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Eneloop Standard Charger + 16x AA Rouge Battery Pack $20.99 (Plus $4.95 Delivery) = $25.94 @ DSE


Ok. Piggy backing from chuckwow's deal here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/135845), found this even better deal on their website. Not sure if it's real or not, but I've gone through the purchase and got a confirmation.

Update: DSE may be shipping the charger with 4 batteries only, see comment below.

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  • +2

    So tempting even though I already have 20.

    • +15

      You amateur.

  • it says code not valid to me(already used the code once for the previous deal), but still a great deal

    Update: Working now;)

  • Fingers crossed!

  • +2

    My order went through. I Hope they honour it!

  • +1

    So 20 batteries plus a charger for $25.94!
    What a great deal

    • shame its not AAA

  • wow that is cheap, regular sale just for the charger and 4 batteries 20 bucks.

  • +7

    Bought, this time I got a better deal because I am slow …. :p

    Why I need more batteries :)

  • damn it, now I can't resist this one

  • +1

    had to buy these :D

    • +2

      So did I. Bloody OzBargain's making me go broke. I don't think I even need them!

      Thanks for nothing OP :)

      • +2

        OzBargain's making me go broke. I don't think I even need them!

        I absolutely feel for ya…I'm in the same boat…

    • +2

      I broke my "dont shop with DS online policy" for this too

  • Fantastic deal! Thanks

  • Order 1, thx OP~

  • Awesome deal. Fingers crossed

  • Who will buy this Eneloop Quick Charger with 4 x 'AA' NiMH Batteries $49.99 with 30% off.


  • So cheap, already have lacrosse charger but for $26 for 16 batteries, charger+4 wow so cheap! purchased

  • +3

    Great deals thanks OP. It looks like you get the charger with 4 batteries plus the bonus 16 batteries so 20 batteries all up.

  • cheap!!! bought one!! :)
    Thank you OP!

  • thx, purchase went through here

  • +1

    Thank you very much OP, now have to research for battery case AA…. Cant find any good battery case for AA around 40 of em from all previous deals( damn it ). Too much toys such batteries wow eneloop.

  • Wasn't charged shipping , used a gift card? Was that the reason?

  • Thanks OP - had to grab a set at this price!

  • About time I got some of these Eneloops

    • aren't you glad you waited 'til now

      • very :D

  • thanks op

  • "Unable to place the order."

    anyone else got this?

    • +1

      I did. I ticked "shipping address same as billing" or something like that, updated the order, submitted it, and it went through.

      • hmm tried that still didn't work - started again, and it went though… ohh well.

        did anyone else try adding other items into the cart with the take30off code?

      • Weird. I had to do the exact opposite. The error went away after I changed my shipping to be different from billing.

    • +1

      Just hit the button to place the order again and keep doing it until the order is accepted. The DSE website is absolute rubbish and this is just another issue it has.

      • I did this until it worked. Thanks for the tip!

    • Same. Just keep trying until it accepts it.

  • WOW I had to do a double-take - 16 AA Batteries.

    • +5

      I think its actually 20 AA batteries… as the charger comes with 4 as well

    • +1

      Yep it's 20! O_O

  • +1

    is this the older generation of eneloop?

    • Gen 3. Don't think gen 4 is out here yet.

  • whats the charger like compared to the lacrosse chargers?

  • Just got confirmation :) First time trying Eneloops so hopefully DS deliver :)

  • Fantastic deal - cheers OP well spotted.

  • Thanks Op. First Eneloop buy. Used discounted gift card from Xmas sale.

  • Thanks, OP. Ordered 1 set with my Wish Gift Card purchased with 5% discount.

  • Super deal!@@

    • +2

      M..M..M..MONSTER DEAL!!!

      • +3

        my hands were shaking when i order this. I couldn't believe such price exists!!!

  • +3

    Probably the best eneloops deal we've had on here, thanks OP!

  • It wont let me put my order through

    EDIT: Just had to spam the confirm order button till it went through like the guys above.


  • Ordered. :)

  • Thanks OP - got one

  • +1

    Made a new dick smith account to use the code again yall

  • +1

    I think i'm going to start being an 'eneloop' battery collector with all these specials…

    • +3

      I already have all the colours. Now to find a nice glass cabinet to display them…

    • you can go to Daiso they have these small acrylic display boxes with a black base. $2.80 if you are interested hahaha

  • Thanks OP Order Two :)

  • +2

    First comment, but so hard to resist this deal, worked a treat, will soon be able to build a log cabin with the number of eneloop batteries we now have around the house.

  • Thanks. Got one. Don't know what to do with all these eneloop batteries ;)

    • eneloop dominoes?

  • Amazing deal thanks OP

  • this is ridiculous, I had to buy one even if I already have more than enough batteries at home

  • I've lost count as to how many Eneloop batteries I have, but with 20 batteries at this crazy price, it's too hard to resist…thanks OP..:)

  • Thanks, great bargain.

  • +3

    I don't have a single product that uses AA batteries but I still couldn't resist this deal.

  • +1

    I think we're set for life with this deal, I have more batteries now than appliances that actually need them :S

    • I think you could use a few hobby grade radio control vehicles …
      A transmitter will use 8 at once.

  • It's coming up as $29.98 for me :/

    EDIT: Stupid me, forgot to use the coupon code :P

    • Use the code above

    • enter code

  • +1

    Can't think of anything I have that uses this many batteries.. What do people use it for? Ideas?

    • See my comment just above re: radio control.

  • Can't resist. Already have over 120 eneloop batteries at home. I think the battery charger come with 4 batteries making this 20 for $25.

    • +1

      What do you do with them all? Only thing I can think of that I have using AA batteries is mouse and TV remote, which only get changed every couple of years.

      • +2

        Use these with the hundred of Cree torches we all buy from Ozbargain >.<

  • "Unable to place the order." nooooooooo

    • +1

      so just keep clicking submit until it goes through…. happened to me 7~8 times : P

  • Thanks OP. Took me a 3 tries to check out. The system kept failing to process my payment. Tried my CC and then PayPal. Second attempt at CC worked in the end.

  • Product title states
    "Eneloop Standard Charger + 16 x AA Rouge Battery Pack"

    However, the Bundle Contains section states
    "This bundle contains the following items"
    Eneloop Standard Charger includes 4 x 'AA' NiMH Batteries"

    No mentioning of the 16 x AA Rouge battery pack in the Bundle Contains section. I hope it is just an omission.

    • But the overview also backs up the title:

      The Sanyo Eneloop Standard Mains Charger designed to suit eneloop rechargeable NiMH batteries charges (from flat) 2 to 4 'AA' in 10 hours or 'AAA' batteries in 8 hours and includes two bonus sets of 8 x 'AA' rouge battery pack.

  • Incredible!!!!

    Thanks OP =)

  • Holy Jesus Batman that's a good deal. Purchased. Hope this isn't a pricing error and they don't honor it.

  • EPIC deal! One 8x pack normally goes for $20 when on special!

    2x Rouge = $40
    Charger pack = $15

    Essentially $55 worth of value for $27. ~50% off. Hands down makes it the best Eneloop deal seen on OzB in the last 5yrs (or ever) AFAIK.

    • One 8 pack is $39,99. 2 is near enough $80. The charger kit is $30. Its well over 50% off. You are buying the charger and 4 batts, with discount of 30%, plus postage. The 2 packs of Rouge are free.

    • The older version Glitter 8 pack went as low as $10 a pack on clearance @DSE months ago.

  • +1

    order went through after the error showed up 4 times. im happy now!

    • Same here, 'unable to to place order' for four times, then success, website must be getting hammered…

  • Where does this TAKE30OFF comes from? only one use allowed per account? My heart is still beating like mad!

  • Thanks OP. Kept getting the error but kept hitting the Complete Order button and it eventually went through. Bought with the Wish Gift Card so another 5% off.

  • Bought a set when i have a tonne of them. Don't know why. :(

  • Thanks OP, a second charger I do not need, but batteries alone…

  • Yup, got 2 for delivery $46.92

  • Soooo tempted to use these damn Dick Smith gift cards on this deal… but really need to get rid of them instead :(

  • +4

    first time enelooper yey :D

  • +5

    I'm actually wondering if it's 20 batteries all up. The charger pack appears to have 4 batteries as well….

    If it's 16 batteries I'm still happy, but if it's 20 batteries….

    ( •
    ( •_•) <HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

    • +1

      I'm actually 99.99% sure this deal includes 20 batteries.
      Description says it includes the charger, which has 4 x AA batteries. Then it later descripts the pack as also having an additional 2 X 8 AA Packs to the charger pack.

      I think someone just dropped the bass!

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