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Free Tap King Dispenser Unit - Use Voucher in Link


MOD — we have been contacted by someone representing Lion Co stating that

The offer has now closed with over 5,000 valid claims for gifts being received. The vouchers you continue to promote do not comply with the terms and conditions of the offer which required the submission of an online claim form and are thus not able to be redeemed.


  • Offer marked as Out of Stock
  • URL reverted to the online form
  • If you did not use the form to claim, it would be violating the terms & conditions and don't expect it to be honoured.

Good deal for those that are interested in giving it a go but didn't want to spend over $30 for one.

Form isn't working any more so the link has been updated to take you directly to the voucher, print and enjoy.

/\ they seem to have taken the voucher down so here's a email voucher you can print.

Edit -

Just went to pick mine up and Liqourland happened to have a sale on if you buy a bottle with a tap, ended up getting a bottle of Toohey's Extra Dry for $14 thanks to this :)


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  • +3

    Just got mine, great find, thanks!

    • +1

      this is like a soda stream machine. you have to buy the refills and cannot use your existing beer in there.

    • Ditto. Staff at the Liquorland Express (attached to Coles Supermarket) advised that "these things don't normally work at 'Express' stores", but tried it anyway, and it worked! Workmate and I both redeemed the voucher just now.

      Point of interest: the bar code and the redemption code that arrives on the voucher seems to be the same for everyone.

    • still don't have my voucher code,

      What is the go? =.="

      EDITED *


    • Just picked one up in Joondalup, WA. There were 3 more left, best hurry if you want to snap one of these bad boys up….

  • weow! voucher came instantly. Cheers OP!

  • +5

    "Ah, beer, my one weakness. My Achille's heel, if you will!"

  • Thanks rekabkram! too easy

  • Thanks OP!

  • Cheers pal

  • Great find, cheers!

  • +4

    still waiting for my voucher..

    anyone else not received their email?

    • +5

      Haven't got mine yet….

      • Same here….May be ther server crashed

        • +1

          I got mine in about 10 minutes patience people :P

    • Mine came through immediately, it could be in your junk folder or it could be taking a little longer because of more people taking up the offer.

    • +1

      Do you guys use gmail?
      I tried with gmail, nothing came in, then I used my company email and worked, email received within 30 seconds.

      • +1

        Mine just came through after 10mins. Using Gmail.

      • Came through in 30 seconds using Gmail

      • My gmail finally came in, after 12 minutes

    • +1

      no. about 90 mins now, and when i tried it the second time it said my email had already been used for the promotion.

      • +1

        Haven't got mine and it's been 3.5 hours.. I did the same thing and tried again and it said I'm registered.

  • How much is the actual beer keg though? Weren't they giving these away free with the purchase of the kegs recently?

    • +4

      Free with a purchase of 2 or more from memory, they hold 2.3L of beer and vary from $19 (XXXX GOLD) to $28 (James Squire) a bottle (mini keg).

      They aren't the most economical way to drink a beer but it's the novelty factor your paying for.

      • +4

        Yep, but they are 3.2 L not 2.3.. I've tried squire and boags, both very nice.

      • +2

        For mind those prices are not compatible with the Ozbargain standard for cheap beer, I will probably skip on the tap. Also the main reason to buy a keg IMO is so you can hook up a magic box, which this won't do

        • +11

          The main reason I buy a keg is so I don't have to get up from the couch for a beer all the time while watching the football.
          Once chilled these go well sitting on the coffee table, well within my grasp. :)

        • +1

          This was me Friday night I scored a Heineken keg from Aldi for $16 bucks it was a week past the best before.

        • +1

          You're a true ozbargainer Ingram. Best before?? who cares its just a recommendation

    • +8

      Just looking at everyday prices for at Dans', the casks are more expensive than slabs

      2x3.2L for $38 ($5.94/L) vs 24x345mL bottles for $42.95 ($5.19/L)

      James Squire 50 Lashes
      2x3.2L for $50 ($7.81/L) vs 24x345mL bottles for $50 ($6.03/L)

      • less wasted packaging though. if you care about the environment that is.

        • +5

          and if you don't like committing to a slab of beer then this is just over the price of the 6 pack but 11-ish standard drinks worth.

        • +6

          I'm from SA, so we recycle the bottles for 10c down here :)
          Makes it even more economical!

        • -8

          caring for the environment shouldn't cost you more money.

        • +2

          'The environment' has been responsible for a lot of social division and angst lately George&Edna, that's why 'caring' about it is now 'so last-decade'. I think deep down, most peeps now agree that the sooner we do away with the environment, the better off we'll all be. Particularly if we have plenty of relatively cheap beer.

        • +1

          ^ get this guy a beer!

  • Still waiting 10 minutes for the voucher.

    • mine took about 5 minutes thanks op

      • 3 seconds for mine

  • +2

    given one of the big selling features of tap king is drinking "fresh beer", just be careful when buying the tap king "kegs"…. they haven't been a big seller, so a lot of them are almost (or already) out of date. i speak from (sorry) experience! the beer it is still drinkable when it's out of date, but noticeably inferior.

    • +1

      Buy keg, drink, refill with home brew.

      • -1

        Has a CO2 canister inside which can't (at least not easily) be replaced

        • The instructions I saw didn't look so difficult.

        • Thats fantastic Clarky. I use 19 litres Kegs at home, but if you need to go to a mates place, better to take a smaller one with you. I will try this.

          For those that are interested, home brew has got a lot better and easier the last years.
          I can ferment a beer and gas a beer is 17 days (1.5 hours effort) that tastes better than most boutique beers. A stubbie costs me about 80 cents to produce. Maybe 40 cents when I get into all grain.

  • ordered.
    thanks OP

  • +3

    hmm…By giving us this they're essentially making us buy their beer to use it? Is there a lifehack or some sort of trick to get your own beer into it?

    • +60

      lifehack= bypass tapking, pour beer directly into mouth

    • Not sure if these bottles would be compatible: http://www.brewcraftsa.com.au/showProduct/Kegging+Equipment/…

    • You can refill it with homebrew, but you need to buy a fresh 12g CO2 canister per bottle, and figure out a way to open the triangle head screws ($6 screwdriver from ebay.. or one of the many improvised ways)

      I have poured many a batch of my own beers from the empties and they work pretty well.

      • Melthar - what does the CO2 do? Do you use it to force carb, or do you use it to keep pressure up and expel oxygen? I assume if you're using the 12g cannisters, you don't have to finish it in a single sitting, hey?

        Oh, and the term "lifehacking" is so lame. People think they're life hackers by eating chips with chopsticks. It's been so overused.

        • You still do a natural carbonation using sugar/malt, the 12g is just for serving pressure. Never expelled oxygen or anything, very little in there once you put the lid back on, and the yeast does its job.

          ezychargers.com.au or finewhip.com.au have them, 12g unthreaded.


        • @Melthar:

          Thanks a lot for the info. Glad to hear they can be used, and seemingly without much risk.

  • +2

    This is definitely going to get ozbargained

  • I think all those units would be gone in 30 mins

    • +4

      But this is OzBargain! It will be gone in 2 minutes!

  • +39

    got the voucher.. now what is this thing?

    • +23

      Some sort of Tap. Produced by a King.

      • +6

        Some sort of King, dispensed by a Tap

    • +2
    • The amber nectar!
      Breakfast of champions!
      A liquid lunch!
      The devil's semen!

      • Not sure about the last one, but if you're referring to XXXX, CUB or Foster's, you're correct.

  • how long does it take it get the voucher
    been 5mins now

    • +1

      Mine turned up 2 seconds after I hit submit!

    • I think it's been 15 minutes or so for me. Nothing in the junk mail folder either.

      Anyone else not received theirs?

    • +1

      Apparently the amount of time the voucher takes to arrive depends on how good you've been throughout the past financial year. If you've been really bad, it will not arrive at all. At least that's what a drunk, green Irish elf (i.e. a leprechaun) told me. And I tend to believe it, because mine arrived INSTANTLY.

  • +1

    Thanks OP , good one… registered still waiting for voucher

  • +1

    Possible to use these with normal soda bottles?

  • Cheers OP, that was quick !

  • Still waiting on the voucher. Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks OP!! Nice one!!

    • That's Hilarious - I wish I found that when I was 16

  • Good stuff! Have registered, waiting on voucher :)

  • +1

    are the vouchers generic or generated from your name?

    got same code for two emails

    • +1

      Appears to be the same

      • same :(

    • Look generic to me

    • I found this too. I don't understand why they are risking to use a generic code as this would be over redeemed from all over the country and they have no control at it.

  • +1

    no voucher

  • +1

    Got it instantly! :)

    Broden please stay away

  • still can order

  • Still waiting after 5 minutes

    Apply now, ask later.

  • +4

    It looks like you need to use a business address, not Gmail/Hotmail etc

    I tried Gmail - nothing
    Tried my work address - got the voucher straight away.

    • +1

      Incorrect. All you need is a little Patience :) I got mine after 15 mins on my gmail…

    • +1

      Got mine straight away using 10minuteemail

  • I was among the first 30 clicks to register my details and have not received an email.

    • Received one instantly on another email. Weird…

    • Check your spam folder. My Gmail chucked it there

  • Got mine after 9 mins.
    Thanks op

  • cant enter my DOB :(

    edit: worked from phone.. issue was with chrome and IE on desktop

    • Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.153 m) worked fine for me.

  • Got the voucher - had to wait 7 minutes.

  • Cheers

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