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SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB 2.5" SSD - $106 (+ $50 eBay Voucher) @ Futu eBay [C&C Syd/Mel/Tas]


$3 Cheaper than TA's deal! Price war :)

Futu have delivered on the better price, and when cashback just went up to 3%

Credit to Stato for the find!

Previous deal @ $109

Link to Ebay voucher details

Don't forget 3% cashback from Cash Rewards

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  • I snagged one of these too - will be my third SSD in as many months! One is in the old garage PC… great to speed up an older PC.

    But my gaming PC would benefit from a second SSD loaded with games..

  • +1

    nearly 900 hundred sold i thing there are going to be major delays in fulfilling orders.

    • Nope, I still received mine next business day

  • Awesome find, grabbed one and it has been tracked by cashrewards.
    Provided you can use the $5 voucher on something you would've bought anyway, it is essentially a $50 discount (minus credit card points for the $50).

    The previous best-ever deal was $61 for the 128GB SanDisk. That one is faster in benchmarks and is tried and tested, but this SSD Plus is double the size and cheaper.

    Going in the OzB Acer 14" laptop.

    • The $61 one was the same breed & speed… but from Amazon (overseas).

      This deal runs rings around that one. Who would've thought that was possible!!

  • I M late to the party. Is this ssd better than the samsung evo one? I will be buying to replace the hard drive to my i5 notebook. Thanks

    • Evo is the best you can buy after the Samsung Pro. Much better 3D V-Nand technology, faster write speed and longer warranty than this SanDisk.
      However, you won't notice any real world speed difference between the two SSDs.

      Recommendation: Get the SanDisk, unbeatable at this price.

      • +1

        Cheers for that buddy

  • My 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 just died (after only 5 months!) in the N54L. Would this be more reliable for a 24/7 home server?

    • Intel is the most reliable for such heavy usage, this entry level SanDisk wouldn't be expected to last as long.

  • are all these orders going through auspost's sorting centre in smeaton grange regardless of delivery address? no wonder auspost is losing money.

  • Alright just bit the bullet and got myself one, which will probably end up on the shelf with my eneloop batteries.

    Usually you should read the T&C before purchasing not the other way around, but after purchasing I noticed:
    18. Your eBay.com.au and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.

    Am i gonna get screwed over because it logged onto the missus Ebay account but I used my paypal account (different email)?
    You think they'll still honor the $50 or should I go cancel and reorder using my account?
    What are your thoughts people?

    • i also made this mistake - not exactly the same but my email address that is identical as the ebay one was marked as "secondary email" in my paypal account.

      I am quite frustrated that ebay made this into a "fine print" rather than making it clear enough for everyone. I will be cancelling or returning my order if I don't get the voucher.. Is it possible to return this item if I don't get the voucher on 12th Aug with a paypal "free return" deal?

      • received my coupon, so you should received yours too.

  • So tempted.
    I bought OptiPlex 3020 from DFO recently, thinking to replace or add SSD.
    Does anyone know, how much the reasonable charge to replace HD to SSD or add SSD to your desktop?

    If anyone know and recommend a computer shop in outer southeast of Melbourne to do this, I will appreciate it.

  • I hope these guys have stock else ima be peed off!

  • I was far from the first to order but mine was ready to pick up today (next business day). Not sure if I should wait until the 12th to confirm I get the voucher before I open the box.

    • Me too, I got it today, lol it was so fast, it's insane.

      • +1

        Here's the model name and benchmark:

      • With the SSD in an external USB enclosure I cloned my hard drive, then put the SSD into my laptop but it is coming up in Hard Disk Sentinel as 26% health?!!! Its "estimated remaining lifetime" is only 123 days. "The health is determined by SSD specific S.M.A.R.T. attribute(s): #169 Remain Life Percentage".

        Should I be concerned? I won't be using it that much so I'm concerned it won't wear down within the 3-year warranty period to make a claim if it really is at miserable health.

        • I haven't used mine yet, is there an error with the reporting tools?

        • @squaredonut: SMART diagnostics should be right…
          Let me know how yours comes up in Hard Disk Sentinel

    • Hi Fobsessive,

      When you go pick up from woolies, what do you need to provide them? The tracking number of the parcel or that eCP number that was in one of the ebay confirmation emails?


      • +1

        When it is ready for pick-up at the store you'll get an email eBay with the title "[Name], order ready for collection - collection code 123456". That is the one they use.

        My second SSD says "delivered" in the tracking but I'm still waiting on the pick-up email.

  • picked mine up today. the paper around the window is all torn up. should the ssd be ok?

    • If it's just the paper the SSD should be alright (I would prefer a damaged box over my drive with only 26% health). Won't be worth the hassle of getting it replaced just for another box.

  • Has anyone who ordered one of these done a pick up at the Penrith Woolworths? My tracking says it was out for delivery yesterday, then almost immediately afterwards was "redirected". It doesn't say where to…

    • Same with me for Macquarie Centre delivery… I dunno what's going on with AusPost.

      Date/Time Activity Location

      Fri 07 Aug 2015 16:42 Processed through Australia Post facility GRANVILLE NSW

      Thu 06 Aug 2015 13:37 Redirected NORTH RYDE NSW

      Thu 06 Aug 2015 09:29 Redirected NORTH RYDE NSW

      Thu 06 Aug 2015 09:26 With Australia Post for delivery today NORTH RYDE NSW

      Wed 05 Aug 2015 07:19 Processed through Australia Post facility GRANVILLE NSW

      Tue 04 Aug 2015 17:39 Shipping information approved by Australia Post

      • Have you got yours yet? Mine is "processed through Australia Post" today, like yours was on Friday. Wondering where the hell it's going to end up.

        It seems like Woolworths might not have a proper process in place for the click n collect. This might be the first time I leave negative feedback on eBay.

        • Update to my post above, my tracking shows delivered to Alexandria (where Futu is) I rang AusPost to get more info and all they could tell me tbat the delivery address has a redirection. Sent Futu an email, waiting for response.

        • @imolared: Yeah mine is out for delivery in Alexandria today. I opened a missing item request on eBay, what a pain in the ass.

  • Mine is even worse and it seems someone working in Woolworths rejected the delivery

    Mon 03 Aug 2015 15:04 In transit KINGS LANGLEY NSW

    Mon 03 Aug 2015 15:03 Attempted Delivery - Unable to gain accessOpen tool tip KINGS LANGLEY NSW

    Mon 03 Aug 2015 06:30 With Australia Post for delivery today SEVEN HILLS NSW

    Sat 01 Aug 2015 00:47 Processed through Australia Post facility CHULLORA NSW

    Fri 31 Jul 2015 16:23 Shipping information approved by Australia PostOpen tool tip

    Fri 31 Jul 2015 15:56 Shipping information received by Australia Post

  • I've also had the redirected issue… it seems that someone hasn't given Woolworths the info perhaps? Mine was meant to be picked up from Hornsby Woolworths and it was redirected and is now in Alexandria with a status of delivered :\

    • Same issue to mine, says delivered in Alexandria. I sent Futu an email, if I don't hear back by Wednesday a negative feedback will be left and Paypal dispute will be initiated.

      • to be fair it isn't Futu's problem… its ebay/aus post/woolworths… there is clearly miscommunication… i contacted Futu and eBay and got responses from both and have now collected my drive last Thursday (13th)…

        i won't be rushing into using click and collect again or if i do i'll just be extremely patient

  • i picked mine up lucky me :D

  • anyone still waiting for their pick up confirmation yet?

    Looks like mine was delivered to the shopping centre Auspost then redirected. I assume to the BigW store but I called up lay-by and they checked for my name as I don't have a confirmation for pick up yet and said nothing is there for me.

    Hopefully here later in the week, I'm in no rush. Really CBF going through lost item paypal dispute crap.

  • has anyone received their ebay $50 voucher yet?

    • I received my code via email earlier. But no SSD yet. Got a response from seller yesterday arvo and early morning from Ebay click and collect team with conflicting info. >.< Just about ready to tell them to cancel this entire transaction and void my code. Not worth the hassle.

      • Just got my pickup message, probably just give it a bit more patient

        • Email I got from seller (Futu) yesterday says ignore the tracking where it says it was delivered to Alexandria and to print the email and go to BigW and pick up the item. Email from Ebay says it was delivered to Alexandria post office and will now need to be redirected back to BigW. Item was ordered on 31/7, almost 2 weeks now for delivery to NSW from NSW is really pass ridiculous state.

          Sorry for the rant.

        • @imolared:
          Thanks mate for the update. Got email from ebay since 9-Aug telling me wait 3-5 business days so that they can send back to BigW from Alexandria Auspost :)

          Will try once I arrive BigW next time.

  • coupon received. even though my ebay and paypal was different. It's under account summary. No email sent. Just log in and check under "account summary'

    • Should be Activity summary in your ebay account

  • received $50 voucher in my email. Nothing noted in my activities. Pretty sure my paypal email address is different to my ebayl account.

    Also T&C is linked to the wrong T&C. Stating that I can only use it in a participating store, $200+ minimum spend yadda yadda.

    Does anyone have the correct T&C link?

    • +1

      No, but I've spent it out on something just over $100. So pretty sure not $200

  • Received my ssd on Saturday, but haven't received my coupon yet :(

    • check your ebay account "My ebay -> Activity Summary"

      • Haven't received my coupon yet as well :-(

      • Thanks, it was in the bottom, under all orders. Cheers!

  • Says delivered 3rd Aug - still haven't received the confirmation email for pick up :(

    • Update - It was delivered on 3rd of Aug but a confirmation email was never sent to me.

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