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$150 Worth of Groceries for $92.50 (New Accounts) + 1000 QFF Points [Cheaper with DM GCs] @Woolworths


Good Morning Ozbargainers & Night Owls.

Thanks to unity1's post for the idea that he used on nappies, but apparently can be used for groceries.

I just saved $52.50 and combined it with the AMEX dan murphy deal so practically ~ $75 for $150 of groceries

Obviously if you spend more, you save more due to the 10% off new accounts and 15% off over $150 code

So 10% off automatically for new accounts at checkout, Followed by 15% off using EDRSAVE15 , then an extra $10 off using EDRSAVE10 and finish it off with VA6L6 for a massive $5 off. Assuming you have a Qantas Frequent Flyer Account, Use code 1000QFF for 1000 bonus QFF points for $150+ thus getting you closer to your next reward flight.Then proudly pay with your AMEX Dan Murphy Cards or Groupon Woolworths Voucher* for an extra discount. Did i mention you also get FREE Delivery.

*According to comments below, the Groupon voucher cannot be stacked with any other codes.

NEW INFO: **MelbBargainChaser77 has reported you can get an ADDITIONAL $5 off using code VJ4D2 when spending $50+ on soft drinks.

Now that you've successfully completed the steps above, patiently wait on ozbargain pressing F5 every 10 minutes for a bargain so you can spend the $75 you saved … and shush, dont mention anything about the savings to your mister or missus. But if they find out, maybe Do something nice or possibly buy them some flowers or Glitter Eneloops

As usually early bird gets the worm, so try and make your order before 8am because woolies may modify the promo codes not to stack when they pick up on this early morning

Just to give you a head start, Click Here and Here for the weekly woolies specials

Gotta love woolies … & no more boycotting too lol

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  • Here we go… Thanks EC

  • EDRSAVE15 and VA6L6

    "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance"

    I tried adding them in the order listed above, to a new account. It gives me the 10% off and free delivery for a new account, and the extra $10 worked. Not sure that makes it worth it to buy stuff at online inflated prices…

  • Yeah you have to enter an EDR number. Works fine after that. Glad I couldn't sleep now. :P

  • Possible with Groupon vouchers?

  • Love your post…the OZB spirit, even I haven't shopped from woolies online and am going to bed now.
    Don't snooze or you lose.

  • I love you


    4 cartons of Coopers Pale Ale stubbies @$29 each delivered on Friday…BARGAIN!!

    I'm in love as well!

  • saved 53.81 babr formular n stuff

    thank you

  • stuck at the payment stage now, wont accept my wish gift card.

  • Nice post. Thank you.
    However, the Groupon voucher is a rip off as it adds the delivery fee $11 back in, so Groupon only saves you $9 when buying $100 worth of groceries .

  • Can anyone help me as to how to use the groupon voucher plz

  • can this be with any amex card?

  • website isn't displaying the products or is just me ?

  • Wish they did delivery where I lived. Last time I did click and collect and scored big on booze however. Anyone tried this on grog?

  • add
    VA6L6 - $5 off $50+
    1000QFF - 1000 bonus QFF points for $150+

    see https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/169524

  • Did this last night at 7pm excepting the $6 code. Feel bad I didn't save an extra $6, but hoping I got in early enough that they honour the deal. Fingers crossed.

  • Very impressed by the detail in this post people! Many thanks :)

  • damn worst timing did $180 woolworths grocery's yesterday with only a 15% code

  • Thanks OP and drb!

    Only issue i had was with the Groupon voucher:
    Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupons and/or discount

    So now i am stuck with a $100 Woolworths voucher which i paid for just for this deal and it doesn't work! :(

  • Cheers EC, just saved around $70!

  • You've done it again EC. Nice!

  • I'm getting this error while trying to checkout: Error while processing the transaction please contact Support Team
    Any clue how for a fix? i am trying to checkout with my amex

    • as expected. They may have picked up on it

    • turned out to be my fault, i was missing a number from my CC. However, once payment went through, it didn't take the discounts of the promo codes. I had to call WOW to cancel the order, the guy on the phone said to me i was only allowed to put in 1 code, the system will cancel the others if I try.

  • I'm not sure that you will get 1000 bonus QFF points for $150+ (as you aren't spending $150+ with all the discounts applied)

  • Every Beer I add says UNAVAILABLE.

  • I just tried to stock up on prawns. No luck with those codes.

    • Try YZ2N6
      Unless its targeted you should get additional 15% off seafood and anything else from "behind the counter" at the deli

  • just wondering, is it just me or anyone else the final figure to $118 for 5 box of nappies

    • 10% off new accounts is what your missing.

    • Nappy deal is over because they have increased the price of the bulk packs from $30 to $35.48. That's why I marked the deal expired an hour ago. Looks like people are buying the 2 for $20 packs https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/169504#comment-2363087 which they are saying works out to be around the same price per nappy.

    • dtgold on the other post said this:
      It looks like they've ended the original $30 special, returning the jumbo boxes to their usual price of around $35.
      BUT… the smaller packs are now 2 for $20. So, rather than a Jumbo boxes of 72 infant nappies for $30, you can get 48 for $20 (same price per nappy), and then still apply these coupons for the same result.
      Might be worth updating the deal and setting it as un-expired.

  • This deal is expired!

    Sorry, the Coupon: "EDRSAVE15" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

    Sorry, the Coupon: "EDRSAVE10" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

    Sorry, the Coupon: "VA6L6" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

  • haven't we been down this road before once they find out they cancel orders and refund our money.

  • Moving in to my new apartment this weekend so this came at the perfect time. All coupon codes worked as of 9:40AM Melbourne time.

    Subtotal: 170.64
    Less Discount: -57.66
    Delivery Fee: 0.00

  • you guys rock!

    The following coupons have been applied to this order: EDRSAVE15,EDRSAVE10,VA6L6,1000QFF

    Sub Total $221.35
    Less Order Discount -$70.34
    Delivery Fee $6.00
    Less Delivery Fee Discount -$6.00
    Total (Including GST) $151.01

    Pretty damn easy

  • Woolies management is probably wondering why they have so much $150+ orders from just overnight with sales sky rocketing 1000% from last weeks figures!!

    And Coles is wondering why their sales have dropped 90% for this week

  • lol I haven't stacked this many codes ever. Good one OZB!

  • remember last time they cancel all the orders with multiple codes

    so I am wondering they are going to do the same thing

    • keep flooding with orders until the cost of redirecting staff to process apology emails and refunds is greater than eating the loss

  • All codes are still working fine. Just saved $60 :)


    11AM AEST - EDRSAVE15,VA6L6,VJ4D2,QFF1000 worked but VJ4D2 seems like has no effect. Tho 15%+$5 off + 1000QFF and free delivery sounds like a bargain.

    Sub Total $152.99
    Less Order Discount -$27.95
    Delivery Fee $9.00
    Less Delivery Fee Discount -$9.00
    Total (Including GST) $125.04

  • I got diddled. I processed mine at approximately 2am Perth time. My shopping cart clearly showed all three vouchers activated and applied, giving me a healthy discount off the $255 I was spending.

    So I blithely clicked through la de da de da. Only after it had said thank-you did I notice that the amounts had changed, and only the 10% new customer and free delivery had been applied. giving me a $25 discount +$3 delivery fee saving.

    Might call them and cancel it

    • Their system is funny. You wont see the discounts from promo codes in the invoice at all. You'll only see the final amount you paid on the bill they send you when they deliver your items

    • $255? What did you buy? 255 litres of Pepsi Max?

      • bourbon…. lots of muesli bars in case of ebola apocalypse (i highly recommend Thank You brand muesli bars, if you never liked muesli bars before you'll like these ones!). Pasta, pasta sauce. Basically stuff that will keep (well, the three bottles of devils cut bourbon wont last)

    • Mine did the same thing ordering Crownies. Teh confirmation email also said the full amount but I checked my bank acount and they have only charged me the discounted price.

  • EDRSAVE15 expired and VJ4D2 expired.

  • It wouldn't let me apply EDRSAVE15, but it let me apply VJ4D2 without applying the discount.

    I just stocked up on alcohol for an upcoming party - sweet. Works out cheaper than any other liquor store specials.

  • its all over

  • Damn, all done and dusted on the EDRSAVE15 code

  • Not many of their advertised half price specials on-line, working out saving more shopping in-store!

    • you have to go through 23 pages (150 items / page) of specials. They even had specials still listed from last week which i bought :).

  • EDRSAVE14 VJ4D2 va6l6 worked i'll take what I can get esp at 12pm. $30 off.

    10x grain waves ftw

  • You mean the time I spend reading these comments should have been time spent shopping? :(

  • 1000QFF not working for me now either, worked on my first order this morning at 8am

  • EDRSAVE10 still work and it only requires $100 spending. VA6L6 has even less minimum (not sure what's the limit, but it worked under $100), VJ4D2 work but doesn't do anything (I guess it really check to buy $50 min of soft drink as stated :)). Got $25 off $100 with the new account offer. Pretty good saving.

  • It's no deal/over.
    These code EDRSAVE10 VJ4D2 VA6l6 works for me, however the EDRSAVE15 1000QFF doesn't.
    I thought that i finally can jump on the woolies's online shopping wagon. Oh well, thank you for your effort EC.

  • EDRSAVE15 still works for me (existing account) but EDRSAVE10 doesn't (and didn't the first time I tried it anyway).

    Managed to apply 8 codes lol, that's the limit (the little tooltip says 2, ignore that, but when you try to apply a ninth coupon it won't let you apply any more).

    EDRSAVE15,LQ3C4,DD8R2,RH6X8,VA6L6,1000QFF,BL7C7,YY7Z3 if anyone was wondering…

    Saved over $70 + should get 3x lots of qff points, thanks everyone.

    • What are all the codes i.e. min spends etc

      • LQ3C4 - 15% off when you spend $25 or more on frozen foods. Includes frozen vegetables, chicken, fish, bread, pizza, pies, sausage rolls, fingerfood, pastry, fruit and dessert.

        DD8R2 - 20% off when you spend $15 or more on beauty products. Includes hair care/accessories, skin care, oral care, personal wash, deodorant, men's toiletries, sun care & more.

        RH6X8 - 15% off when you spend $15 or more on biscuits. Includes plain and chocolate biscuits, crispbread, crackers and multipacks.

        All say offer valid at Woolworths Online for orders placed from 10 November 2014 to 21 December 2014.

        YY7Z3 - 300 bonus points when you spend $50 or more in one shop. Offer valid at Woolworths Online for orders delivered from 10 November 2014 to 16 November 2014.