This was posted 7 years 8 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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OzSale Discount Codes - $65 off $100 Spend (Excl Delivery)


Originally from, but it turns out there are two more valid vouchers

4 codes that each give $10 off AND ONE CODE $25 OFF. Can stack codes, expired 31/12/14, by posting it here probably speed up the expiry date as they might remove the stacking after they found out, so please enjoy and feel free to use my invited link.

Codes are:

A10VOUCHER4U - $10 off spend of $65
10Discount4U - $10 off a spend of $65
DISCOVEROZ10 - $10 off a spend of $50 (or possibly min $40 spend)
REDISCOVER10 - $10 off spend of $65
DISCOVERUS25 - $25 off spend of $100

Mod: Deal marked expired as only 1 code currently works ($10 off $50), original deal was $65 off $100

Postage is 6.95 and 3.95 within one hour of your following orders.
Please use the referral link provided below, cheers, enjoy!!!

Referral Links

Referral: random (151)

The referrer will receive a $20 voucher (min spend $40), once the invited friend has made their first purchase of $20 or more.
No benefit to the referee.

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    How do I view what they are selling without logging in?

  • DISCOVEROZ10 still not working for me.

    • +2

      you must have used it previously as these codes stack only if you have never use any of them before, create another account and it should work fine.

      • Hi, could you please send an email to [email protected] - Would love to have a chat with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

        • Hi, could you please send an email to [email protected] - Would love to have a chat with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

          It's a trap!!!

  • +1

    Thanks! Ordered my daughter heaps of Melissa and Doug toys for Christmas :)

    • no worries, enjoy!!! create another account to reuse the voucher!!

  • Good deal just cant find anything to buy at the moment :/

    • +1

      bed sheets are good with 65% off!!!

  • +1

    Some good deals to be had especially on the perfume/cologne.

    Can get 100mL Paco Rabanne Invictus for $51 delivered and I've tried for many months to get it under $85 with no luck.

  • +1

    Ahhh thankyou, now it makes sense!

    • enjoy the 65% off !!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just picked up two Brio Milano Shirts for $54.

    • no worries, cheers!!

  • +1


    • you are welcome!!

  • Create new account to reuse the whole stack of 65% off!! welcome to use my referral link above

  • +1

    Great post OP. Any idea when the codes expire? Is there any particular order the codes should be applied?

    • +1

      no particular order, it says on my voucher 31.12.14, but I think it will end sooner as they are not supposed to be stacked? codes are only good for once, you can create another account just to reuse the code, always pay with payapl to the same address should be fine, cheers.

      • Thanks for the information.

  • +1

    Just bought 4 items. Cost = $104, Delivery $20.85, Discount $78.90, Credit Card Charge $45.95.

    Not bad. I stacked all of the codes listed here - and also when I added to cart initially there was a code auto applied. I have no idea what this was for, or what the code was. Sorry

    • good to know they all worked!!!amazing 65% off already discounted price it's just great!!!

  • That's awesome…. almost halved the price of my cart.. pity I don't get paid until tomorrow :'(

  • +1

    crazy. i wonder if they will honor it…. lol

    • pay with paypal and make sure you get your money back quickly if they don't honour it thought

  • expired none of the work now

    • wow that was quick!!!Ozbargained again!!

  • +2

    great thanks, these codes worked no problems

    10Discount4U - $10 off a spend of $65
    DISCOVEROZ10 - $10 off a spend of $50 (or possibly min $40 spend)
    REDISCOVER10 - $10 off spend of $65
    DISCOVERUS25 - $25 off spend of $100

    • cheers, enjoy!!

    • +2

      Same for me, first voucher didn't work.

      Still, ~55% off is a great deal! Thanks OP!

      • it's good when everyone is getting a good bargin!!

  • +1

    I want to get costumes for Halloween but the estimated delivery date is putting me off.

    • They normally even delay with what's estimated delivery, so maybe halloween for next year lol….

    • you wont get the item before then.

  • +1

    Thanks.. Ordered stuff I don't really need. Postage was $13.90 for me though >.<

    • +1

      no worries, the 13.90 was there just showing, the discount if you look closely brings the postage down to 6.95 without inputting any voucher

      • Ahhh ok.. yer there was a discount to my shipping.. Kinda mixed up with all my other discounts!!!

    • My postage was more than $20 initially (order confirmation screen) but I got more than $55 discount applied to make up for it. I believe they're bringing down the postage to $6.95 by inflating the discount, at least that's what I figured out from my PayPal invoice which did show $6.95 postage and $55 discount (with the same total value as the order confirmation screen).

  • +1

    Thanks. Was able to use 3 of the $10 off ones for a $66 order.

    • good to know!!

  • +1

    thanks will take a look tonite :)

    irritating that they have Flowerbomb perfume for women but not spicebomb for men :(

  • Most likely order will be cancel, but don't want to happen that.

    • hopefully not as they did not mention you can not stack voucher on the voucher card I received recently, last woolworths stacking voucher works perfectly and they have honour everything, again not sure if Ozsale is going to do the same though.

  • +2

    Couldn't get the "A10VOUCHER4U" to work but still got $55 off on my perfumes! Thx ops… now I'm all set for summer :)

    • it's good that there is still 55% off for the already discounted perfumes!!!

  • Am I the only one tempted by the inflatable t-rex…

  • Make sure to start with DISCOVERUS25 (apply coupons in decreasing value), otherwise you'll have to spend more than $100 to get the full $55 discount.

    • how could you use discoverus25 if you don't spend more than 100??

      • I think they mean the total will have to be over $100 after discounts if you do not use this one first

  • +2

    Got myself some over priced underwear, a shirt that hopefully fits, and some business socks. Just another day on Ozbargain!

  • +1

    Good deal. Stacked those coupons to get some shmicko clothes for my daughter at a great price.

  • Anyone having issues with 10discount4u?

  • A10VOUCHER4U is not working.

  • where can i put my referral link ?

  • none are working for me now :( guess i waited too long! hope everyones orders go through :)

  • +8

    Codes are:

    not working - A10VOUCHER4U - $10 off spend of $65
    not working - 10Discount4U - $10 off a spend of $65
    working - DISCOVEROZ10 - $10 off a spend of $50 (or possibly min $40 spend)
    not working - REDISCOVER10 - $10 off spend of $65
    working - DISCOVERUS25 - $25 off spend of $100

    • sad to know, at least there are still 35% off at the moment….

    • Same here, only two codes work.

  • +2

    Thanks for this.

    All codes worked bar one $10 one.

    My order was $114 - $55 of stacked discounts + $6.95 shipping = $65.95 via PayPal.

    That's what I call a deal.

    • no worries, good price indeed!!

  • 55% off my order. not bad!!! cheers OP

    • good to know only one 10 voucher not working!!! hurry up guys!!!

  • deleted

  • +1

    Geez tif, you might do allright getting $20 from each of us. Let us know how ya go and good luck to ya

    Awesome deal, got a newborn on the way so loaded up with baby stuff. Surely the missus can't complain about that!

    Can confirm all bar one of the codes work.

    • +1

      seriously I only got one referral voucher from all 1709 clicks, I think most of you guys have signed up already lol…….

      • +1

        That was prob from me haha. Ah well, that's too bad. Thanks for the bargain anyway

        • appreciated man, good for everyone!!! cheers!!

      • coz most people are prob members already

  • +1

    thanks got $45 off

    • cheer, enjoy!!

  • Could have got $35 off $100, but nothing I really wanted…

  • +1

    i buy a fair bit from there haven't had any issues yet the only thing is can be slow shipping but states est dispatch in each listing

  • +1

    Saved $66.85, cheers OP :)

  • +1

    1 x $10 one and 1 x $25 off only seems to work.
    Can't work out which one worked and which one didnt.

  • +1

    Yeap max of $35 for me too

  • be careful: i have noticed that some jackets were sold out at 45 bucks, but available at other sales at inflated $65.
    looks very dodgy to me

  • +4



      • lol I was going to stack the previous post but then I check my voucher they have sent just before and they I have two more different and also can be stacked, thought I share with everyone!!

  • +1

    For me discount codes that worked were (saving a total of 35$)


  • somehow delivery for me is $20.95 to WA :(

    • should be deducted to 6.95 after check out?

  • Only DISCOVEROZ10 working for me. The rest are invalid.

  • Yep, Codes are dropping like flies.. Only 1 left working

    • sad to know, but we had it coming as now there are 4007 clicks already!!

  • +1

    I better get my gucci bracket and it better be authentic or I'm
    Going to be mega angry :-(

  • Yep, agreed with above posts, only one code working now…

  • Does anybody know if their Duplo lookalike knockoff block sets are compatible with the genuine article? Even with only one code it would be ok to get a bunch of basic blocks for cheap.

    Estimated Delivery
    17/11/14 - 24/11/14
    Orders are dispatched directly to you from Australia.

    LOL lucky I'm patient (and prepared to ignore the obvious dropship method they are alluding to)…

    Thanks OP.

    • good for you, cheers.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, hopefully a handbag that I like will pop up!

    • no worries, hopefully everyone get what they want with the good price!!

  • Dead? Only $35 discount now.

    • They have probably disable the other vouchers for stacking, oh well at least there are still 35% off after 4027 clicks……

  • Now the $25 discount does not work for me from a new account I just created.

    • they probably trying to make it existing account too so they are not losing too much…..

  • Anyone having any luck? Sometimes the $10 off coupon wants to work for me, sometimes not..

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