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MYER Friends and Family Sale 50% off- Thursday Only

  • In store only -

Hopefully this isn't taken down like last time, but Myer is offering 50% off Myer Exclusive Brands (MEBs) again. Brands are listed and it's for this Thursday only.

Happy shopping!

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    Thanks for your first post! Beat this guy to it, too. Well done.

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    MEB means it's harder to compare prices with other retailers yeh?

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      MEB means bogan brands

  • Beat me by a minute! Congrats on your first post :)
    (Can someone tell me how to delete my post of this deal?)

    • You can use the report button in future, but it's already been removed now :)

    • Done :)

    • :)

  • Is it just melbourne, or other states too?

    • This should include other states but not 100% sure.

    • +1 want to know. Would this have gone out to MYER one members? Which I am.

    • Where is the mention of exclusivity to Melbourne?

      • The reason for the discount at bottom of pamphlet is 'MEB 50% F & F'. Also the name of the pdf says it's for melbourne.

        edit: or it could be Myer exclusive brands as someone else pointed out…

      • MEB mistakes for MELB?

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      MEB means Myer Exclusive Brands.

      When is Melbourne ever referred to as MEB? Melb, yes. MEB, no.

  • is MEB for myer.exclusive.brands ? or MEB melbourne?

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      Melbourne in 3 letters code is MEL

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      Shouldn't MEL = Melbourne, and not MEB?

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    hey guys not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but whats the significance of MEB? Is this Melbourne?

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      As per puffinfresh, "MEB means Myer Exclusive Brands"

  • Thanks OP!
    Shame furniture isn't included! :P

  • +1

    so this is Melbourne only right as it says MEB.

    NAH JOKES. its been fixed. Its all Myers!

    • Just been reading this dialogue and your joke just hit the jackpot.

      Does one's head in.

  • Has anyone in Adelaide received this also?

  • The only problem I see: applies only to full priced products - no other discounts. That leaves preciously little in terms of bargains. Which Myer product is worth 50% off full price? Any suggestions in the Homewares department?

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    Do u have to print or can u just present this on your phone?

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      Mate stop being lazy and print the God damn voucher to avoid any possible disappointments!

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    Includes: Menswear - Blaq Sunglasses.
    Excludes: Sunglasses.

    ….ok then.

  • Great deal, I like the Kenji range

  • Great deal, was hoping for a larger variety in menswear though. Most of the brands are relatively cheap in comparison anyways.

  • Time to put those Scoopon Myer gift cards to use!

    • +1

      They won't be emailed till next week! :(

      • Damn!

      • Actually just got mine today

        • Yea same! Awesome

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    so, just to confirm, when it says 50% off watches, would this include the likes of guess, armani etc ?

    • It applies to the brands listed, it doesn't say "50% off watches" in general.

    • Where does it say 50% off all watches? From what I can see, its only 50% off Basque watches.

    • +8

      Did you read anything at all on the attachment?

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      Is guess, Armani, etc exclusive to Myer?

      Clue, get voucher
      Print it.

      • Voucher link not working…. Can anyone provide?

      • Weird, it download downloads a copy of of this forum messages instead

        • S4 browser doesn't work… But chrome on mobile did. Strange

  • Did anyone have any luck with this last time? Didn't they request a take down and threaten not to accept it if it wasn't used by a family or friend?

    • +4

      how does one verify if you are a friend

      • +11

        DNA test obviously.
        Note: DNA test kits are excluded from the sale.

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    In one section it says sunglasses are eligible and then at the end it says glasses are excluded. Which is it?

    • It only includes the brands listed and excludes everything else obviously.

      • Thanks. Anyone know if basque brand goes alright. Never heard of them before

  • +3

    BigW will be doing a similar offer on Sat/Sun

    It will only be 10% but its off everything.

    Will get the link shortly.

    • +2

      Awesome. Pls post!

      • -1

        Here - https://www.allyours.com/media/admin/16998//d465kg4ps8usz8c84sk/H0289+May+June+Staff+Sale+A3_v3.pdf

  • All the Miss Shop stuff are 30% off sale this period…so does that mean that there will be no discount? But it's on the list and that would mean nothing from Miss Shop would have 50% off. Unless they are willing to use full price?

    • +3

      Yeah, it will be 50% off the RRP.

      "If another offer scans up in conjunction with the MEB 50% Family and Friends offer then please override back to the permanent/ticket price and then take a Manual Item discount."

  • In fact, it seems almost everything in myer has a "special offer" of 30% off at checkout. So does that mean nothing will be discounted?

  • +4

    Back in the day Myer usually marked up most of their stock by at least 100%. I don't know how much they mark up things now but I still usually avoid Myer and David Jones, and usually only use them as a price point in how much I'm getting ripped off.

    • not for apple products

    • +2

      To be fair most of the time they list RRP from manufacturer. How is that marking up items 100%? Sure it may be more expensive than places that offer a discount on RRP.

      Something else to note is that most stores spaces in Myers and David Jones are rented out to Louis vuitton, saba, Ralph Lauren etc.

  • Is this both online and instore? I had Myer gift card and never thought I could use it. I just kept it somewhere at home thinking even if I buy it using the gift card the balance from the total price I would have to pay would make it not worth using it at all. May be with half price I should be able to use the gift card. I am not a brand lover. I have one more day to find the card..

  • Does anyone know if the ah bedding discount can be used on mattresses?

  • Damn, just bought a new Blaq suit @ 30% off today!

    Anyone worked there before can tell me if they will accept my return on Thursday and then immediate let me purchase at 50% off?

    • Return it today instead?

      • They dont have anymore pairs of the same size, dont want to risk losing this suit…

        Anyone worked there previously that may know the return process in more detail? Can you immediately sell returned goods?

        • +1

          Yes, you can do it. Now problem.
          Return and get it with 50% RRP

        • +1

          If you just go in and explain, they may just give you a refund of the difference.

          They did that for me last time!

        • +1

          Nice lady refunded and resold the suit to me. Nice suit now a great price!

          Makes you think about how much margin they have on these 'MEB' products.

  • Do you have to become a member? How do you become a member to use this voucher?

  • Oks nvm I was just confused with the heading "myer team member", just realised you can just bring the voucher in..

  • I used this last year to get a few early christmas presents, the staff were initially reluctant but then scanned it through… deffo worth a try!

  • Has anyone been able to confirm if this is legit from any staff members? I was speaking to a Myer employee who had not heard of it and said there have been many 'fake' friends/family offers going around.

  • +5

    Even with 50% off, Is there anything worth buying? lol

  • +1

    Has anyone used the voucher today and does it work?

  • I am wondering the same thing

  • +3

    Gave Myer Melbourne CBD a buzz, it's confirmed by the receptionist lady, the sale is on, only for MEB brands. Make use of it!

    • Yay! Thankyou. :D

  • +1

    I've been to myer and can confirm that the sale is on BUT they wouldn't let me use it on anything that was already discounted and every single thing I wanted had a smaller discount already. I was told the same thing in three different departments, so I didn't end up using the voucher anyway!

    • Thanks for this, was wondering about this exact situation.

    • Hey, are you in Melbourn?
      Just want to make sure it's valid in other cities.

  • +2

    I can also confirm the voucher worked at Myer Roselands (Sydney). Fiance said some of the items she bought were already on special but they took 50% off the original (full) price which still saved her plenty of $$$. She's happy!

  • Works. But mens clothes are pretty horrible and overpriced to begin with.

  • Notarealperson… at bottom of coupon it explains how to take the item back u to normal price and then apply 50% off. Worked at myer canberra

  • Many things are overpriced, but I found the kitchenware to be reasonable.
    Asked staff to take items back to normal price then apply the 50% to sale items. I left my print out voucher lying around randomly for any random shopper to pick up.

  • Used the coupon at Sydney Westfield Myers. So the coupon works.:)
    PS: The staff asked for Myers membership card to apply the discount.

    • The coupon states:
      Scan MYER one card (if applicable),

      So I assume you don't NEED to have a MYER one card to use this coupon?

      • No you don't need a myer one card.

        It is just very difficult to find anything of value if you are looking for fashion. The mens clothes are attrocious and way overpriced. Merino jumper $89.95, less discount $45 or so. You might as well just buy from Hallensteins, about $30 with free shipping with the current deals.

        • Thanks, I might take a geez at the Wayne Cooper stuff.

      • No you don't need a Myer One card but actually it comes in handy as sometimes you get a heads up (per the odd email) on the sales and get in a day ahead of everyone else. You don't get daily/weekly or even monthly emails too. Costs nothing.

  • Worked at Myers Chermside (Brisbane) :)

  • Worked at Myer Hornsby NSW, they had a copy of the voucher at cashier, did't even take my printout.

  • +1

    Wife got a couple of things by Wayne Cooper (I approved of course, some sexy stuff there!). I got a couple of items from Trent Nathan (Been a TN fan for the last couple of decades, so this discount was good!).

    Thanks OP.

  • They are announcing it on the PA at Top Ryde NSW

  • Dearest OP,

    Thanks to your post, I've saved $60 today. You're my Hero!

  • Thanks OP. Saved me $90 today. The Reserve 100% Merino wool jumpers are really nice.

  • Saved $95.00 at Myer Brisbane CBD - nice pleather jacket by Reserve and a Jack Stone shirt. Keen for the next one, cheers OP.

  • Thanks OP saved $90 also, overheard lady at Myer Sydney CBD say the were projecting $19000 and have achieved $40000 (8pm not sure if just kids department), she then stated "somehow this went viral", I thought yep Ozbargain would help with that :)

  • Got a nice suede jacket $300 now $150. Got another jacket and pants too. Thanks OP.

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