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Free Tap King Dispenser Unit - Use Voucher in Link


MOD — we have been contacted by someone representing Lion Co stating that

The offer has now closed with over 5,000 valid claims for gifts being received. The vouchers you continue to promote do not comply with the terms and conditions of the offer which required the submission of an online claim form and are thus not able to be redeemed.


  • Offer marked as Out of Stock
  • URL reverted to the online form
  • If you did not use the form to claim, it would be violating the terms & conditions and don't expect it to be honoured.

Good deal for those that are interested in giving it a go but didn't want to spend over $30 for one.

Form isn't working any more so the link has been updated to take you directly to the voucher, print and enjoy.

/\ they seem to have taken the voucher down so here's a email voucher you can print.

Edit -

Just went to pick mine up and Liqourland happened to have a sale on if you buy a bottle with a tap, ended up getting a bottle of Toohey's Extra Dry for $14 thanks to this :)


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