This was posted 8 years 7 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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90% off Quilton 3- or 4-Ply Toilet Tissue 38x8pk $25.78 ($0.08/Roll) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]

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    I'm pretty sure when I was playing around with the drumstick deal earlier on you can't combine the $10 off 50 code with another code. :( The cereal looks promising, has anyone tried it and have an opinion? Thanks.

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      Bought 2 packs this morning. The apple and cinamon and the muesli ones. Both taste great eith my 1/2 price lactose free yoghurt lol

    • which ones?

      i eat ancient grains muesli, active balance flakes, corn flakes


    • You can enter the codes at once. Confirmed working by pasting the following instead of one by one.


      • I order is cancelled (out of stock) on delivery date.

        • My order is cancelled lol

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    i remember looking at toilet paper week ago , think it was quilton or sorbent, the 6packs had rolls with 180 sheets, the 12 pack had rolls that were 160 sheets… sneaky buggers.

    ahhh, remember when all rolls were 300 sheets?

    • Actually at one time all rolls were 500 sheets 2 ply.

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      sounds like you need a girlfriend. lol

      getting nostalgic about toilet paper seems unhealthy lol

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        :) Nah, just my ozbargain eyes doing their job. Gotta make sure it's a real deal, I don't trust Woolies saying it's cheap.

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    I have a beauty code MA9T9T5F - 20% off when you spend $15 or more (expire on 3/5/15)

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      thanks - deal updated :)

    • GAAAAAAA!!!

      Ordered already but didnt see this!

      it's $30.88 for 16 x 8 packs

      • +3

        "Thanks to (the?) WC"

        Chuckle, how very appropriate… ;P

    • I tried to use this code but it says that it has expired.

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    Great stuff, just worked it out and if using this code the cost would be only 24.125c per roll.

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    This deal will wipe all the shitty deals away

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      Let's all hear the crappy puns now

      • -2

        I wish this was the regular price.

  • Done

  • With 16 x 8pk, I'm getting the $11.00 delivery fee on top. Bringing the total to $41.88.
    I'm guessing there's no way to get the delivery fee discounted as well.
    Edit: All good, just figured out the Click & Collect system.

    • Re delivery fee discount
      Just a guess but if total after all discounts > $100, shipping may be free.

  • $1.93 per pack of 8.

    cancelled my order and reordered with new code.

    Thanks OP and WC!!!

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    now time for a good curry.

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      Keep some rolls in the fridge!

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    $5 off when spend $30 or more TVMBNKWS

    Worked for me with above code


    • thanks - deal updated :)

    • damn, just saw this after ordering. i bought 24

    • I ordered about 1 min before your post. Darn :-)

      Thanks for sharing the code.

    • Thanks, $29.74 for 18x8pk.

    • I can't see how this code is a better deal than the other code which is 20 % off. If you order 10 packs with this code the cost per roll is 35.375c (2.83/pk) = $28.30 (with code).

      • Work in addition to 20%

      • You can use both codes. So 20% off AND $5 off $30+. Therefore, rolls are 20c each :-)

        • Arh bugger, just bought it before this code was posted. Might see if I can cancel the order and see if my wife can order it.

        • @Rodo:

          "Arh bugger, just bought it before this code was posted."

          Chuckle… you folded early, and got RIIIIIPPED, hombre…

          It's a delicate combination of gambling, mathmatical ability, and sheer cunning, this stacking game…


        • +1

          @GnarlyKnuckles: Oh but I won out in the end. Pulled out the "Royal Flush" and trumped them all :) The wife helping out so all good now!

        • +1

          Heheh, glad to hear it!

          And how awesomely does this deal ply with the 'dream RUNS' of Delivery Hero we've had recently?!? This new deal will help us all cope with the fall-out quite nicely!


        • @Rodo: Ah, the dreaded two-man job!

  • Thank you very much tonester and wc. Whole family sorted. Will post photo of tower of rolls once we collect it. Total of $32.81 for 17 rolls after discount. Too good!

    edit: darn, missed out on the $5 discount. Oh well, maybe next time ;-)

    double edit: Missed out on the cashback too. Haha, wow.

    • Cancel your online order and start again.

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    Unbelievable. I never thought I would see a deal this good again!

    You would think that Woolies would learn from the last time this deal was on. Anyone looking to get this deal will need to get in quick as they will probably put a limit on how many you can buy in one transaction.

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    Is there any way around the shipping?

    • +1

      Choose click & collect

    • +1

      Create a new account with a new email is one method to get the free first delivery. Can use the same EDR card.

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    Don't forget Cash Rewards!!!

    • Good reminder!

    • didnt even know they had woolies…

    • does CR actually do anything for a non-new customer?

      don't think there is an ongoing %off rate for woolies, or is that not right?

      • for every online order CR give a $1 cash back as far as I know :P

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    Going to be known as the dude who always collects trolleys full of coke zero and toilet paper, at my local.

    • +1

      Woolworths employee 1: "It's that dude again. I wonder what he does with so many coke zero bottles and toilet tissue rolls"

      Woolworths employee 2: "He gets the 4ply version for some reason too…"

      • +1

        The delivery guys asked me if I own a cafe when he delivered all my coke. FYI, I dont.

        • My previous toilet roll delivery person was quite cool. The driver didn't even realise until I asked him whether if he thought it was weird getting a lot of bulk toilet roll deliveries. He just replied he didn't really care. It was quite easy compared to odd bits of shopping that he had to deliver.

        • Yep, i bet much rather lug toilet paper than heavy arse slabs of coke zero lol.

    • +1

      whenever i see people get a shit load of coke and bottled water whilst on special i just assume they are reselling it for a shop/restaurant.

      i got about 4 woolies I can go to within a 5 km radius anyway as not to attract too much attention.

    • "… the dude who always collects trolleys full of coke zero and toilet paper"

      They'll just assume you're on-selling, i.e. at your Milk-bar, or festivals etc… Wear the badge with pride 3-watt.

  • Damn, just put the order through. couldnt take advantage of the $5 off though. Good deal OP.

  • +1

    I bought 36 for click & collect tomorrow. Hopefully they can all fit in the car.

    Thanks tonester!

  • I wouldn't have brought muesli bars into this.

  • I purchased 48 but didnt see the $5 as it wasnt posted or cashrewards as i didnt know they had woolies.

    but very happy with the price either way.

  • +4

    Thanks op! My wife will be thinking wtf when tomorrow after work i bring home 128 toilet rolls :)

  • None of those codes work for me :(

    • Did you put in your EDR code and postcode?

      • Sorry but what is an EDR code?

        • Everyday rewards

        • -1

          Shit, don't have one :/

        • Yeah sorry bud, you need EDR for the codes to work. Can you ask for a mate's or a family member's code?

        • What if I register online for it? Do I get an EDR number right away?

        • @liquid metal: I don't know. Try it out :-)

        • +1

          it worked :)

  • Looks like the code can only use once per account, want to order more with the extra $5 code, won't let me go thru the order …

    • Make a new account with a different email. You can reuse the EDR code.

  • Thanks guys

  • +2

    Roll up, roll up, it's on again.
    Still working my way through the last truckful
    But this is a must

  • +1

    this is the cheapest ever (last was - 22.4c to 24.1c per Roll)

    time to build on the tower. thanks OP

    • +1

      I wish I could get enough to build a fort. Maybe one day…

      • +1

        LOLLLLLL just counted and i still have 20x8 left from the last deal.

        i think i got the max of 36 from memory

  • +2

    Thanks! Great deal
    Can use gift cards as well for those who purchased them at a discount

    • +1

      You can use these rolls to clean it up.

  • How do you get it down to $25.88? I can't apply NQ8LUZ together with other codes. I can only get it to $30.88 subtotal.

    • +1

      Use this code for an extra $5 off:


      • Oh right, it doesn't include that $5 in the subtotal, I see, thanks.

        Now how do we get click and collect? Doesn't seem to give that option.

  • thanks Op.
    ordered and code MA9T9T5F 20% worked for us

  • 16 packs only drops to $30.88 for me ?

    Sub Total $30.88
    Less Order Discount -$5.00
    Delivery Fee $11.00
    Total (Including GST) $36.88

    • Use this code for an extra $5 off:


    • order 32 and you get free delivery!

  • +1

    Sub Total $69.48
    Less Order Discount -$5.00
    Delivery Fee $0.00
    Total (Including GST) $64.48

    36x8 rolls

    288 / 64.48 = 0.22c per roll

  • I got 27 packs for less than $50 . cant wait to pick them up on Friday :) Thanks OP !

    • +2

      What are you doing with your butt that makes it so exciting?

  • +1

    killer deal :)

    • +3

      Shit deal :)

  • +8

    Why are people ordering more than 16 per order? Price per roll only increases. Ozbargain condemns thou!

    • +1

      good point but when i need the 17th its better to spend .22 now than hope that another deal will come around for 22c or less in that time.

      also used the further 5% off via gift card so my total was 61.256 which brings it to 21.2 LOL

      funny though that the only time i can collect them is 2mrow between 6-9 thursday night shopping

      • +1

        Yes, yes that is true.. Nobody likes getting caught in shitty situations

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