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HALF PRICE Telstra Nokia Lumia 530 $39.50, Woolies Select Frozen Pizza $2.62 @Woolies. Wed


HALF PRICE Telstra Nokia Lumia 530 + Bonus Case $39.50 @Woolies. Starts Wed
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HALF PRICE WoolWORTHS Select frozen pizza $2.62

Processor: Quad-core 1.2GHz
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 200
Operating system: Windows Phone 8.1
Display size: 4 ''
Display technology: LCD
Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480)
Pixel density: 246 ppi
Touch screen technology: Capacitive Multipoint-Touch
GPS and navigation
Primary camera sensor size: 5 MP .
RAM: 512 MB
Mass memory: 4 GB
Maximum memory card size: 128 GB
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Free cloud storage: 15 GB
Maximum 2G talk time: 13.4 hMaximum 3G talk time: 10 h
Maximum standby time: 22 days
Maximum music playback time: 51 h

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  • That's an insane price for the lumia 530, even if it is with telstra

    • +2

      Yeah I know ay

      • +1

        I got 2 @ Ivanhoe VIC. Seems to have heaps of stock here. No 4GB card inside as some have mentioned, but came with headphones… I had 520 a year ago, screen seems the same no real difference both fairly average as expected but totally usable as mp3 or gps… Best part on the 530 is the rounded corners, much better design and more comfortable for holding. Apart from that not much else to say, apart from I feel like a prick as somewhere in the world someone made that phone for 1cent a day so I could have it at a tight ass price.

        • +1

          I got 2 from Broadmedows Vic, they had 4 i was asking for 4 but she denied after looking at the price lol, she said 2 per person, i got 4GB card inside.

    • +17

      Telstra is the best network

      • +3

        i second that.

        • I third that…

        • +1

          I fourth that. Better coverage and better service through 24/7 online chat

        • @TRENT86: so buy telstra through ALDI and catch a break $$$$$ cheaper

      • +10

        Hate to admit it but you're right! Tried many over several years but Telstra just p*ss all over the competition. Damn them ;)

    • +14

      Forget Telstra or unlocking, pair it with a decent memory card and you've got a super cheap media player/ gps/games unit. Way cheaper than an ipod and I wouldn't care too much if it got lost or stolen…

      • /spare phone if something happens to your main phone.
        much better then my current LG L3 spare phone which is even worse lol

      • +6

        What's your address then?
        Will you be leaving it in your car overnight?

        • +34

          Address is:
          637 Flinders St.
          Melbourne, 3008

          Go nuts! :)

        • technically it is Docklands ;)
          Melbourne is 3000

        • +1


          Damn i have too many phones/sims

          and now i have googled the VicPol :( address

          expecting a knock on the door any minute…

      • +2

        games unit ? 512MB RAM?

      • it's only super cheap gaming unit if you really like subway surfers. (Actually, that's the only decent game I could find for my 520. That and Pako) though for music, my 520 is fantastic.

        • What about Hill Climb Racing?

        • +1

          Minesweeper and wordament are great, the latter is also available on android

    • +1

      ArsTechnica gave it a fairly negative review, mostly because of the poor screen that's worse than the 520 that it suppose to replace.


      The Lumia 530 has three big problems. First, the low-quality screen. Second, the fact that the Lumia 520 is in many ways a superior phone. Third, there’s the existence of the Lumia 630 and 635.

      Unless that display improves in future hardware revisions, we urge Windows Phone fans to either step up to the 630 or 635 or step sideways to the still-available 520. The 530 isn’t an awful phone, but other Lumias render it completely redundant.

      • +1

        That's a pretty poor wallpaper choice they made for that review. Any of the stock solid colour schemes would look better and be better for comparisons that the one they chose.

    • I bought mine from Toongabbie, Sydney. They were still in stock.
      it is locked to the Telstra network, does not work with aldi sim.

      there is a 4Gb microsim already in the phone.

      I am waiting awaiting a code from bagman (paid the $15) to unlock and use with aldi sim.

      • Do you know do they have any left after your purchase?

      • can you please let me know how to go about this unlock through bagman?

        • I sent him a message. He came back with the payment instruction. After a day, you will get the unlock code. I paid 15A$ via paypal.

          Bagman was quite helpful and all went smooth.

  • Can you get it unlocked? Where? And how much to unlock it? Please…if anyone knows? :-)

    • Yes, I'm wondering how much the unlock will cost. $27.50 maybe?

    • +2

      I've used these guys before. Only cost me $6 to unlock my phone


      • Thanks pufffdragon.
        Can anyone else confirm this site is good? Reviews in a few places don't looks so good e.g. http://www.reviewcentre.com/Mobile-Phone-Unlocking-Services/…

        Maybe it's model related??

        • +1

          I've used their service twice now with no issues. A while back I had a lesser known Korean phone and they could not unlock due to issues with the phone. But they refunded my back which was good. I think that was about $5.

          They also use Paypal so if there is ever a dispute for some reason you can get your money back. Maybe I was one of the lucky one's.

      • i paid to them but i havent got my number yet, waiting lets see.

        • +3

          I just got my reply back from them. They said they can't generate a code for the Lumia 530 and said they will refund.

        • @pufffdragon: Thats bad news for me too i have 2 of them to unlock, where can we find anyone knows.

        • +1

          @sajju: I sent $15 to Bagman last night. Just waiting for the code. He seems to be a reliable source and reasonably priced.

        • @pufffdragon: Me too, let me know how you go. He said its usually 2 business days for the code.

        • +1


          Message from Bagman on page 5.

          "Just letting people know that have ordered an unlock code and are still waiting for them or are about to make an order, that the unlock codes will be back sometime on Sunday.

          I'm sure he's been flooded with requests from this deal

        • @pufffdragon: Got my code from him this morning, worked fine

        • @jprockbelly: Got mine this morning too. All good

    • For those of you who wish to have their Lumia 530 unlocked can purchase the code from ebay.The cost is around $15-$20 for each.Still much cheaper than Telstra.Just type (nokia lumia 530 unlock code) into the search bar.All you need to do provide your IMEI and model and pay via paypal.You are most likely to have the unlocking code withing 2 hrs but may take upto 24 hrs.

      • +4

        I'd rather support Bagman as he is one of us. Many have already used his service and is the most reliable person going around.

      • I can't find this anymore, do you think it isn't available anymore?

  • That's a crazy cheap price for that phone. lol

  • +1

    But unlock not cheap?

    • -1

      For those of you who wish to have their Lumia 530 unlocked can purchase the code from ebay.The cost is around $15-$20 for each.Still much cheaper than Telstra.Just type (nokia lumia 530 unlock code) into the search bar.All you need to do provide your IMEI and model and pay via paypal.You are most likely to have the unlocking code withing 2 hrs but may take upto 24 hrs.

    • +1

      nope its locked to telstra while OW is unlocked.

    • +21

      Lol @ OW

      Operating System: Android 4.4 (Kit-Kat)

      • +1


        • -1

          someone downvoted u….. why?

        • +2

          @edgar28: They are bored?

        • +1

          Its back up

      • +2

        special edition with OW logo at the back

        • +1

          Officeworks PriceMatch phone with Windows KitKat

      • +2

        LOL. They deliberately put it there to stop us from price match stating theirs run on Kit Kat others on Windows.

      • +2

        For what it's worth, this has been fixed now. I wonder if they read ozbargain…

  • Half price pizza, mmmm tempting, are there any meat woolworths select pizzas?

    • Had a few, don't think they have any. Don't waste your money, they're terrible.

      • +1

        Interesting, I thought they were the best frozen pizza I've tried so far. They seem to be the only ones where the base doesn't turn into a hard cracker but stays slightly puffy and chewy (like real pizza)

        • I still remember the bitter taste of the last one I had (flavour started with a Q IIRC, and that was the best one of the lot). For the price and electricity/gas required, I think it's better value to get a $5-7 dominos pizza.

        • +1


          Actually good point… I always regret buying them cheap frozen pizzas

    • Go get aldi's $3 ones much better and is standard price.

    • +1

      Here are the toppings you can choose from

  • +1

    Holy cow the Lumia 530 price. Is it possible to use it with Telstra Resellers like Telechoice?

    • Wouldn't see why not if its on the Telstra network.

    • +2

      I doubt it. I got my wife a cheap HTC for ~$100 locked to Telstra. It wouldn't work on resellers like Aldi or Kogan. Ended up getting Telstra to unlock it for free over the phone by pulling the existing home internet customer card, but it took quite a bit of fighting.

    • +3

      My wife's 520 is locked to Telstra but has used an Aldi SIM in the past and is currently on Boost. 530 may have similar results.

    • +8

      Can confirm my wife uses Telstra locked Nokia 530 with Aldi mobile. Bargain buy!

      • I just picked one up and I'm having grief. I don't think it works with Telechoice :(

  • +6
    • Thank you

  • +1

    Dammit all these Woolworths bargains and I don't have any nearby :\

  • +2

    Seems like the 520 is better:
    "Unfortunately, the Lumia 530 has a big flaw that’s apparent the first time you turn it on: its screen."

    • +2

      Yeah, but the cheapest it's been is $99 locked.

    • +1

      The 530 is worse than the 520 in main categories:
      Including Video" 480p vs 720p
      Screen: IPS vs TFT
      Memory: 8GB vs 4GB

      However, the 530 does have a processor that is 0.2Ghz faster.

      $40 vs $83 (Unlocked) from HN (including $5 discount).

      It's only been released July this year, so I reckon we will definitely see this phone again at ozbargain and at the lowest price for any mobile device

      • Isnt the 520 dual core while this is quad?

        • +3

          Apparently, more powerful dual-core is better for everyday use than lower power quad-core.

      • +2

        So no point upgrading if you already have the 520?

        • With those specs its easy to see this model is a big step back from the 520. Especially the TFT screen, no thanks!

      • +1

        Screen: IPS vs TFT

        Slight correction.. IPS is a type of TFT screen. You meant to say IPS vs TN.

        It's an unfortunate swap. I wonder how much they save per screen. They should have left it as IPS, added an oleophobic coating, and sold it for $5 or $10 more.

    • +1

      It's $39.50 people, this is a steel no matter how you look at it, worth picking up one for sure.

  • +1

    +1 for the 530.

    520 is $99
    530 is $39.50
    Def a bargain!

  • thanks..

  • +7

    Would Broden, but not game to purchase so many mobiles over the counter just weeks before the g20.

  • +2

    Holy cow!
    For $70 that's a bargain but at $39????

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