wonder if there will be any (worthwhile) deals on cameras, and in particular the Olympus m43 ones.

  • Smiggle are having a 30% of 30 gifts sale - ends tomorrow night.…

    Autograph are also having a 30% sale off everything starting tonight online at 7pm.

  • so in other words, no actual bargains to be had ;)

  • -1

    The timer on clickfrenzy is increasing now… wth?

  • Hey, just an idea for next time. Is it possible to list it by posting date as well? It gets sort of tedious having to scan through entire list every 20 minutes and figuring out the new deals.

    • Yeah good point. I'll try and log what's added down the bottom (maybe!).

      • Thanks, it's good enough :)

  • +3

    LOL I don't know if my Ozbargain instincts has levelled up, or it seems there's no appealing bargains this time around..

  • Hey Click Frenzy, flap you and your dumb ad that intruded my YouTube viewing last night!

    • ever heard of adblock?

      • Was on my mobile, not rooted. :P

        • Doesn't have to be if you have android. Just use firefox with adblock addon.

  • If anyone is interested, the full list of retailers 'officially' participating in Click Frenzy is available via this link. I started going through the list and adding retailers to the list above but am getting tired since I've been through about 25 lines of the list!

  • I'm attempting to purchase via Catch Of the Day using 'CATCHFRENZY' and it's saying 'Invalid Coupon Code' - I suspect it's been pulled (or the code is incorrect - I tried several variations with no success) :(

  • I need a filter for blocking click frenzy… so annoying since there is nothing that's a real "deal"

  • cotton on is doing 30% store wide using code frenzy, typo is also doing 30% off code is frenzy

  • Anyone found a good TV for sale on ClickFrenzy Cheap? I wanted one 32" TV … simple? I gave up.

    ClickFrenzy - The sale that stops the nation (Last year it was the snail that frustrates the nation)

    So I searched

    "We found no offers for "32"+TV" in all deals".. What. No one has a 32" TV on sale

    Found it easier to use Getprice (…) and purchased the TV from

    Was faster than trying to find anything through ClickFrenzy, actually had multiple choices (not zero results) and cheaper!

    • Myer has 20% off TVs. They sell 32" TV's.

  • Anyone know what Click Mania is ?
    Its starting tomorrow at 7pm and is features at bottom on Click Frenzy website


    • +1

      Looks like something from ClickFrenzy so they can get you to shop all the way through Christmas. The tagline is "online shopping destination where serious shoppers live". Moreover,

      It's time now to give our customers a 24/7, always on opportunity to browse and buy from the retail brands they love, with an ever-changing array of fresh new offers

      Sounds like ozbargain to me :-)

      • Sound like more "Free Shipping for orders over $85" offers to me !
        Thats just the sceptic in me … :/

        We shall see …….

      • Exactly like an Ozbargain knock-off:

        Find killer offers posted by the shopping community - YOU! Plus, you can submit great deals you've found yourself.
        Read loads of shopping tips, sale alerts and customer comments - retail therapy!

        • Hhmmm…
          Competition for OzB finally ?

        • Their motto would suggests they're trying to compete with OzBargain and similar websites, "Serious Shoppers Live Here"

        • It now says launching at 7AM instead of 7PM. Hmm.

        • Now 12pm.

        • I guess both OB and the other site will be pulling deals from each other. Hence, both sites will have very similar listings. Not saying that's bad, just saying.

        • It now says 4PM.

        • LOL. Now it says 5PM. The developers must be feeling the pressure!

        • 5:30PM. Two more minutes to go!

        • Launching at 5:30pm… yet my countdown still has 1/2hr to go. Go figure!! :-p

        • Looking good. Apparently 5.30pm is in 25 minutes.

        • It's called "mania" for a reason.

        • Now it says 11PM. Let's hope nothing goes wrong with the site otherwise it will be a long night!

          Yet the countdown is counting down to 5AM on the 22nd.

        • Now it says 7AM 7th Friday 22nd. At least it is counting down correctly now…

        • Looks like it's live. Given it's day 1, you can't be too critical.


          • Pinterest/Responsive design is nice.
          • Clean interface to submit deal.
          • You can pick time of when deal expires.
          • You can pick thumbnail.
          • Extensive categorization.


          • You can only register via Facebook. Comments are also only through Facebook.
          • Says votes but I don't see a vote button. Is Facebook liking votes?
          • Search just brings up tiles. Not very informative.
          • Most of the submitted deals are meh however there are some popular ones that I recognize from here.
          • Can't upload picture.
          • No tagging of deals
          • Vague line between deals and retailers paying for advertising.

          Deal submissions are moderated and though we encourage all submissions, any abuse of our community-based system by retailers attempting to gain free advertising will not be tolerated. Advertising options are available on Click Mania for retailers and brands seeking to promote their offers to our audience.
          It appears there is something called premium deals. I guess those are the paid deals.

          Using Facebook as commenting and signing in is probably the biggest issue. Guess we'll watch this space.

      • Probably annoyed at Ozbargain for giving non-clickfrenzy stores free publicity so they are trying to launch their own.

        • +1

          That's what I was thinking. Scotty said in a previous comment that if it was his campaign he would be pissed to see merchants riding on the back of his efforts, yet openly promotes the very same retailers on OB.

          Yeah I know, OB is a community driven website and every single decision made that relates to OB is determined by the community. ;-)

        • Hehe. Somehow my sarcasm-meter is buzzing on this one. But just to be sure, no, members don't make all the decisions here :)

    • My guess is it will be like Buckscoop. Bucks coop had an advantage in offering cash back deals and people assuming everyone will get Bucks coop cash back. They also frequently had competitions rewarding good deal posts.

      There definitely wasn't as many deal posts as here though.

      • IMO, OZB is more of Community Driven where people give and take of the bargains instead of getting rewards for posting a deal. It requires some active and passionate users to contribute on the forums on a daily basis.

    • The smart thing would have been to launch it WITH click frenzy and have people go there to check out the deals not after the sale.

  • Unless you'd been specifically waiting for something that never does down, the deals are not deals. I'm only interested in dining tables and tents. I can get both much cheaper every day. Anaconda is hugely overpriced - makes them looks bad IMO.

  • Deals from KitchenStyle


    BODUM BISTRO BLENDERS - $70 Off - $129.95


  • Godfreys also taking part, see their deals on the Godfreys site here:

    Headline deal is an Electrolux Bagless vacuum with Powerhead, 50% off at $249 with Free Delivery.

  • Iconic website sucks.

    Why bother having a sale when it comes to checkout. The webpage goes nowhere. It doesn't matter how many times you click continue.

  • I miss PricesEngine :(

    • Yeah whatever happened to them?

      • PayPal withholding funds so they didn't have enough assets to continue the business.

        I've been told this can happen if too much percentage wise are disputed. They would have to be reviewed by PayPal. From the fact that they didn't return I gather it didn't work in their favour.

        • Is it that they didn't have the funds to continue or was it that PayPal simply banned them from using them as a payment gateway?

          How much funds could there have been in their PayPal account? Enough to break them? If I was them I would have been transferring funds out to my bank account at least once a day. Must be more to the story. Probably expensive legal fees killed them in the end.

          They were same people who ran right?

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