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Fujifilm XF27MM Lens, $99.95 after $200 Cashback @ Teds


Original price $299.95 before cash back from Fujifilm Australia.
For Cashback: https://fujifilm.cashback.com.au/cashreward.
I bought 2 lens last years which were both eligible for cash back, took about approximately 1 week to get my $200 back. However, the second lens took around a month to receive my $200 as it was near the end of the cashback period.

Thankfully I missed the previous post about Fujifilm cash back that was posted a month back. The XF27MM's were $149.95 after cash back back then.

Here are some reviews:
I'm still a beginner in photography, but I love buying cheap lens haha. I got told by my friend that this isn't a great lens, but for $100, I don't think I'll be complaining even if its bad.

Can take price down further if you are planning to travel overseas in the next 60 days —-> TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme), however bear in mind eligible claims must be over $300. Add in another $1 iPhone stand to make it $300. Also add coupon code "Shipfree100" for free shipping. (Thanks Orpheus).
Other methods to save more:
5% off if you are an RACV member, 1.92% with Cashrewards and 2.16% with PricePal. (Credits to grababargain)

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  • Is this compatible with the small non dslr fujifilm x-a1 ?

    • Yes

      • Cool beans..

  • +1

    if we buy from their ebay store, would be eligible for cashback?

    • Yup, its fine

  • Nice deal! I'm actually buying the 35mm 1.4 tomorrow, and really don't need a 27mm. But $100…so cheap for fuji glass. Decisions, decisions.

    • How much did you get the 35mm for?

      • Well I haven't bought it yet, but it's $595 at digidirect, $395 after cashback.

        • +4

          made me login for the first time to tell you that you can get it for cheaper at camerapro.com.au for $379.

        • @ilytc:
          Wow, thank you! I mustn't have searched hard enough.

        • @Takius: you can probably get digi to price match, generally if it's not a big difference, they're quite happy to

  • Thanks OP, this is dirt cheap! Ordered one. Thanks

  • +5

    Use coupon code 'Shipfree100' to get free shipping (save $9.95). That way you dont have to drive there for pick up and deal with the annoying Teds staff trying to upsell you expensive warranties and overpriced filters.

    • crap i panicked as i missed out last time and ordered paying for shipping :/

    • updated, thanks

  • +1

    Can take price down further if you are planning to travel overseas in the next 60 days —-> TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme), however bear in mind eligible claims must be over $300. If you are going to get it delivered then no problem, final cost will be around $282.

    Actually that is incorrect. Shipping is not included for TRS. So the item alone at $299.95 is not enough for you to get the Tax back because you are off by 5 cents. Include this iphone stand as well in your order for an additional $1. This will put you over $300. Take this and the lens with you to the airport. Show it at the TRS counter and after they process it, you can throw the iphone stand in the bin.

    • +2

      This is good advice, don't forget to bring the extra item to the airport

      • I bought this last time it was $349.95 - $50 coupon making it $299.95, I suppose because of the $50- coupon I can't claim TRS?

        • Correct. The $50 was deducted internally through Ted's, but your total is $299.95. However you can still claim TRS, because multiple invoices from the same business is fine (as long as they all total $300 or more and were bought within 60 days of your flight). So you just have to buy something else. Make sure to get a tax invoice, not normal receipt.

        • Wait, so I can just buy like a $2 dollar lens cloth or I need to get something that is $300?

          That sounds great if it is the former.

        • @Macgyver: It's $300 or more total. Since you already have a $299.95 lens, you need to buy something minimum 5 cents. So yes, if you can find a $2 lens cloth that will do.

        • That's good but I just checked and I think I'm late by a few days. I got the lens on the 3rd of Oct and leave on 7 of Dec, so basically 8 days too long of 60 days.

  • +1

    Wow $100 for a prime! that's a steal!

  • Lame question: can it be used with Nikon d3300?

    • -1

      with an adapter, technically yes but it cannot be mounted straight onto a nikon as it is the fuji xf mount

      • +8

        with an adapter, technically yes

        Actually no, not even with an adapter. It's physically not possible. The Nikon F-Mount flange distance is 46.5mm and the Fuji X-Mount flange distance is 17.7mm. That means to mount it on a Nikon body it would have to sit inside the camera body in the space where the mirror is currently occupying.

        • +1

          i stand corrected. hiding my comment to make Orpheus' comment more visible.

        • This flange distance of Fuji means you can use a Nikon lens on a Fuji body, adapter will fill the distance in-between.

    • +1

      I won't recommend it since AF might not work.
      Better get second hand AF-S 35mm f1.8 or AF-S 50mm f1.8 for around $100-$150 from ebay/gumtree.
      or, if you want something with wider angle and zoom, try tamron/sigma 17-50 f2.8 for around $200

      • +1 for the 35mm f1.8

        Brilliant lens for the price. I've owned it twice due to my lack of regard for personal possessions.

  • Good price. Now I need to sell something out of my camera collection to keep the boss happy…. hmmm…

    • +1

      A filter?

  • +2

    Get another 5% off if you are an RACV member, 1.92% with Cashrewards and 2.16% with PricePal.

    • updated, thanks

    • How to apply RACV discount?

      • Can I apply RACV discount if I order online? How?

  • +2

    Thanks op. Bought one from ebay and used my previous ebay $100 voucher. So after cashback it would be free.

  • -3

    I bought one of these last time for $310 delivered. Got my $200 back from fuji and then sold it on Gumtree for $300.. Came out $210 richer :)

    • +2

      The negs are cos you fail at maths… only $190 richer. :)

  • Nooooo. I brought it for $199 (after $200 cash back) only 2 weeks ago!!!!

  • +1

    Might have to buy a fujifilm camera…

  • Hi is this compatable with the Fuji Xe1.

    • yes, this should work for all X series fuji cameras

    • yep.

  • +1

    Woah lucky I got it last night and not sleep on it as the price has now gone up to $400

  • Sorry for the noob question, but is there any way to use this with Nikon D5100?

  • Can i claim GST if i buy from ebay store $299.95 plus the $9.95 delivery charge or do i have to order and combine with a $1 item???

  • Dam thats good.
    Is it strange that im thinking of getting it even though i dont have a X mount camera? lol
    I love my X100t and id love to pickup an XT10/1 one day, i love the 40mm equiv length.

    • Nope, i think it makes sense. Commit to a platform then you can keep your glass as you upgrade bodies… And fuji make some very good glass.

      • Haha, yeah but I have $4-5k committed to Canon full frame already…

        • haha ok yeah maybe its just a case of gear acquisition syndrome then

        • +1

          At least i sold my M43 gear!
          Wish i had done it now, price has gone up…

  • Ordere one - dont want to miss out. Have recently purchased an Xe1 with kit lens. will be going overseas next month. Ordered the lens and a 4gb micro sd incidently also a fuji for $5 to nake sure i reach thr $300 GST threshold. All in paid 313.85 for the lens, micro sd and shipping. Hope i can claim gst. And more important the $200 cash back.

  • +3

    Received a mail from TED
    Hi there,

    Thank you for your order with Ted’s Camera stores.

    There was a pricing error on our website in which the Fuji 27mm F2.8 lens was displayed for $299.95 instead of $399.95.
    This error has now been amended.
    We have decided to honour any orders that have been placed at this price, but due to an overwhelming amount of orders there will be a delay with dispatch.

    We have ordered more stock this morning to fulfil these orders, but have been advised by Fuji that we will have to wait around 2-3 weeks for stock to arrive.

    If you do not wish to wait this long for your order to be dispatched please call us on 1300 768 833 and we can organise to cancel and refund your order in full.

    • argh damn! missed out :(

  • Well good i had my ordered placed. Bad i might not claim the GST going overseas in 2 weeks

  • Would I be able to put this onto my olympus micro four thirds?

    • No, these are for the fuji x-series cameras. There may be an adapter for it but I doubt it. Also there is no aperture ring on the lens itself, it is controlled electronically.

      • Thanks Takius! Just had some read of the sensor different on the fuji v olympus. seems they are quite different in size… so I'll have to wait bit more on olympus sales :D

        • Too late now as the price has gone up. Probably could have bought the fuji, got the cashback, sold the lens and used the money for some m4/3 glass :)

        • @Duff5000: Broden? Is that you? lol

        • @drosair: Reselling one item to make a deal on something you actually want isn't very 'Brodenish'

        • @Duff5000: Haha good luck with reselling… I'm just too lazy with reselling stuff…

  • Did not get an email from TEDs and my pickup store did not have any stock nor could give me an eta.

    What has everyone's experience been in getting their order fulfilled?

    • Just picked mine up. Got a text message 2 days ago informing my order was ready for collection.

  • Anybody get their cash back yet?

    • +1

      I just got an email today from Fuji stating an EFT has just been completed to my nominated account. This was for my claim put in on the 19th.

      • I got the same email this morning

        • Just checked my account, EFT was received the same day of the email notification.

          Pretty for the cashback taking just under two weeks from registering to getting paid.

        • +1

          Same here. Got payment on the same day

    • I only got the order a few days ago. I got the email confirming the cashback today.

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