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20% off Dick Smith eBay Store Plus Free Postage


20% off the dick Smith eBay store. Ends June 19.

The redemption code can only be used for 1 transaction per person. Maximum discount of $500.

Remember to purchase through Velocity Rewards to earn 2 points for every $1 spent on eBay.

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  • -1

    False advertising. No free delivery.

  • Do you apply the code after you click 'buy it now'?


    • +1

      Yes, apply code when you checkout and you must use PayPal.

    • +3

      Click 'Add To Cart' then proceed to checkout so you can enter the code before you commit to buying.

  • Can you buy gift cards with this code?

    edit: nope

  • Anything worth buying?

  • Good price for Logitech gaming products: G440, G105, G430.

  • +3

    C'mon guys, we need people to find the bargains for the rest of us ;).

  • Hi Guys,

    I am after 32inch Smart TV and I see below options, can you please recommend which is better option?

    Samsung 32" High Definition LED TV UA32H4000 : AU $309.75
    LG 32" (81cm) High Definition LED TV 32LN563B : AU $308.15
    Panasonic 32" (81cm) High Definition LED TV TH-32A400A : AU $404.15

    We plan to wall mount it.


    • +3

      As far as I'm aware, none of these are Smart TV's. And they are all 1366 x 768 resolution. They all seem to have USB media play back, include MKV support though.

      Panasonic has 100 hz

    • +1

      Are you an Essendon fan?

  • +1

    Are any of the cheaper end laptops worth buying? I've been looking for ages for my mum who likes to use a program for house designs, email, Internet browsing etc but she wants something reliable… She is convinced she needs something with 8gb ram but I'm not sure she needs it. Any help appreciated!

  • Fitbit flex comes down to around $102 …. I can't justify it til it goes under 100 haha

    • +6

      I have one. It's a waste of money tbh…

      • +1

        Feel free to sell it to me :p I'm have been in two minds about it… Some people seem to love it others I'm sure it's gathering dust…a bit like my cross trainer haha

        • +6

          $101 and it's yours ;)

        • +1

          I wore it for like 2 days, if you're cool with that, I'd me more than happy to sell it! Are you in WA?

        • Nope vic, pm me your price if you want :)

  • +2

    Some deals worth considering… Though new models are coming soon for all 3.

    BTW, I did a rough calculation so the price might be off by a few dollars.

    Nexus 7 2013 32GB - $275.20
    iPad Mini with Retina 64GB Wifi - $562.40
    iPad Mini with Retina 128GB Wifi + 4G - $762.40

    • No longer seeing tablets listed.

  • So is shipping still being charged or has Dick Smith fixed that yet?

  • bought seagate 4tb plus and chromecast. $208 in total. where on earth is the free shipping??

  • +2

    I purchased Chromecast and was charged for delivery(Total AU $44.15). Then called Customer Support Team on 1300 366 644. The girl asked me for order number which i was uunable to find in the order details. I forwarded the order confirmation email to her. She has advised that they will refund the delivery charge back to my account.

    • Couldn't find any in the ebay store. Also I noted some items had 45 minutes expiration times on them.

      • +1

        Price matched the chromecast at jb hi fi. $39.

        • I went to dicksmith before jb and they said they don't price match their eBay store

        • +3

          I feel like there's 3 different teams,
          DickSmith Stores
          DickSmith Online
          Dicksmith Ebay

        • +5

          Yep and jb got my money

  • +3

    G700s is good value as it is. But 20% is ridiculous.

    And the XBone controller is pretty tempting for new gen games on the PC

  • just got a message from paypal, i got charged the full amount of $257.90??what tha?the total on the checkout page is $208?whats wrong with them??

    • +2

      Did you check whether there's a "credit" equivalent to 20% off?

      So you "pay" the full amount, but it's made up of what you actually pay plus the credit.

    • Happened to me once before. Coupon expired after order summary page and before paypal transaction went through (10 second gap).

      Took me an hour on phone to cancel the order!

    • +1

      There's lots wrong with Dick Smith.

      Lodge a PayPal dispute.

  • i didn't login and check , usually when i paid with paypal, they will send me a notice on the paypal app and stated that i paid this amount.

    so you saying they charge my credit card differently to what paypal sent to me?

  • Pebble watch incl shipping $148.15, good price..thanks OP

  • Thanks guys! Been looking for a NETGEAR EX6200 AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender for a while - cheapest online through mwave was $150 and most stores were selling at $180.
    Dick is doing it for $120 so I got it all up inc delivery for $100.15. Awesome!

  • +2


    iPad mini with Retina display Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB - Space Grey Qty: 1
    AU $948.00
    Standard Services - AU $4.95
    Standard delivery
    Est. delivery Thu. 19 Jun.
    + AU $4.95

    AU $189.60 off voucher - Cdsh20
    Subtotal (1 item)AU $948.00
    PostageAU $4.95
    Vouchers- AU $189.60

    Total:AU $763.35

    • Gone from the store already…

  • Chromecast gone. Cannot find it any more on the eBay store.


  • Is the htc one any good at $422? I am not a big phone person any help appreciated. Choosing between that and a sony Xperia z2 on plan. Thanks

    • What are you after? HTC One (m7) is/was a great phone. Thing is @$422, I wouldn't consider it a bargain. Given the current FeeBay price for a second hand, very good condition HTC One, I wouldn't recommend it.

      On the other hand, Z2 on a plan… Hm… not sure about that. Z2 is a great phone.. but you normally pay more with plan.

      • I was going to put the HTC on a byo plan anyway. Worked out the z2 would cost me $600 extra which isn't too bad I guess

      • HTC One (m7) is a great phone, but terrible camera - my own experience.
        From reviews I've read, the m8 is also a great phone and a terrible camera.

  • Decent price for anyone after an average 31.5" TV, escpecially when you consider it's still $348 on the DSE website.


    $187.35 with shipping and discount applied.

    • If only it was FHD.

    • how do you get $187, it's 348 on the ebay store, less 20% = $278.

      • +1

        It was like $228 or something when I posted that.
        Super dodgey.
        Super suuuuuper dodgey.

        I knew I should have bought it then and there.

        Edit: See tony's comment below.
        It was "revised".

  • +3

    Note 3 for $658.55, I guess is a good deal?

    • +1

      Great deal. I got it for around $720 that was the cheapest from DickSmith Aus Stock.

    • The eBay page doesn't seem to have any specifics, like model number & features. It has the same DS online catalogue code of EM5260, so 32g 4G so I guess must be N9005. Thinking of trying a Officeworks price match for the win (long shot I know).

      • OW online wouldn't pricematch/lowest price guarantee, they said they can't include the 20% off, as they currently don't have the same deal (20% off), WTF? Would only take 5% off the pre-coupon cost of $817. I mentioned that many sales include a % discount or have to use coupons & that it all seems fine by their terms & conditions, but still said no. So their "LPG" is dependant on whether they feel like it I guess.

        • Thats utter bulldust.
          I would right to head office.
          Utter crap.

  • -2

    Fitbit flex standard price but 20% mail.app$5. COST $128 20% = $25 NOT BAD IF FREE DELIVERY.

    oNLY 14 MIN TO BUY.

    Not sure of refund/return thus wont buy on push time expiry. Sad face

  • +22

    WARNING - Make sure you check the Dick Smith web site first as some items seem to be marked up.

    Like: Samsung 48" (122cm) Full High Definition LED TV UA48H5000 $1199 less 20 % = $959.20


    Dick Smith web site $899 less $30 for over $300 spend = $869


    So website is almost 10% cheaper than the eBay store after the so called 20% off ! Dodge !

    • +1

      yes exactly be careful ….

      Asus Nexus 7 32GB - website has list price $288 less $15 & free delivery = $273

      Ebay site listed as $339 - 20% = $271.20 but when I try & put it through it adds postage bringing upto $276.15 if I can get the postage removed yes you save $1.80 but they are being a tad sneaky I believe.

  • Everything ended and was relisted

    • Wow thats weird

    • Perhaps they fixed the postage issue?

      • Nope, I still got charged on a re listed item

  • How do we fix this being charged for postage problem?

    • +3

      Wait until tomorrow (because your order wouldn't have been processed yet)
      And then call up their hotline, give them your order # and request a refund

      They usually are pretty good with refunding it, although their customer service is terrible

      • +1

        Thanks for the advice Tony.

  • Ended up getting NFS Rivals for PS4, with discount its ~$58 making it the cheapest I could find. They did charge me for postage too so I've sent them a message.

    • +3

      Too bad the game is rubbish :(

      • If they PS4 had more choice of games out I wouldn't be buying stuff I don't really want. Damn ozbargain suckered me into a good deal on the PS4. Ended up costing me more than I would like to admit.

        Games arrived already so I can't complain about postage speed.

  • +3

    Any reviews on the

    Dick Smith 49.5" (126cm) Full HD LED LCD TV

    $400 for 49.5" LED seems good.


    • +2

      got a DSE branded TV from them years ago for our meeting room and it is still going strong. the picture quality is not so great though. I strongly recommend you to visit the shop and take a look at the PQ before buying

    • very interesting!

  • just bought a new TV thanks!!!!!!!!!!

    great post

    • Don't forget to seek a shipping fee refund if you got charged for it.

  • yes I got charged $4.95 shipping? do you know how I can get a refund of that?

    • +5

      Send me $20 and I will make the call for you.

    • Same here $4.95, what TV you bought?

  • APPLE MacBook Air 13.3" 1.3GHz for $919.2 any good?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, Just spent $1750 on a TV, no coffees no lunch for the next few weeks.
    Edit, They removed shipping fee, I just paid $4.95 for shipping.

    • You did or didn't pay for shipping?

      • I did pay unfortunately :(

    • +14

      holy crap, you spend $116.67 on coffee and lunch everyday?!

      • +1

        Mmmm… lobster and single malt scotch!! :-)

  • Dang … The sony model isnt the one for the free ps4 … oh well.

  • Thanks op!

  • You may be able to get a 2% cashback!

    • Looks like that won't work with the DS coupon.

  • +4

    Logitech K400R keyboard for $32 delivered


    Whats the easiest way to get the shipping refunded?

  • +1

    Ordered the Netgear EX6200 AC1200 WiFi range extender for $119 (before discount) about an hour ago. Just checked it on ebay again and now its priced at $179! hope they honour my order.

    • +1

      OMG I just had this ready to buy @ $119 went & moved my car for someone came back & as I refreshed page to pay it disappeared & now when I search for EX 6200 its $60 MORE at $179 - Not happy DSE wont be buying anything from you!

      • I understand your frustration but missing out on the deals could happen to anyone so why blame DSE?

        • +3

          because they increased their prices and then have the sale as 20%off. No great at all.

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