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18.2% off Apple Mac (Dick Smith + Gift Cards)


Combination of the deals here and here

10% off macs at dick smith, plus 10% extra value on gift cards at coles = 18.2% off!

The coles extra 10% credit on Dick Smith gift cards was extended (thanks Mr Rort)

Page 12 of the Hearldsun (3 sep 2015) coles advert states that the Dick Smith 10% bonus is extended until 06/09/2015 whilst stock lasts.

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  • It's actually 18.18% off.

    Take a basis price of $100.
    10% off is $90.
    To get a giftcard value of $90, you have to pay $81.81
    110% x $81.81 = $90


    • haha, oops!

    • -15 votes

      damn you! I was about to post that.

      Here is another formula.

      x = gift card value you need to purchase
      y = cost of crapbook after 10% DSE discount. I mean macbook.

      x = y*0.81818181

    • Thanks for the rigorous mathematical proof.

    • Yeah, Science!!!! Uh… oh wait…

      • -6 votes

        This isn't the liberal party of australia FB page even though the most prominent scientists probably still vote Liberal. scum bags



          Liberal governments like to prop up the middle class by giving them tax cuts.

        • Ok. But, somehow, I don't think the most prominent scientists would fall into the middle class category.

        • @tendollar:

          Yeh lets give more money to the bludgers on welfare, god knows half of them are scammers.

        • +1 vote


          Let's treat the less fortunate with vitriol and malevolence. People like you are what's wrong with this country. Hopefully in 20 years time we'll have less racist and insulting baby boomers.

        • @tendollar:

          Yeh im a bad person because i pay too much tax to support dole bludgers. Next your going to tell me theres not a single dole bludger around. We all know that lots of people claim disability simply because they are lazy.

        • +2 votes


          I rather give my tax to less fortunate people than the middle class.
          Don't worry mate. Your tax isn't going to solve poverty and it's probably being spent elsewhere. Try 22 F35 fighter jets.

        • @tendollar:

          Let me guess you get benefits in some way or someone in your family does. The only people who vote Labor are people sticking their hand out.

          I have no problem giving my tax money to worthy people but bludgers and scammers should be in jail. We all know its easy enough to find them, if the gov only looked. Just look how many scammers have been found in recent months.

        • +1 vote


          government pays me to do work for them. So yes, I get benefits.
          Now you're just sounding bitter. We're far better off paying for them to make ends meat than throwing them out to the wolves and having them riot in the streets. Pull your head in.
          There are far more scammers at the top who are doing real damage to our economy with their greed and manipulation.

        • @tendollar:

          So you are driven by selfish intentions, and a bigger gov with bigger budgets regardless of value to the community is in your interests…

          A bit like that idiot Rudd and his waste on solar panels and roof insulation. Here Labor gives money to people with houses and poorer people who dont own anything still have to contribute their tax to the wealthier end of town.

          The irony.

        • @tendollar:

          There are far more scammers at the top who are doing real damage to our economy with their greed and manipulation

          No argument there but thats hardly a reason to make it worse by giving money to liars and thieves at the bottom end of town.

          Do you go about giving money to bums in the TAB on benefits during work hours ?



          Lol! You rather your money go to people who don't need it rather than those without a job in a capitalist world. You say I'm the one who is selfish?

          Right-wing governments are good for nothing, inbred and have their heads stuck in the past. Rudd was not an idiot. Solar panels are good for Australian households and roof insulation stops people from freezing at night. I know the roof insulation certainly helps me sleep on a winter's night. I did pay for it myself.

          " We all know its easy enough to find them, if the gov only looked." - Border force supporter.

        • +1 vote


          You make it sound like the majority of people at the bottom are scammers, liars and lazy people. You have no concept of the word giving or charity or kindness. Stay bitter. Rubs off badly around the people closest to you.

        • @tendollar:

          We're far better off paying for them to make ends meat than throwing them out to the wolves and having them riot in the streets. Pull your head in.

          Now your changing your tune - you know very well i was talking about another group of people.


          That other group of people is a very small minority. THe majority of those at the bottom are families.

        • @tendollar:

          When did i use the word ALL ? Talk about fabricating evidence.

        • +1 vote


          You are assuming that your money is going towards those people, so we should cut back on welfare. Oh boy…..
          I am so happy that young Australians aren't as twisted and splenetic as you.

        • @tendollar:

          You might want to read your letters from the tax department where it lists the breakdown of where YOUR tax dollars went. Yet again your attacking the messenger, not to mention the fabrication of things i never said.

          You just dont get it - when Labor wastes money they are WASTING EVERYONES money. THey arent doing those bludgers any favours making them useless.



          So the coalition doesn't waste money?
          Travel entitlements+f35 fighter jets+submarines we don't need+awful NBN+$100 million in pastoral care+$225 million in metadata storage costs+ direct action (paying big business in cash) to combat climate change that won't do anything meaningful. You do realise all those things I have mentioned exceed $100 BILLION in cost, right?

        • @tendollar:

          Less fortunate because you don't make an effort or less fortunate because you have a severe disability which prevents you from doing any kind of work? There's a big difference. Some doctors give sickness benefit certificates to people who just don't want to work. Australia just can't go forward if we reward that kind of attitude.

        • @tendollar:
          Australian needs defence equipment, jets, subs, ships etc. Just like any other country. You think the US should just step in and do all the work if Australia was attacked? It`s not cheap to do fibre rollouts in Australia. The population densities are not the same as Asia and Europe. If you end up with Fibre to the node you can still achieve 100MBps. You also have the option of paying $3000 for the Fibre to go directly to your house. Not everyone needs the speed of fibre to the house.

        • @tendollar: >$225 million in metadata storage costs

          Oh the great thing about that is da gummints aint spendin that money they're passing it on to the ISPs.

          Notice da gummints is all about making business more productive on the one hand but on the other hand, when it came time to collecting every Australian citizen's metadata, da gummints was quite happy to make business pay for that.



          I have had 100 Mbps for the past 4 years. They should upgrade the fibre and old copper of the major cities before country AUstralia.

        • @tendollar:

          Sounds like you got lectured from some old bearded Marxist/Stalinist professor during your school days. Cuba is like that if you want to experience the extreme left side of politics.


      Dick Smith Gift Cards are available in two denominations

      $50 ($55 value)
      $100 ($110 value)

      Save even more money if you use a credit card that offers between 2-5% cash back on touch-and-go transactions.

      • I'm new to this gift cards thing. sorry but how can I get a $110 value card for $100?

  • edit: beaten by above ^

  • I just have a question regarding stocking up on these gift cards for the new iPhone, does anyone know for sure if DSE will accept gift cards to pre-order?

    Also, claiming back TRS would be amazing.

    • Yes to TRS

      Highly doubt for iPhone 6s(+). Besides, they probably won't have stock for at least a month after release.

    • Yep I did 15% Mac sale using $2k dse gift cards from Coles and then friend took it overseas for another almost 10% and will claim another 30% on business expense thanks to joe. Boo yah.


      FYI Dick Smith gift cards have a 12 month expiry date (from the date of issue)

    • would this work? I only ask due to TRS give you a refund back to the card you used with the purchase. Say you used the giftcards to buy the product, then take the product to TRS for a refund, I'm thinking the card won't be available on the receipt. Does that make sense?

    • I tried this morning. I used 28 gift cards last Friday to purchase rMBP 13 128GBSSD. I depart from Sydney airport this morning and I successfully claimed the TRS with the really long receipt. FYI I use the TRS app on my phone.

  • lets say to buy a
    an ipad air 2 64 GB
    at $680
    how many giftcards do you need


    i bought MacBook Air with 15% off last week from harvey Norman and got a free urbeats earphone and $20 gift card

  • +4 votes

    Pay for gift cards with paypass ing/me cash back 2%.
    Use Coles voucher to get double flybuys as well.

  • there are some people selling dicksmith gift cards on gumtree, planning to get them and buy a MAC..!! :)


    For ASUS Laptops from DSE - It's cheaper from ASUS directly, and if you need to exercise warranty DSE will just serve as middlemen anyway

    DSE [Must buy with or within 14 days of purchase - Source DSE facebook rep, also it varies with the price of the laptop]
    1 year extended - $99
    2 year extended - $129

    ASUS Warranty [Must create account to purchase + activate before your included 1 year runs out]
    1 year extension Local - $69
    1 year extension International - $99
    2 year extension Local - $99
    2 year extension International - $149

    • Extended warranty with apple is just Apple care. which is the same price at DSE and directly from Apple.

      For example. Macbook pro/air 13" Apple care is $279 on both sites.

      May be even cheaper at DSE with all the spend xxx save xx promos. But not sure if apple care is excluded from those offers.

      • Anyone who buys extended warranties is a fool. Australian consumer law says manf are required to give warranty even after the statement time period if its a reasonable or expected time period. FOr example everyone would expect a TV to last 3 years, so even if your manuf only gives a 1 yr they must honour a tv prob after 1 year. This is why many places always put a (*) after their manuf period because they know their required warranty period is actually much longer - they just dont want to do your homework for you.

        Google it.

        • Yep, the ACL will cover you when you are in Australia. Thats why i never purchase extended warranty for any of my stuff.

          However, just want to point out that if you buy something and plan to take it out of Australia, it may be useful to purchase extended warranty for the product. Say you buy an Macbook and something happens after 18months. If you are in Australia, then thats fine because you're covered by the ACL. But if you are overseas, apple will not repair it free of charge if you didn't purchase apple care, since the initial 1 year warranty has expired and you are not covered by the ACL in that case. Unless you take it back to apple australia.

        • @Stan86, not sure why you were downvoted.

          As ex-ACCC, I agree: "extended" warranties are a waste of money with the ACL. As you have stated though, ACL is Australia. It is the "A" ;)


          Applecare is worldwide, no questions asked. If you have a laptop, iPad or phone and intend on travelling/living OS, I can't recommend it enough. Take it into an Apple store and it will be sorted out with zero fuss.

          If I was buying and only staying in Australia, I wouldn't get it.

        • @Mr Wowtrousers:

          Apple replaced my original iPad which was 25 months old with a refurbished model - easier to replace than repair. I sent them photos to show no physical damage and they made a 'special dispensation'. Was pretty happy with that. Arrived within a week after making a call and explaining to them that I expected the item to last at least two years.

          Agree about Apple Care when travelling though.

    • With the colossal waste of money that Extended Warranties are, I wouldn't have thought the OzBargain community purchased them?

      • Idiots who dont know their consumer rights.


        An extended warranty does not replace your rights under consumer guarantees. You may still be entitled to a repair, refund or replacement if a consumer guarantee is broken even when a manufacturer’s or extended warranty has ended.

        etc etc read the page peoples.

        • You may still be entitled to a repair, refund or replacement if a consumer guarantee is broken even when a manufacturer’s or extended warranty has ended.

          may still be =/= are still, I don't like uncertainties.
          I would push ACL to 2 years after my purchase date, but not 3 as I don't like to ask for a repair or replacement when the product starts to fail well beyond its stated warranty, especially if the model is out of date.
          For the ASUS UX303, there is a well-known risk of hinge failure. $99 is a very small investment for a $1800 RRP laptop (that I paid $1252 for), to ensure hinge failure repairs will be covered (The design of this laptop means the entire lid assembly must be entirely replaced, that's not cheap if not covered by warranty). I was well aware of this design flaw but for the specs and the price, especially with the diving AUD dollar, it was too good to pass up.
          Looks like ACL threat has been rejected by ASUS for 12M manufacturer's warranty + a user trying to claim a warranty repair for $1200 laptop, 19 months after purchase

          On a side note.. what would you call a "reasonable time"?

          Consumer guarantees which apply regardless of any warranties suppliers sell or give to you, apply for a reasonable time depending on the nature of the goods or services. This means consumer guarantees may continue to apply after the time period for the warranty has expired.

        • @cwongtech:

          In 3 years your ASUS is old and worthless anyway, everything has gotten faster, needs more mem etc.

          Its hard to comment how well the owner of that laptop claimed their rights.

        • Oh right you must have been an idiot before you learned ACL, obviously.

        • @Diji1:

          In this case of course…No shame in learning.

        • @ninetyNineCents:

          In 3 years your ASUS is old and worthless anyway, everything has gotten faster, needs more mem etc.
          Its hard to comment how well the owner of that laptop claimed their rights.

          Not exactly. Technology doesn't advance that fast. Each generation we're seeing improvements of 5-10%
          E.g. the first zenbook, UX31E was powered by an i5-2557M, this was at the end of 2011/start of 2012.

          Its current successor UX303LA is powered by an i5-5200u.
          Both base models come with 4GB, 128GB SSD.

          Check the benchmarks on both, around 20% faster, 2W TDP less. This is over 3 years, from sandybridge to broadwell.
          Yes skylake is about to come out, but since we're in Australia.. might be 2016 before the Skylake laptops hit our shelves.

        • @cwongtech:
          Reasonable time?
          For a laptop, I call it 3 years. Thats the effective life the ATO gives a laptop, and its the length of time Apple covers it for if you bought AppleCare.

          I'd have no issues arguing a reasonable time is 3 years, and Apple obviously agrees if they sell a warranty product to cover the machine for 3 years.

          My 'reasonable time' estimate is often based on the extended warranty offers from manufacturers. If someone tells me a machine has a 12 month warranty but I can extend it to 3 or 4 or 5 years, I would use that time period as the reasonable time in most cases.

        • @itsMartin:

          Thats the effective life the ATO gives a laptop

          Now THAT is an exceptional argument. However how would you churn that out to the IT tech guy who doesn't do the depreciation via straight-line method? :P

        • People who travel and work overseas where the ACL is pretty much useless to you?

        • @cwongtech: that Asus case on whirlpool was from 2013 , things haved moved on a bit since then. They wouldnt have a problem on 2yrs for $1200 laptop today……however that being said there is no set time and it is what the law states ' reasonable ' so suppliers or manufactures dont have to agree with you and they are not breaking the law. Its then up to a judge to decide who is right…thats why i think people still buy ext warranties because they want a defined guaranteed period.

        • @Mr Wowtrousers:
          What would be the steps to take if the manufacturer refused to repair under ACL? (where the manufacturer's warranty is stated as 12M)
          Would you have to go to court? Threatening with ACCC/ACL is pretty much useless, would you be able to list out the steps briefly?


          Its then up to a judge to decide who is right

          That implies to forcefully exercise ACL warranty one must go to court?

          that Asus case on whirlpool was from 2013 , things haved moved on a bit since then.

          ACL was introduced in 2011, what things have moved on since then? Genuine question.

        • @cwongtech:

          Essentially the ACL implies terms and conditions to your contract of sale that can't be excluded. The way you enforce those terms and conditions is through a "relevant court", which, for the most part, will be your state's small claims tribunal.

          Keep in mind that your contract of sale is usually with the retailer, so you can choose to deal with them. If they tell you "No, you must deal with the manufacturer" it could amount to misrepresenting your rights under the ACL, which would be a breach of the Act. Politely tell them, that, no, they are responsible for dealing with the issue you gave them the money and your contract is with them. You can choose if you want to deal with retailer or manufacturer, if you bought from a retailer.


          The ACL gives you the rights and the ACCC happens to administer the ACL, but they don't act for you or bust heads for this kind of thing. However, it is definitely worth contacting the ACCC with the details if you have issues as they do track complaints about various issues in the marketplace and traders. Also, see above: misrepresenting your rights is a breach of the ACL and something the ACCC might do something about, if it was a widespread issue.

        • @Mr Wowtrousers:
          In your experience, how long would it take for a warranty claim for a laptop to successfully resolve?
          Also, are there any cases that you have known for laptops to claim warranty using ACL in a court?
          It's great to have someone who can actually speak with background knowledge. I just see "Call ACCC! ACL Warranty!" thrown around everywhere without concrete examples or past cases of successful claims.

        • @cwongtech:

          Yeesh, it really depends on the backlog in small claims. Often if you start the process the other party comes to the table because it is time and effort for everyone involved and usually you as the consumer have the burning passion of a thousand suns to fight for JUSTICE! They just want to get rid of you so will take the easiest course of action ;)

          The ACCC brochures have examples of letters of demand you can write. Basically, you try and sort out the problem in person or on the phone (taking dates, names, notes etc). If you can't a result, you put in a letter of demand which outlines the problems, what you have tried to do to resolve the issue, what you believe your rights are, what you think would be an acceptable solution and a hard date when you would like a response. You would also note that if no response is received (in writing preferably) then you will have to look at other avenues, ie, taking it to court.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for your helpful advice. Although ASUS warranty service leaves a lot to be desired compared to my experiences with Acer and Lenovo.

  • Does anyone know whether I can use both Dick Smith gift cards and David Jones gift cards at the dse in David Jones like the one in David Jones Parramatta?

    • Unfortunately it says in the DSE catalogue that the apple 10% excludes David Jones


      It is stupid (I've tried) but David Jones Dick Smith do not accept Dick Smith gift cards.

  • You'll also now be able to afford a better camera with all the savings!

  • Great thanks for that, when I saw the DSE 10%off so soon after the coles promo ended I was kicking myself. I just need to make sure coles still have it in WA and try and find the 512gb 13" rMBP.

    • I've called Gateways and Rockingham Coles and they both said it expired last week. You have any luck?

      • Nah tried a couple around south perth and they didn't know about it being extended and said there was no way to check without buying


    Thanks OPs
    Will pass on this time as paying off using giftcard is not entitled to TRS I believe?
    and may also loss the extended warranty from CC

    So I would prefer to wait till end of year sale
    normally JB will have 15% off from time to time

    • TRS depends whether you're paying gst or not. Gift card by itself can't be used to claim trs bcuz it's just another form of money

      • I think he meant using gift cards to pay for the mac and then claiming TRS on the Mac?

        If that's the case, then yes you can claim TRS. Just make sure you have your name and address on the receipt.


          Yea, this is what i am after
          Not really sure how the "GST" will be shown on Tax invoice
          If part of the balance are being paid off by Gift Card

          Will it still showing the Full amount GST or just the portion of Cash (Total price - Gift Card used value)?

        • @kungbernard: my understanding is that the receipt should still show full amount of GST regardless if being paid by cash, gift card or a combination of both. hopefully someone with experience or more info can confirm.

        • @turkz1: Yes I bought stuff in the past with the combination of both. It dID show the full amount of GST on tax invoice.

    • With the way the AUD is heading. I wouldn't be surprised if there is another price increase by Apple before the end of the year.
      So you may not save as much even with bigger sales at the end of the year.

    • I claimed the GST for my Note 4 that I purchased with Gift Cards… They're just like cash as no GST charged on buying Gift Cards… You can claim whatever mentioned as GST for the product in the invoice meeting the TRS criteria irrespective of the payment method, cash/GC/both

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