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30% off Dick Smith at eBay


30% off Dick Smith at eBay


expires: 2 October 2015 Extended until 5 October 2015

T&C: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/dicksmith30

  1. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. This offer commences at 10.00am (AEST) on 29 September 2015 and ends at 23.59pm (AEST) on 2 5 October 2015 (“Offer Period”).
  3. The offer entitles you to a 30% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at the 4. Dick Smith store on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction.
  4. Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  5. The total discount is capped at $1000 per transaction.
  6. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
  7. eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse a discount in circumstances where it believes a sale or purchase of any item as part of this sale has not been made in good faith. This includes any collusive conduct by buyers or sellers or any other conduct which eBay considers unfair or untoward.
  8. The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
    10.To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code CDICKSMITH30 into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an eBay.com.au registered member.
  9. Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher, including the 15% off eBay offer. Only one redemption code can be used per transaction.

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        • @thelastnoob:

          Yes a bargain but by your standards I could have missed paying $400 for a flight and ended up paying $800 but because the next cheapest is $825 i am getting a bargain.

          Your example is clearly biased as the figures you use are misleading. That is only a ~3% discount.

          Yes isn't not double the cost but I am trying to illustrate why I am not jumping for joy especially since I got the wheel for $60 more than what it cost today only a week ago.

          Why didn't you buy it when it was cheap?

          If I've been watching a Jetstar ticket for a week and the day I want to buy it it jumps up by $60, whose fault is it?

        • @eug:
          The ebay deal was running for a couple more days. My uncle used one of my ebay 15% off. I had to research other items to buy before using my last 15% on a gear stick. My illustration is based on your logic and reasoning of being positive and claiming a bargain. Your Jetstar example changes my one night into one week of waiting.( after you accuse me of being misleading you do the same when I clearly stated that my example was inflated) If Jetstar has one sale lasting for 10 days why not buy the next morning?

          A lot of us here have been burnt by Dick Smith in many ways. They have taken money off me and refused to respond to my request for refund. They have also taken money and changed orders without consent. You can't make excuses for all their bad behavior.

          You are desperately running around this thread supporting and justifying DICK SMITH.
          Can I ask why you are so keen to defend them???????

        • @thelastnoob:

          Your Jetstar example changes my one night into one week of waiting.

          True. Ok, so if Jetstar had a cheap flights weekend, I find the ticket I want on Friday, but I decide to wait till Saturday night and the ticket is gone, whose fault is it?

          They have taken money off me and refused to respond to my request for refund.

          That's not relevant to anything I was talking about.

          Can I ask why you are so keen to defend them???????

          Can I ask why you are so keen to proclaim that the whole sale is a scam and Dick Smith are scammers?

          Is this an accurate summary?

          • You wanted to buy a steering wheel during the 15% off sale
          • Your uncle used your first 15% off.
          • With one more 15% off remaining, you also wanted a gear stick, so you didn't buy the steering wheel immediately, even though it's a sale and things might sell out.
          • Today the price went up by $8.
          • The final price is still the cheapest around.

          Is that is why you say Dick Smith are scammers?

        • @eug:
          No if you read comments in this thread and others you can read many testimony's about dick smith bait and switch, misleading customers, bad and rude service, stealing etc just like Kogan who are dodgy as well

          You never answered my question why you are in love with defending sick smith but i was glad to answer your deflection.
          I never declared the whole sale a scam you are trying to make out i made a false claim like that when i said above that some people are getting good deals. This is approx the 3rd time you have made misleading false comments and you have therefore lost a whole lot more credibility when you are trying to defend dick smith.

          Obviously you are not thinking too hard when you are replying otherwise your misrepresentations of what I have said and what I am communicating would not so easily and frequently occur. Clearly double standards at work.

        • @thelastnoob:

          You never answered my question why you are in love with defending sick smith

          That's because your question is invalid. I'm just questioning some people's raging fury.

          So, is my summary correct or incorrect?

          I never declared the whole sale a scam

          Please refer to your first post:

          D OGS
          S CAMMERS
          E ___

          Are you not calling them scammers?

          otherwise your misrepresentations of what I have said

          Did you not call them scammers?

          After what you said here:

          A lot of us here have been burnt by Dick Smith in many ways. They have taken money off me and refused to respond to my request for refund. They have also taken money and changed orders without consent. You can't make excuses for all their bad behavior.

          I'm surprised you're still giving them your business. If they are scammers as you first said, taken money off you and refused to refund you (stealing?), and changed orders without consent, why on earth are you still giving them money?

        • @eug:
          Funny guy you say my question is invalid but yours which is an inversion of my question isnt? Desperate deflection there Tony Abbott. Your summary is your way of bundling the information you want to make your case while disregarding the entire rest.

          You made several FALSE and MISLEADING claims in only a few posts and now once again you are deflecting that entire issue by trying to appeal to anyone reading with a lower than average IQ by trying to pin something else on me.

          One of your FALSE claims was that i claimed that 'the whole sale is a scam' when I never did and you are trying to confuse the readers by making out that it was referring to them being scammers. Another poor attempt at deflection and DECEPTION

          If you take care and read hundreds if not thousands of negative feedback on Dick Smith you will see a problem. People still buy from Coles, Mc Donalds, Caltex after being scammed or having bad service due to many different reasons. They stole $5 off me once and I will get it back another way.

          You are treating my personal complaint as worthless and baseless when it is not.

          My final swing is a knockout and it is this….

          Please explain if you think Dick Smith at times is conducting any form of misleading, unethical or dodgy practices at all?
          Please give a good answer and please try not to be deflective or attempt to give a lawyer/politician response.
          Please give an honest account as you are all about weak defense and misrepresentation to a large degree.

          Your response and its length and accuracy will help our readers gauge your potential bias/blindness with Dick Smith.
          What next defend petrol prices, ebay/paypal fees and abortion?

        • @thelastnoob:

          Funny guy you say my question is invalid but yours which is an inversion of my question isnt?

          You asked why I'm "in love with defending dick smith". I say your question is invalid because I'm not in love with defending dick smith.

          My question was whether or not my summary was correct, which you never answered.

          And right now it looks like you're backtracking from your first post where you called Dick Smith animals, dogs, and scammers.

        • @eug:
          You know what I meant by 'in love with dick smith' especially since you asked me an inverted form of that question. If my question is invalid wouldnt your question based on my question also be as invalid?

          Your summary is correct and as I said it is the same tactics as lawyers defending pedophiles and killers by bundling an assortment of 'facts' and leaving heaps of relevant pertinent information out to get a yes or no answer. Once again you have deflected my previous commentary regarding the summary in your hopes that once I confirm it you have won.
          Also avoided my final question which I stated was very important. VERY SUSPICIOUS IF THE PUPPET WEARS A SOCK

          Please explain how I am backtracking or is that another misrepresentation of what I am communicating to add to your growing list.
          Please spend some time reflecting on what I have said and am saying. You really are desperately trying to trip me up on one point but you are making your case worse each time you try :O

        • @thelastnoob:

          Your summary is correct

          OK, so where did the scamming occur?

          Your summary is correct and as I said it is the same tactics as lawyers defending pedophiles and killers by bundling an assortment of 'facts' and leaving heaps of relevant pertinent information out

          What did I leave out?

          Once again you have deflected my previous commentary

          Too much text in an internet discussion simply leads to even more text. Keeping it brief and clear is the best way to get points across.

          Your questions are irrelevant as I was trying to find out about how you were scammed. I never said DSE's sales tactics were ethical, even if that's how most sales work. I was trying to find out how you were scammed, as your first post refers to them as scammers.

          Please explain how I am backtracking

          Please refer to the below:

          S CAMMERS

          Followed by

          …you are trying to confuse the readers by making out that it was referring to them being scammers

          If you were not referring to them being scammers, what did the "SCAMMERS" text mean in your first post?

        • -3

          Simple that's what happens when you miss your ESL classes!
          You are focusing the discussion in only the direction YOU want.
          You are dictating and trying to control this whilst happily avoiding my many questions.


          that is DECEPTIVE and you DONT SEEM TO CARE
          and i will call their sickness a SCAM if I like
          some people attend the dick smith shrine of worship and are blind leading or misleading the blind

          IT IS A DODGY business practice and the hundreds of people agree that something is wrong with DICK SMITH

          You are a happy chappy! When I get ripped off at coles and ask for the item free I am glad but yet same time I am displeased that they potentially have ripped of hundreds of others without a notice!
          That's the difference between us.

        • +1


          You are focusing the discussion in only the direction YOU want.

          That's because at the start I was trying to find out how you were scammed, as your first post refers to DSE as scammers.

          I still don't know how you were scammed. I also don't know why you are still doing business with them after you claim they took your money and refused to respond to your refund requests.

          All our waffling in between isn't really relevant. We all already know how these sales tactics work.

          BTW, resorting to insulting comments doesn't help your credibility.

        • +1

          Yeah I agree and I apologize for starting this off as such.
          They have ROBBED me in the past
          etc Maybe this time it wasn't a SCAM as such (broad definition prehaps)
          but it is MISLEADING and DECEPTIVE by its very proven nature

        • +1

          @thelastnoob: OK… misleading and deceptive I agree with! DSE aren't the worst though, they do seem to do things like a normal large retailer, it's just that price changes are very easy to follow on ebay. I think Kogan's a lot worse. Nowadays I try and jump on deals as soon as I can.

    • +2


      • Just want to add this Dick Smith sale cause so much anger and frustration. It is as if this is a ploy by Dick Smith to get us Ozbargainer divided.

  • +3

    wow..actually the more I look at it, the shittier the deal get …everything inflated and most probably unwanted stocks

  • +5

    LMAO Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard $349.95!!! LOL

    We should just ban DS on ozb

  • +2

    Just last night, the A3 laminator from DS ebay from this deal was $26.55, today it's $64.98 !

  • +1

    saw this on their facebook page when someone questioned the out of stock mobiles

    "thank you for contacting us in relation to your enquiry. Dick Smith is an Multi Channel company and we sell goods to our customers through many different marketplaces such as, in-store, Online, Ebay, Groupon and David Jones. All of these marketplaces operate independently in terms of their marketing strategies, product range and stock availability. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

  • So I guess this won't work with the $50 back voucher we'll receive on Oct 1 from the previous Ebay promo?

    • Will you get it Oct 1st? Because this deal lasts till Oct 2nd.

  • +2

    I see they're up to their old tricks again… you can't tell me the Galaxy S5 still retails for $800.

  • Bought the DSE 39.5 inch TV for $280. Seems pretty cheap for a backup TV, any thoughts? Edit: Having buyers regret now. Seen them go for less than $250.

  • +1

    the mark up on a lot of the smaller items is huge

  • +2

    Wow seriously they just keep removing things right now! HP X360 and some Asus laptops are removed from listing after deals have been posted here…..

  • +2

    Dodgy pricks. No deals.

  • +2

    Out of stock, Out of stock, Out of stock,……

  • +1

    I got http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SAMSUNG-55-139cm-Full-HD-Smart-10...? for $1047. I think that's a good price for this TV (no ultra HD but then again, don't need it for SBS, ABC, and Netflix). Do you think it was a good buy or do you agree with my wife?

    • Based on the price history, it looks a very good deal.

      Unfortunately, like most of the good deals listed on here, the listing has now been removed…

  • +4

    Out of stock. Inadequate stock levels are valid reason to neg according to ozbargain rules.

    • What do you mean? The items I bought were in stock.
      Are you negging because you couldn't find a deal for yourself?

      • +4

        It's a general and very accurate comment.

        If a seller is marking items as out of stock en masse to avoid selling them at a price they don't like, that's a problem. Then Dick Smith magically has stock when the sale is over, which always happens if you've been paying attention.

        This is ebay - if you genuinely have no stock, then dont have a listing. These out of stock items appearing in search results is disgraceful because it attracts the buyers attention unfairly. Furthermore, it violates ebay's policy "to gain attention" in this way (read ebay's reasons for item reporting - it's valid).

  • +7

    Let's see if we can get more negatives than positives. They deserve it for out of stock & price hiking, so it's not like we'd be faking it.

  • +4

    Was looking at the "Belkin PowerHouse Micro-USB Dock XL" yesterday - ~$28 today - ~$50

    • +1

      It was $49.98 last month. Their prices go up and down regardless of sales.

  • +4

    Negging because a lot of stock has been pulled from the weekend, and for the stock which remains, price has been jacked up.

    For example Pebble Steel

    Was $204.15 less 15% discount $173.53

    AU $204.14 1 28-Sep-15 15:10:08 AEST

    Now $289.00 less 30% $202.30

  • +6

    Price up, stock level 0… dick sucks.

  • +4

    price high, removed stock. all phones will be back in stock on Oct 3th.

  • +1

    I was planning on getting a logitech g27 racing wheel this week

    So I purchased a logitech g920 with the promo code
    came down to a pretty good price - about the price of the g27 new (which is essentially exactly the same but with out xbox one support)

    • Good get. I bought a used G27 a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. I've never been worse at racing.

  • wtf…'Out of Stock' is a scam….can we contact ACCC or such body….Before such event it should make mandatory to reveal stock level.

    • +6

      no, all is legit. Dick smith has contacted their suppliers and stock will arrive on Oct 3th 12:01am

      • Online orders (including eBay orders) are fulfilled by your closest store.
        If they do not have stock, it jumps to the next closest store.

        You can check on the dicksmith website if any store close to you has any stock.

        I wanted to take advantage of this promotion too, but everything is "out of stock" when I know it is not. Does not make any sense.

        • I just checked to see if there is stock of an ASUS laptop I bought off Ebay and there seems to be no stock in Sydney. Does this mean my order will eventually be deemed as sold out and I'll never get it?

        • @Shamdog:

          You should have stock allocated if you received a confirmation email.

          Worse comes to worst, I would wait and if they tell you no stock available, tell them you can wait (if you are not in a hurry and managed to get a really good bargain).

          Edit: What is the model or cat number of the laptop? You can send me a PM if needed.

        • @Pielo: Thanks Pielo, I PM'd you.

  • +1

    Worse than Bernie madoff

  • Can you still order if there's no stock?

    My wifes looking for a new mobile. Good deals, but none in stock.

    • +2

      Nope. That's the reason they are "out of stock".

      • I grabbed a moto g 2nd gen $196 delivered, don't know if it's cheaper else where though

  • And to think I bought Dick Smith peanut butter this week… sheesh!

    • Please double check to make sure the peanut content not "discounted" lol

    • +2

      You know Dick Smith has nothing to do with "Dick Smith Electronics" anymore, yeah?

      • +1

        I guess I'd better get my facts straight before making jokes about peanut butter hey

        • +1


          some dont get it.

    • +1

      Dick Smith peanut butter profits go to charity, plus imo it's one of the nicest so feel free to keep buying it :)

  • This one thread deserve more -ve vote than others. So much "dickness" in one thread!

    Shame I couldn't vote cuz some dicks negged me too many times lol

    • OP has publish a very good deal…so why -ve it? The dickness is in DickShith…we should -ve that dick by avoiding buying things from it.

      • -1

        Definitely won't neg the specific odd good deals from this 30% deal, but 95% of items out there from dicksmith ebay are inflated to negate the 30% discount. So this general thread about 30% off everything is very misleading!

  • +7

    I note price increases. Offer 20% if you can't handle 30% but please don't try and fool the professionals.

  • Can anyone tell me if this PS4 ($387 after discount) isnt a good deal?

    • +1

      There are deals with games for a little over $400 sometimes.

    • seems OK to me.
      compared to other stores at the moment.

  • Is there anything worth buying?
    I want a new bicycle seat.

  • +3

    Garmin Fenix still showing $316 for DSE on shopbot which BTW isnt the cheapest. On their 30% off they selling for $449. Total scammers

  • +2

    OK folks, move along. Nothing to see here

  • +1

    What I wanted has conveniently been out of stock since this started. Gotta love Smith, he's a.

  • +3

    The price of the product I was looking for the past couple days was increased from $77 to $139. What a dick.

  • +2

    Canon G7X price bumped up $200.

  • +4

    I am going to file complain against DIck in ACCC for this 'Out of Stock' and 'Price Hike'….In this long weekend I will prepare complain….

  • +4

    Old world scams. Can someone please get thevACCC Involved to investigate false and misleading advertising pls.

  • Bought a Logitech G920 racing wheel for ~$350 (before 15% discount) during the weekend.
    Now it's listed at $399.
    Although it's a better deal after the 30% discount, it's still dodgy and unethical for them to raise the price so THEY get more profit at the expense of eBay and the customer.

  • +2

    agree with -ive comments above, perhaps only way to get them to notice is to post on their FB page ?

    • I think the comments section on company FB pages are too hidden away. Lodging a complaint with Fair Trading would be better. I think their sales tactics are just normal sales tactics, but it's much easier for people to compare prices as ebay lets you see when prices were changed and how much people paid in the past three months.

  • +1

    DS is a absolute joke.
    was looking to get a SWANN NVR8-7085 8 Channel 720p Network Video Recorder
    AU $1,699.95

    every other ebayer approx $1200. so end up using the 15%off ebay deal.

    • To be fair the deal did get close to 160 votes lol

    • +1

      Interesting, thanks for posting. The explanation for the price fluctuations was what I had in mind, but sometimes it seems rather convenient.

      But I guess the sale is just another promo like a catalog promo, and you wouldn't really run two promos on top of each other.

      Do you know if eBay covers the entire 30%? I would have thought DSE would have to cover some of it?

    • I think you're missing the point here. People feel like they are being taken for a ride by DSE, and frankly it's putting a lot of customers off. The justification of why they are upping their prices or listing items as "out of stock" is not important at this point. What is important is that customers feel this is bait-and-switch marketing. You mentioned there are some genuine deals here - I'm not arguing that, but to label this as "30% off store wide" is misleading.

      I also agree that the deal itself shouldn't be given negative votes, as the OP is simply letting people know of the offer. However, these "questionable" sales are far too common on Ozbargain (especially with DSE) and the majority of the comments are all them same - negative feedback from the customer on the way they feel they are being treated. I believe there should be an alternative means to providing feedback on such dodgy deals, but with the status quo, negative voting seems to be the best option.

      I for one don't like DSE's practices, but if there was a good bargain too be had, I would purchase from them. However, an uncommon bargain doesn't change how I feel about the company. There are a selective few stores that have a great reputation for caring for their customers on Ozbargain, and I'm sure they have financially benefited from that - something that some other stores could take a page from. Maybe DSE should listen to their customer feedback a bit more, but until that time happens, it's irrational the justify their practices and expect customers, and Ozbargain alike, not to backlash.

      • +1

        People feel like they are being taken for a ride by DSE, and frankly it's putting a lot of customers off.

        then you say

        but if there was a good bargain too be had, I would purchase from them

        There's been forums posts before about their sale tactics, and I know some people complain but majority don't really care. Like you, if there's a good deal, people will still buy it.

        • As a general rule, I won't shop at DSE. But if something comes up at a price well below other competitors, of course I will buy. So in effect, they've lost my day-to-day purchases (what they would be making most of their money off) and only get my bargain purchases (which they are making very little off, if anything at all).

          I'm guessing the majority of people on Ozbargain are here for the deals only, and none of the associated discussions. Sales that claim "30% off storewide" aren't always beneficial to your average Ozbargainer if the title is misleading and only a few items are actually 30% off/bargains/etc., hence the amount of negative votes.

        • +2

          @SLY JD:

          So in effect, they've lost my day-to-day purchases

          You would actually make your day-to-day purchases at full price from DSE?
          How un-OzB of you! :)

        • @eug: Yeah fair point, they never had my day-to-day purchases :)

  • +1

    Well, I know we all are quite frustrated with many item out of stock or few items have prices different compared to their own website. But there are still some deals worth mentioning.
    I think the Asus T100 is a good price for $290 delivered.

    10" tab with keyboard with 2GB RAM and 64 GB Storage. Giving a + to the deal for this item. Thanks OP. Did not post it as a separate deal as stock are not known and I think will be soon out of stock.

    • I'd probably choose the T300 over T100 for many reasons, but the difference is still $200 (which I reckon is not too bad for better usability).

      • +1

        Well we can choose Surface pro over T300, but the difference is still more than $300. There is no comparison of what money can buy. It depends on what do you want to use the tablet for.
        For day to day routine surfing, watching youtube and basic work in Microsoft Office, I think it is a decent choice.
        Have the same Processor in HP stream 7 and it can do basic stuff with 1 GB RAM. Asus has 2 GB RAM and I would say is a good price.

    • +1

      This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

      • +1

        It was available and I am sure few users have got it

  • +4

    This is so stupid.

    On the 27th, the Nikon D3300 was $588.11 (I remember because I was comparing prices.)
    Today it's $699

    After 15% or 30% and cashrewards and Nikon cashback, it's:
    $435.19 (before price hike with Ebay 15% discount)
    $421.83 (after price hike with DS 30% discount)

    Actually it turns out to better after price hike. (lol)
    Still, after the 30% discount, I would rather get it from BingLee
    $407.93 (with Ebay 15% and 2.5% cashrewards, shipping included)

    Anyway, watch out for shady DS prices.

  • +1

    I disapprove this practice and I can see its getting more blatant every single day.

  • +1

    If we don't neg them they'll keep up the malpractice. Enough is enough.

    • +2

      That might make them happy. They probably get enough headaches from OzB users who demand cheap out-of-stock items and threaten to lodge an OFT report when they can't get it. The target market is the entire Australian eBay population anyway, not users of OzB.

      • +2

        Do you work for Dick Smith eug? just asking as you seem to be all over this thread and you seem quite upset if not angry at other peoples negs and anger with Dick Smith.

        • +6

          Nope, not anywhere close. I'm nowhere close to upset or angry either - if you want to see angry, look at people who resort to insults and whose posts are filled with negativity.

          I'm simply amused at how some people only look at one single aspect while completely ignoring the fact that many people are enjoying good deals. Some people sit at home stewing and raging with fury wielding their neghammers thinking that negs will teach DSE a lesson, some people show their dissatisfaction with a neg to warn others then move on, some people just ignore the negativity and enjoy the numerous deals. It's the first category of people I'm most amused by.

          There's more to life and OzB than raging furiously at a sales tactic that isn't unusual. If you think what DSE is doing is illegal, lodge a complaint with Fair Trading and let them decide. Negging and keyboard-warrioring here will not make a difference to such a large company.

  • +2

    I'm negging to draw more attention to Tricky Dicky's ILLEGAL price manipulation practices

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