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50% off Pepper Lunch When You Pay with PayPal App [Starts 30th June for 2 Weeks, VIC & NSW]


Thought it was a pretty good deal and it's Australia wide.

Excludes the Perth store though

Edit: This is not Australia wide, only applies to VIC and NSW as the title implies

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  • Good deal.. too bad they stuffed up the flavouring compared to the stores in Hong Kong. Might be worth trying again at this price..

    • Yeah i know what you mean, though I tried out the Sizzling rib-eye steak the other day and thought it was half a decent!

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    Excludes Perth…typical.

    • I hear yya

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      I wonder why :(

      Should prob take it to their Facebook page!

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      I call 2 week boycott!

    • As a NSWelshman, I often wonder (empty-headedly) why WA contributes so much to the Commonwealth yet gets the crappiest end of the (retail) deal?

  • From their FB page

    June 30th - July 13th 2014

    Don't go out and expect half price yet, the promotion only starts next Monday.
    Please add this to the title/description.

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      I included it in the deal submission already but I've also added it in the title for extra clarity :)

  • Cheap just got cheaper!

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    goddamn loved these when I lived in Honkers, naturally Adelaide misses out again (join the queue: Costco, Aldi, Guzman y Gomez…)

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    Thanks so so so much for sharing!! I can't wait to try this in Melb!! Omg Beef Pepper will cost $4.65?!!! :)))) I had it in Tokyo and this will take me back!

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      You're paying $5 for a meal, don't expect the world

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        well.. you normally pay ~$10

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    huxta and now this? aggressive marketing by paypal

  • AUstralia wide.. but not Perth.. lol

  • well this work if I have $0 balance on paypal, but it is linked to my credit card?

    • It's just like any other PayPal payment, so yes.

  • Could anyone give me a quick rundown on how to order with the paypal app? I can't figure it out for the life of me and rather not waste people's time in the restaurant trying to figure it now.

    I've found the store I want, what then? There's this little slider bar or something…

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      Basically you check into the store on the app and then tell them your name. They locate you on their registers and the you approve the transaction.

      I tried it at guzman and it didn't work so don't be surprised if you are waiting a while.

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      Before you reach the register, check in to the store on your app. At the register, tell them your name and they will have a mug shot of you from your app displayed to confirm you and charge your PayPal account.

      Worked for me at GyG Crows Nest but interestingly the charge in PayPal was shown as from GyG Greenwood (North Sydney). Must be using the one account for both shops.

    • Thanks :)

  • Any idea how this works? So you use paypal and send a payment to pepper lunch? Or they send you a invoice? Never had a clue how these payments works besides online shopping!

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    I never tired the melbourne store. Last place I tired was at kowloon in HK was good. Might give it a go for 50% off

    • Melbourne CBD store is great. The have lots of extra sauce - garlic, soy, chilli, etc.

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    $10 for 2 meals, wow. Don't need to cook at home, save on my gas & electricity bill.

  • thanks, going to try this out next week at glenferrie branch

    excited to try out the app too

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    Today I learned that Australia-wide is Vic & NSW

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      I don't see the issue…

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    Can't log in to ios app. It has just been saying "We're Sorry System error. Please try again later." since Monday.

    I have $0 balance, cc defined and sms codes enabled.

    Is it possible that's the issue: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments-Archive/C...?

    I am not going to switch sms codes off, even though they seem not to be making it to my phone quite too often.

    • same problem on android.

  • Great deal.

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    1 / 78-86 Harbour St,
    Haymarket NSW 2000
    (02) 9211 8801

    Shop 10/537 George St,
    Sydney, NSW 2000
    (02) 9283 2017

    311 Elizabeth Street,
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    (03) 9078 6388

    644 Glenferrie Road
    Hawthorn 3122
    (03) 9078 8980

  • tried it today and worked no problem. easy.

    • Does it apply to all menu items ? Which one you go to?

      • Applies to everything im aware of and I went to Haymarket

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    Hi guys,

    Just went to Pepper Lunch on Elizabeth St in Melbourne. There is a Paypal rep there saying Paypal is down in Australia. The counter was happy to give a 50% discount, provided you pay cash.

    I asked the Paypal guy if there are more business looking to sign up to this 50% offer. He said there will be more next week but it will be promoted word of mouth. Keep your eyes peeled peoples!


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    Went to Pepper Lunch in Haymarket and ordered a rib eye steak and I suspected they gave me a Wagyu which is a lot greasier than the same dish my friend ordered. Extremely greasy. I will order sliced beef rice next time.

  • Went to the Hawthorn Store last night, and met a Paypal rep there. He advised me on the Huxtaburger Deal including half price alcohol as well. My Cheese Hamburger meal was ok, but i prefer the meat and rice combos.

  • Awesome deal. Thanks OP

  • Tried today in Haymarket store, it was a long queue and slow ordering process. Most people pulled out their smart phone as expected, so I was wondering what made it longer to process than paying by EFTPos.

    I finally found out when I was ordering, the girl pointed to the tiny T&C and told me I can only have 50% on two meals as it stated two meals per order per person. WTF I was coming for four meals with two hungry boys, and waited for over 30 minutes in the queue.

    As an experience OZBer, I quickly re-read the fine prints and pointed it out that it's 2 meals per person rather than per Paypal account, so with my wife and two kids we could order 8 meals in total if I split them to 4 orders. She got confused and asked for help, and they still insisted this is per Paypal account, which I didn't agree as it's not in the fine print at all.

    Eventually I asked to do two separate orders on my own Paypal account, and told the boy if the discount didn't apply, I will be in contact with Paypal myself. Both went through smoothly and no drama after that. I did see two ladies in front of me paid with both Paypal and a saving card (presumably in full price), I feel sorry for those people.

    • what a scam

  • Got the deal at George St. for lunch today and it was pretty good. Does anyone know if the discount applies to multiple orders for one PayPayl account? Because I would like to go back and get the discount again before it ends but that might not work if it applies only once per account.

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      Check my comment above. Yes, you can get multiple times of discount on one Paypal account.

  • Been eating my way through the menus at Hawthorn and Melbourne CBD branches.

    Id definitely recommend the Sukiyaki Beef.

  • Thanks for this one. I have been 3 times and going again for lunch today! I recommend the Kimchi Pepper Beef.

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