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Free Cycling Pack Including a Knog Bike Light - Bicycle Network (New Riders)


Great way to motivate yourself to get on two wheels. Aimed at those that are new to bike riding.

Registration form with general contact details required. I.E. Name, Address, DOB. etc.

"We know you'll love life on two wheels. To help you start, we'll send you a free pack with a Knog bike light and give you access to a Start Riding website that has locally-based resources.

The packs and site are currently in development but you can pre-order today by filling in this short web form."

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  • Sounds good, cheers.

    • On completing form via Firefox on new HP AIO Android desktop, next web page was displayed as mirror-image of itself. Before we could read it, Firefox quit unexpectedly.

      Is it this web site, or the new HP, or Firefox… or what? :-/

      • Sounds like Firefox just crashed out, try Chrome?

      • I always use IE when filling in forms, only because it's compatible with every website I've been on. Slow, but if I want the deal I'll make do.

    • just received my knog light today, there is a red light ~

  • -1

    thanks! Now to buy the bike ;)

    • no idea why that got negged

      • +20

        Perhaps people thought the person is accruing free items for the sake of it(depriving the opportunity from those who could make use of said items), sarcastically making a quip about not even having a bike.

        • +2

          But the site is also for people that do not have bike yet - it goes through to show what type of bike to buy to suit you.

        • I also don't see why you got negged. The banner above the survey form says "The essential resource for anyone who wants to start riding".

        • Well, I give my testimonial here that when I ordered this free pack I haven't got a bike. The next day I purchased a bike (although it's a cheap basic model). True story

  • Thanks OP !

  • Love it!
    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Cheers OP

  • +50

    I'm a bit confused. They say "The packs and site are currently in development but you can pre-order today by filling in this short web form.". So the light is not part of the "pack"?
    I am not under the impression this is a large and wealthy organisation (it actually asks for donations), so I doubt they will be able to send out thousands of free lights. Not sure I want to Ozbargain these guys.

    • +4

      You make a valid point. They are a great organisation for a great cause and not for profit from my understanding.

      I did consider not publishing this post based on those factors, but I think this is a publicity push by Bicycle Network to improve its visibility.

      I did notice this offer via the City of Melbourne twitter account and in my opinion; it is a database building exercise to improve membership numbers. I assume knog have donated or discounted the lights for the same purpose.

      For me, it promotes cycling and safety to an audience. The more users on the road, the safer it is for all riders.

      • +10

        I have called Bicycle Network and made them aware of this post and to ensure it is targeting the right people.

        There is a limited amount and they are monitoring this. As highlighted in the post, it is for New Riders, so take up the offer if there is a genuine use for the cycling pack.

    • +1

      Knog is an Australian company, chances are they donated some lights for them to give away. Their base lights is actually pretty cheap, and well, not that good a light if you are riding at night.

  • +40

    Don't abuse this guys… don't put your details down if you aren't going to use the light. Otherwise noone gets anything.

    • +5

      Yeah right, the tight-arses on here will be signing up in droves… and eBay will soon be flooded with Knogs.

    • +1

      not likely though… OzB-ers love torches !!

      • I always wondering why oz bargainer love torches… a big mystery

  • +8

    1901 clicks, I predict it's abused already

    • Not all clicks necessarily translate into sign ups :)

  • Great, an extra light! Planning on putting one of these on my front fork of my road bike to light up the road better at night. Cheers OP!

    • Why not use the Cree torches for your bike?

      • The cree I ordered is on it's way from HK, that's going on the bar. Previous cree I had was stolen off my bike at my work's underground parking.

        • Ah damn that sucks.
          Although, your new Cree will probably arrive before the cycle pack…

        • That's true, but regardless, I can always install the light on the bike I built for my fiancé. No rush for it anyway.

    • You're not going to get any usable light from a Knog or similar light

      • I'm pretty sure it's still a usable amount of light, nothing like a Cree though, but it's all relative. No point for these guys to give you an unusable light, that's like give you a bell that hardly makes a sound.

        • A knog isn't designed to throw light at any distance or particular beam. Its for visibility/strobing. Different lights different purposes, unlike bells

  • I joined up 2 months ago….no free light! Oh well, good cause!

  • 2927 clicks.. don't imagine there's that many lights to give away but signed up anyway

  • +3

    Cool. Now provide us with safer roads.

  • Thank you! My front light is starting to be funny now. Good timing ;)

  • -2

    MMM sponsered by Coke no thanks. BV turds…

  • +2

    Actually a really good website, well worth checking out

  • +10

    Dam 4000 clicks in 3 hours??? Why don't you dam clickers click that many for the 90c donation the the other day for cancer donations!

    • +8

      The earlier posts about abusing the system and not signing up if you are not going to use it for the stated purpose will help 'shed some light' on your question.

    • rekt

  • I'd much rather pay for the bike light than give out personal information.

  • -6

    "Aimed at those that are new to bike riding."

    Dear skimmermilk,
    I apologise in advance for those who are genuinely thinking of starting biking but missed out on the deail

    Yours sincerely,

    An ozbargainer that will sign up for free tampons, just because it's free. (yes I'm a guy)

  • +3

    Cheers~ bought a bike recently and intend to do the commute to work, just happenstance that I haven't purchased a front blinky as of yet, so this is well timed for me!

  • I just got an email from the Bicycle Network, as I am a member. Asking me to tell friends about the deal.
    Looks like they still have a few to give away.

    • You do realise it wasn't the company that posted it on OzBargain, right?

      • Yes, but all actions have consequences. The downvotes are just a testimony of the point that I was trying to make.

        • ur point is moot.
          the "exposure" is towards people who r abusing it that probaly have no idea what this organisation is about and just put in their details for a free light….

  • thanks. Got it

  • -1

    Should have enough for my Christmas display this year thanks OP.

  • I have a feeling that they'll only send out a very limited # of free bike lights and will just send information packs or something to everyone else. Worth a try though.

  • +2
    • As a fellow ozbargainer, we all know how many bargains does COTD put out.

  • Just saw the number of +ve votes on the deal, not a chance in hell I'm going to get one, but gonna take a punt anyway lol

  • -2

    Nice pickup! I can do with an extra light.

  • Can I get a second light for my grandma's walking frame?

  • +1

    My bike light got stolen two weeks ago, haven't went for a ride since. Got the bike a month ago. Thanks for sharing.

    • -5

      Where I live, you could leave an entire bicycle untethered on the street or at the local shopping centre for a week and nobody would steal it.

      Australians love their cars and especially their SUVs; why ride a bike when you own an automobile? Riding a bicycle seems to be nothing more than a left wing, 'Green' ideological statement.

      • +3

        I know, right!
        If Australians liked bike riding, they'd have bike racks at McDonald's, hungry jacks and kfc.

        Why be healthy when you could live the McBeetus lifestyle in your SUV?

      • +1

        Price of "Gasoline" in Western Australia is around $6/Gallon ($1.56/L), we dont have cheap petrol like you guys do in the US.

        My little Toyota Yaris V8 hatchback chews too much petrol especially when it needs to do 90 mph for time traveling.

        Riding a pushbike is good for the environment and it keeps you fit.

      • +1

        Australians love their cars and especially their SUVs; why ride a bike when you own an automobile? Riding a bicycle seems to be nothing more than a left wing, 'Green' ideological statement.

        that exactly the problem with Australia and Australian people right there.

  • Hate it when companies ask for date of birth when all they need is a birth year for their stats. Now if they plan to give me a new bike for my birthday then… ;-)

    • +1

      You give out real personal details?

    • +1

      Not usually (unless needed to show matching date on ID to get something) that's why I think it's pointless for stupid companies to ask for it when it's not needed.

  • +2

    Probably other areas have this but the Gold Coast has free bike maintenance classes -…

    Become a better cyclist
    Get back on your bike
    Better bike maintenance
    Basic cycling skills for female riders
    On the road - cycling workshop for girls
    Absolute beginners
    Training wheels to two wheels course
    Student cycling course

    Bookings required. To book, phone 07 5582 8677 or email [email protected].

  • +2

    Got an email this morning:

    Thank you for requesting a Start Riding pack. We are thrilled to help you get pedalling - and that's why we're emailing.
    Over the past week we’ve been inundated with requests for our new Start Riding packs. In just the first few days we had more than 10,000 requests.
    Unfortunately, we believe that some of this demand came from people who were after a free bike light, and not really interested in getting on a bike.
    We are passionate about bike riding and want to make sure we're supporting those who are truly interested in getting on two wheels.
    If you're ready to hop on your bike seat then we're here for you 100% and can send you the most important part of the pack - a 16 page booklet of information straight away.
    To confirm your interest, click on the below button and your pack will be on its way to your doorstep in no time.

    At the bottom of the email, there is a link to "confirm your interest".
    Turns out, it just goes to a picture which "confirms" that you want to start riding your bike.

    Guess it got OzBargained big time.

    • Same.

      But the link to the picture does seem to be unique, even though it ends up redirecting to the same place. And it sets a session cookie too. It's a bit strange, but I think it's too early to discount the possibility of this working out, at least for some who may get lucky. 10,000+ free lights sure would be a lot, though!

  • +3

    The dark side of ozbargain. Now they just gonna be posting out thousands of booklets with no lights that will go right in the bin. Well done ozb..

    • -1

      Its not ozb fault. They offered the free light and got more requests than expected…
      Sending out the junk mail booklet when you can read it online just makes it sillier… :-(

  • Empty promises as always…

  • +2

    Promise a bike light

    Deliver a book

    • If they were smarter they could have offered the book (then thrown in the light as a bonus or offered it subsequently to those people). Receivers would be thrilled and it would've been more likely to target the people they wanted.

      Can't see 10,000 new riders hitting the bike paths based on the offer take up.

  • -3

    If you're ready to hop on your bike seat then we're here for you 100% and can send you the most important part of the pack - a 16 page booklet of information straight away. - Scummy company.

  • -1

    didn't get the bike light but a book instead.

  • They might still send the light.

  • +1

    Thanks for shedding some light on the situation.

  • +2

    Got my light and booklet today. I signed up before it was on OzB though.

    • Got mine this morning too, thanks again op!!

  • Got nothing lol

  • Haven't received book or light yet unfortunately.
    Have been currently swapping a front light from one bike to the other in anticipation, but looks like I might just bite the bullet and buy another light. :S

    • Update 22/07/14
      Just received light. Knog Frog red light~

  • +2

    Just got my light and book :) Nice suprise

  • got my light and book today. thank you!

  • received light and book today, cheers !

  • Got my light today. It's a red light.

  • +1

    Got my light and book today! Woot woot! Mine's green. I wasnt actually expecting to get it considering the deal was OzBargained and their follow up email. I thought I was getting a shitty book only. The book is quite good actually and so is the light.

  • Got mine yesterday.

  • Got my light today.

  • Got my light today too! Very happy biker!!!! :)

  • +1

    Got my light on Friday too. Glad it worked out after all.

  • Got mine today.

  • Damn totally forgot about this! was a surprise when I got it this morning. Came with the light as well :)

  • Got mine as well, damn it's bright! Got this one for my son who is learning to ride very soon and I reckon I'll actually buy one for myself, the cheap Chinese eBay ones I have won't cut it anymore. Thanks OP and thanks Bicycle Network!

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