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"Dick" Frenzy 40 Fujitsu AA Batteries $8 + Delivery. Also Panasonic Soundplate $149, Chromecast $37

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2014

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Dick Smith / Kogan

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    +1 for title…

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    Delivery Fees?

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      Shipping starts from $4.95

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    Major issues with retailer as per previous problems.

    • Thats why i started the post with DICK Frenzy

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      Major issue only affect the previous deal. The previous issue is not relevant with this deal.

    • Yeah, they often cock up.

  • Eneloops have been posted already

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    Eneloop part of title is a dupe and the batteries can't be click and collected so add + delivery

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    Here is the fantastic Sony 50" TV for $749 which was going for $799 only a few weeks ago. I bought one then and it is a superb telly.


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      $749 for a Sony 50 inch Smart TV. Such a good deal!

      It's hard to believe the prices of TVs these days.

    • Any difference between this and the KDL50W800B? I know the 800 is the 3d version, but is this the only difference? Trent86 maybe you know? :)

      • Some say the 800 has a wider viewing angle, but you'd have to compare them side-by-side to determine whether this is an issue I think.

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    I met my current girlfriend at a dick frenzy.

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      I met your girlfriend there too

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      With only 512 MB RAM can we assume android 2.x? 4.0 at best. For $19 it'd be useful for something but don't expect much.

      • It's 4.0. The RAM's not the problem - there's PendoPads with 512 MB that are fine, and Android in general is fine with it. It's the piss-poor CPU that's the biggest issue. Took >15 mins to update 5 apps - that would take < 3 mins on a modern phone. Or even a rather old phone.

        The screen res is also pretty bad, but even then it's the poor quality that's the biggest problem - other tablets with the same res/size look much better.

        I suppose it's usable as something that just runs in the background (music?). Don't bother with anything interactive like web browsing or games (shudder) on this.

    • From what I can make out it seems to be 800x480 res screen and around a 1ghz single core processor. Also seems to be a crap shoot as to whether you get a working one out of the box. Still, would be worth the risk if you have a specific need for it (kids tablet or something). Its apparantly running Android 4.0.4 from the specs.

    • See other thread- terrible reviews.

  • Bought a sound plate. If it's garbage i'll re-gift it for Chrissy :P

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    Chromecast $33

    80pk fujitsu battery 80pk $14.98

    NO Deal, I have send PM to DS Rep to Answer thiz post but he is not even bothered to PM me back. You are the one who Complain about DS to ACCC. and now you supporting them. Well done EC.

    • The $33 Chromecast at Harvey Norman is only for those that have never used the $5 voucher, and that 80pk battery deal is expired. Looks like the neg is revenge for EC starting the neg bandwagon on your post. :D

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        No anyone can sign up for that $5 credit deal again and again

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      While your at it MM ask him what happened to the tropical batteries?
      They are listed in the ad too.
      Not that I really care, just noticed it.

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      Exactly what I was thinking, said it before and I'll say it again, Ozbargainer's have Stockholm syndrome.

      Ring the ACCC and let them know how good this deal is!

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        Nah TA never posts any cheap flights to Sweden, so most Ozbargainers would never go there.
        Probably a lot of Bali belly though.

        • best dad joke ever!

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    The Panasonic Sound Plate has been this price for many weeks now, I've been researching one for home. No special bargain here.

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      what's the quality like?

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    Oh man, I need the Eneloops yesterday and nothing is showing as in stock for click n collect. How long is delivery usually? (without using a time machine)

    (I apologise in advance, what kind of Ozbargainer doesn't have a war chest of Eneloops at their disposal. I dunno how but I ran out.)

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    whats a good charger for the eneloops

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    No thanks dick

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    Vote was revoked. Grand. Why the free pass for dse???

    • Maybe it's about time you read the voting guidlines -

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        Maybe it's about time Ozbargain posted them more prominently before deciding to ban a person from down voting for 3 months? 3 down votes in 3 months is enough to get you banned from down voting at all for a further 3 months.

        I won't be voting either way or wasting my time participating if I'm going to be silenced in this manner.

        The issues I and many others have had are well documented on the forums. For me wasting hours on the phone with DSE repeatedly promising to fulfil an order before giving me no option but refund was irritating enough without being given the opportunity to comply with rules I was not made aware of in advance. If you think I'm a troll or just have a vendetta take a good look at my posting history.

        • Just as well the voting on comments doesn't work the same way. Kinda confusing though huh? Go on down vote again. Doesn't change the truth.

  • Interested in the Chromecast. Any FREE DELIVERY codes available?

  • Just ordered eneloops they are on back order lol

  • Chromecast is back up to $49 again.

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