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FREE Two-Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership ($700 Value) - Business Lounges Worldwide


note: promo code must be Validated before Submitting personal details

Get the peace, support and dedicated resources that many coffee shops and hotels simply don't provide, in a Regus Business Lounge.

Hold meetings, print, email and more in professional surroundings and with business support from our centre teams; stay productive wherever you are.

  • Comfortable, well-equipped workspaces in worldwide locations [Australia, Global]
  • Dedicated support teams offering administrative assistance
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded professionals or extra privacy in a Regus Thinkpod
  • FREE secure WiFi
  • FREE refreshments
  • Print / scan / photocopy facilities available
  • Gain access to Regus Purchasing Group

Simply drop in and work; it's as easy as swiping your Businessworld membership card and sitting down.

Choose local, national or international use of Regus Business Lounges
Work your way in 3,000 locations, 900 cities and 120 countries
Locations in major cities, business parks, airports and transport centres


neil visits 120 Collins Street

Gatwick Airport - South Terminal
Heathrow Airport - Terminal 5

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  • Thanks mate! It's a wonder anybody actually pays for these memberships ;Þ

  • I've already used the 1 year deal (6/2013), now using the 3 year deal (3/2014), so will get this as a guest pass in another name as my current membership has almost 2 years before expiry.

    Good office (cubicle) use around the world, free coffee etc, free fast WiFi, friendly staff.
    I download large files (cough) at Regus.

    Handy when travelling to have a choice of CBD office spaces.

    • Quick question about the facilities from a first timer…

      When they mention "Print / scan / photocopy facilities available"

      Does that = free printing?

      Also I'm assuming that there aren't any 'communal' computers for use in the common areas?

      • What do you think from a place that rents it's facilities at high rates…. I pop down the street to OfficeWorks.

        Communal computer (1) at offices I visited. No USB or other way to access the computer, so make sure you set up cloud access.

        • No worries, thanks for the clarification!

        • @Chimpus:
          When you first visit, usually they show you around. Just ask.

          Most people using the facilities would have an account to bill for those items.

          When logging in first time it asks for your membership number. It tells you it will be billed to your account. But it isn't as we have free WiFi.

        • @brucefromaustralia:

          Hey Brucey! Have you tried entering those offices on weekends?

          Also how do you make a guest pass? What if you want to bring a different guest each time?

        • @MasterNoob:
          Reception hours only. Offices are in office buildings, so mainly open usual office hours. Only some paying long-term clients have secure access out of office hours.

          Join up with another name like I did (I already had a current 3 year membership) - I just used an initial rather than first name, which leaves latitude for male/female guest. Also can use it in places wherever I don't want to be called "Brucey" ;-)

        • @brucefromaustralia:

          But Brucey ;) have they asked your guest to ever show ID as proof the card belongs to them?

        • @MasterNoob:
          No one will come with me :-(

          I've only just applied for guest membership. Will probably use with overseas friends. Great view, with free coffee, & on free WiFi go down well.

          Never been asked for ID at any office.

  • This will come handy one day

  • Tried a few times on phone to activate but get message "We are unable to process your activation at this time - please contact us on the number below".

    Then realised there is a validate button below code entry… worked ;-)

    Why am I always the first to make the foolish mistakes?

    • No, you're just the first to talk share it!

      • When I stuff up, others usually aren't too far behind. Finding the solution first - now that's better. I've made a bit of money specialising in that position in life, so I'm not complaining.

        • Hmm can't seem to find a validate button

          edit: using safari worked

        • Finding the solution first - now that's better. I've made a bit of money specialising in that position in life, so I'm not complaining.

          thanks - deal updated :)

    • Thanks for the help! I figured it was expired

  • anyone tried using their membership yet?

    • This current one - that's rushing things a bit, teehee.

      Been using 2 free memberships for over a year, as commented above.

  • +16 votes

    We could use it to hold a ozbargin get together

  • +2 votes

    Love the Regus business centres. They recently opened one up in the QV building in Melbourne. Very convenient, unlimited Nespresso, work pods and free wi-fi.

    Anyone know how to tell when the Regus membership is going to expire? I swear they used to have it in the account settings but can't find them.

    • I asked at my local Office. They told me both my gold cards expire in 2072!
      Was told I can use the facilities til then. They don't even ask to see the card.

      When I questioned when the promotional membership expired, they said to contact head office as it does not show on their computer.

      My expired card from about 2 years back is still accepted.

      • Sweet! Did you get yours via the Virgin Atlantic Silver Upgrade?

      • I have a 3-year membership card (2014) and have been coming to the office in HCMC Vietnam since I arrived here. Unfortunately, just been told that my card has already expired since March 2015. A 3-year card expired in just one year? I emailed their help desk and was told that the card is a partnership card, with 259-Work from Anywhere (not Diners' though) is only valid for one year from the activation date. I don't understand. Anyone with a similar experience?

  • Same here=>We are unable to process your activation at this time - please contact us on the number below

  • Thanks OP

    Congratulations! Your Regus businessworld gold card has now been activated.

    Your full membership package will be sent to you within 21 working days. If you wish to start enjoying the benefits straight away, you can use your temporary membership card which will be emailed to you.

  • Do you need to register with Regus first? Or is this for existing customers only?

  • where do we enter in that code?

  • Cheers! Should come in handy.

  • Wow this is awesome, I never knew this existed, and there is one 5 min from my house!

    I work from home, but this would be great if I needed a change of scenery, or if my stupid Optus cable went down like yesterday.

    So do I just book and then rock up with my laptop and get to work?

  • Potentially free lunch?

  • This should come in handy

  • how does it work? so I just bring the card to any of the offices they have and then just find a seat?

  • Still trying to work out what the "Acitivation" code is. I assume it was the 3 digit code on the back of my Diners Card.

  • Cheers OP! I'll take you to free lunch to nearest branch to my home for this.

  • I've been to a few Regus centres around Oz for meetings and conferences - this is an excellent deal to be able to use the common areas. THANK YOU so much OP. Great for travel, networking and in summer - the air con.

  • Can I get the deal even if I'm not a Diner's club member?

  • Do they make good study spots for students?

  • Can't believe this could be free! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, looking forward to a free shower

    • I've never seen a shower, but probably depends on the office. Probably listed on the website. Good for cyclists.

      • toilets? Could be handy for tourist travel ;)

        • I find the free WiFi, coffee, English language papers, helpful staff, in a central location close to transport, and a good place to rest or do some 'work' trumps toilets when travelling.

          That's what MacDonalds are for, at least in France.
          No toilet for you.

    • After some thought…
      Most upmarket office blocks like these supply showers for cyclists & possibly joggers. Just ask.

  • nice share thanks OP. never knew this existed

  • highly recommended to everyone who hasn't got it. Get it even if you don't think you need it.

  • Too good to be true? Who funds this?

    • The people that paid $700 for gold membership!

      • Seriously though, I'd like to know how this business model works. I've looked into it, and normally, the cost of renting a single office slot in one of these shared office areas, especially in the city is enormous. Granted, that's for a dedicated desk and space, but this is not too far off from that. The facilities also look brand spanking new. How could they possibly sustain giving out these multi-year free memberships …

        • I'm guessing they use it to entice you to move up to that actual "shared office space." This really only works well for individual work, for meetings etc. you'd need to rent a space off them.

        • These free offers are provided to business & frequent flier groups. (We have piggybacked on one of those.) Those are the likely users of this type of rental office space. Corporations are major clients, with whole office groups / teams located for long periods.

          The office I use was renovated at Christmas, opening up a great window wall with a fabulous view. And that's where the pods for people like us are.