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LG G Watch $88, Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB $843, GoPro Hero 3+ Silver $267 (after Voucher) +More @ Harvey Norman

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  • trent86 rocks´╝ü

  • HP desktop looks like $499 at Joyce Mayne


    sounds cheap

    1Tb, 4Gb, Intel Celeron

  • The $50 cashback when spending $300 appears to hit it maximum users. I could no longer get that offer.

    • It's still available. Just registered 2 cards. It wasn't there for me when I logged in, had to open the deal first from the home page then login. It was there for my wifes card without having to open the deal first

  • To g watch or not to g watch . that is so freaking tempting

    • peddle and that what would be better ? . i m so tempting to get this one too :(


      The original G watch had bad-mediocre reviews, I think at this price it's probably worth a try… I'll pass though as the build quality looks like it's only worth $30.

    • If you just want a basic Android wear watch for cheap it'll do the job. Bear in mind the shortcomings though: no HR monitor, no sleep button and mediocre screen. That said, for $88, it's probably worth it if all you care about is basic notifications.

      • Not sure why the screen is mediocre, looks fine to me, guessing ips

        • You really want LED in a watch. ie AMOLED.

          But for $88, I might be willing to compromise.

        • I meant mediocre in a sense that it's average. Not bad, not good.

        • @nytrojen: mediocre has bad connotations, if I had a mediocre meal, I don't think anyone else would want one. Either way we are getting into semantics now

        • @manic: that last part of the statement :-) It's really the battery life you are complaining about then isn't it? Not the screen so much (if it's the low power properties you are after)

          The brightness vs blacks debate will always rage on, you would love your amoled until you are out in the sun and can't see it

        • @Jackson: Semantics and interpretation. Regardless, the screen isn't as nice as the one on the G Watch R/Moto 360/Zenwatch.

        • @Jackson:

          mediocre has bad connotations, if I had a mediocre meal, I don't think anyone else would want one.

          Well then, you are using the word wrong. Mediocre is only a negative if you are paying a premium price.
          If McDonalds had mediocre food, that would be great praise.

        • I've been looking at the screen now off and on for 24 hours, and coming from a Pebble, it is a FAR nicer screen and ALMOST as good as my S4.

          Obviously the Pebble kicks butt in bright sunlight - no denying that, but IMHO - not mediocre…actually pretty good, and probabl;y THE BEST SCREEN you're going to find on a watch costing $88.

          I'm with you Jackson.

        • @manic: First entry on google:of only average quality; not very good.
          "he is an enthusiastic if mediocre painter

          Since average is relative, not very good speaks volumes

        • @Jackson:
          "not very good" is used euphemistically for "bad". The literal meaning would be different.
          Unfortunately, you may be confused by the word "literal" because of all the idiots who mis-use the word "literally" to mean "figuratively". Lets not do the same to mediocre.

          The painter context is that you are looking for the best. The world has countless aspiring artists, but only a few make a living at it. Being average is not enough. See?
          OTOH, a mediocre house-painter is fine. Using that word negatively for a tradesdman would be bad English.

        • @Jackson: "of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate:"

          "Average" probably would have been more suitable here, but the point is that it's not a great screen, and worth considering before buying it

        • @manic: I know the literal meaning, but I am afraid mediocre has already suffered the fate you fear. If people use the word mediocre to mean that they were relatively dissatisfied with something, than the word has taken on a new meaning. Just a trend I have noticed, in this case the bloke has been kind enough to clarify. I think his point is correct, average is definitely less ambiguous

          Regarding the screen, I have one and I do prefer AMOLED screens in general, but I think the difference between them typical IPS screens to be overstated.

        • @Jackson:
          Fort a phone, I think LCD has improved to be as good as AMOLED, but on a watch the latter gives a much better low-power always-on display.

    • worth to upgrade from galaxy gear 1 to this G watch? i have sammy phone

      • I just bought one today as an upgrade from the Galaxy Gear and it's night an day. The Gear is rubbish compared to this.

        • really? your gear 1 is with tizen or still with old o/s? how come rubbish? gear has camera and you can save few mp3 and stream directly to bluetooth headset. even apple watch cant do these

        • @erwinsie: Nah, my gear was the original one without Tizen. Pretty rubbish device in comparison. Not sure how this would compare to the newer gears but compared to my Gear it's a massive difference. A lot more apps, more functionality. I lose the camera but never used that anyway.

        • @GunnerMcDagget: well the gear 1 is upgradeable to tizen if you dont know, but interesting to read your comments about this g watch (have you receive it or just read the reviews?)

        • @erwinsie: I picked it up yesterday early and have been playing with it since. It's quite excellent. The battery life is horrible but that is most likely due to me constantly playing with it.

          One thing I noticed in the reviews is that people complain about having issues in the sunlight. I'm guessing there has been an update since 'cause the maximum brightness is very visible in sunlight and they have a brightness boost toggle from the drop down menu to quickly toggle between max/normal brightness. Some of the custom watch faces also have a sunlight mode so you just click part of the watch face to go to max brightness.

    • GRAB IT! I picked one up on eBay to muck around with Android Wear for next to nothing as well and love it. Its not an LG Urbane or Moto 360 but for what you are paying it is awesome. Grab a black stainless steel watchband for less than $10 on eBay and you wont regret it.

    • LG G Watch has bad reviews I wouldn't waste $88 on something I'm not gonna use much

    • +5 votes

      It's just not round…

      Other than that, no heart beat monitor. But those are never accurate anyway.

      Bottom line, this is a bargain, full stop. You're getting Google's original wearable.

  • Is the canon 1200d camera a good deal?

    • With the $50 Amex offer and $25 online voucher a GREAT deal. This is an entry level SLR though, but for a beginner its perfect!


  • If only there was some way to split the payment online. Have two Amex cards which would make that s6 very, VERY tempting

  • TRENT86 for PM!

  • No deals on TV? I'm after 55 inch

  • Well I know it's only first gen, but at $88, the LG G Watch is cheaper than I bought my Pebble for so into my shopping cart it went! I'll pick it up from my local store today.

  • Opps. Wasn't going to buy a smart watch just yet… Will be a 'proof of concept' purchase.

  • I actually quite like the look of the lounge on their Thursday ad… but can't find it on their website ?!

    Here: http://snag.gy/uTGnM.jpg

  • Careful buying with 'Pickup' I've been waiting more than 5 months for my Kobo to come into stock.

    • Worth asking if any other stores have it in stock?

      • They do not.
        I have a binding sales contract, since they took my money, and they have a binding sales contract with the wholesaler, since he took their money, but so far, no stock, discontinued.


  • Got the HP 110-501A for email/web/facebook games for my elderly parents.
    Added a Canon printer $18, Philips earbuds $3 and AM/FM Radio $8 and Samsung screen protector $2 for a total of $304.

    So achieved the $50 Amex cashback and online $25 voucher :) Total paid is $229. Bargain!

  • G watch quite tempting..

    maybe buy two to use the $25 coupon and then return one in store?

  • LG G Watch limited to one per customer.
    I have one already and think its great for around the office, it saves me having to pull out my phone every time I hear the bing and feel the vibes ;)
    Bought mine direct from Google during their 3 day sale back in December 2014 for $114 delivered.

    I grabbed a black and a white….will come in handy for gifts this year.

    Nice find Trent86

    • I ordered a 1x black and 1x black/gold and used the $25 off voucher

      $151 for both.

      If I can, I'll return one in store otherwise i'm sure one of my mates will take it

      • During the excitement…I missed the $25 voucher!!

        I just tried to cancel the order online but cannot. I can't be bothered to contact HN for them to cancel and then re-order online using the voucher.

        I did just but a Telstra pre-pay phone for $10 with $10 credit….something to play with for an hour and then use as a paperweight/drawer filler/dust magnet ;)

        This is what happens on pay day!

  • Got the S6 64GB with my Amex, order is being reviewed (not sure why), I already had a HN account so didn't get the $25 off but not to worry. Now I'll give the receipt to payroll and salary sacrifice it. After GST removal and paying for it pre-tax I should be out of pocket $484.10. Thanks for the excellent deal TRENT86!

  • if anyone wants to go halves, I ordered 2 for $151 so $75.50 each

    If I can't return one, I could go halves with someone.

  • i bought white/gold but not happy at all, i liked black but was out of stock so made a quick decision and now regretting ;((

  • Looks like you can use the android wear watch with an iphone without jailbreaking it:

  • Only 1 lg g watch per person but some selfish took a dozen so now it is out of stock. Thanks.

  • Agree. Is this online only or we can get it at store?
    Most stores still showing in stock for the black one?

  • Confirmed same price in store. Sourced a black one locally. Start calling…

  • Only white left on the watch. Tempting..

    Anyone know of any decent priced alternatives?


      I think the next cheapest are the moto360 and Zenwatch. While better than the G watch, those two are above $200 as well.

      • What's better about them?

        • They generally look better. There's not a whole lot of difference between the current android wear watches other than aesthetics, and some of the newer watches have a better battery life. The battery life on this watch sucks but for $88 it's pretty good.